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UK basketball ticket scam is about to hit the fan

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Be cautious when buying tickets for future UK basketball games until the alleged ticket scammer is caught. Police are investigating the scam after several people came forward claiming they were sold fraudulent tickets, rumored to be from a former UK basketball player. The scammed Kentucky basketball fans didn’t know their tickets were fake until they were turned down at the gate trying to enter Rupp Arena.

It’s best to buy tickets through the UK ticket office or Ticketmaster until the matter is resolved. If you absolutely have to go through a third party seller, make sure they aren’t associated with any former Cats.

In related news, selling fake tickets is one of the dumber crimes one could attempt. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where you wouldn’t get caught.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

56 responses to “UK basketball ticket scam is about to hit the fan”

  1. Jimmy Dinklewinker

    I think we found Dusty Mills!

    1. Good times

      Now that’s funny! 🙂

    2. OldManYellsAtCloud

      I’m hearing Preston LeMaster. Take it with a grain of salt though. People can’t lie on the Internet, can they?

  2. Who is the culprit?

    Find the idiot and jail him, regardless if he is a former player or not.

    1. Preston LeMaster

      If you search my name on twitter, quite a few hits turn up…

  3. Drew Franklin

    Can’t remember if I bought tickets from Jim Master or not

  4. Corey

    A new bracketology is out and has the Cats as a 2 seed!

  5. Matt Jones

    Chris Fisher is reporting it is Jules Camara

    1. Wrong...

      Jules Camara is not in the US anymore. Can not be him.

    2. 247 follower

      Well, Chris Fisher is retarded, so this isn’t surprising.

  6. Chicago Chris

    Isn’t this the same story from three years ago?

  7. Jules Camara
  8. Jimmy Dykes on bikes

    Looks like incarcerated former cats make a formidable team


    A friend of mine got bogus tickets and called out Preston LeMaster.

  10. Bubba Earl

    Is Mr. Davender free?

  11. Chicago Chris

    Why would anyone who is so easily identifiable think they could get away with this?

  12. Carmine

    Im just throwing this out there since we know little now.. Maybe the reason he took part in something that would almost certainly end with getting busted, Maybe the UK player thought the tickets were real?

  13. Kentucky


  14. Sgt. Friday

    That Intern dunce guy Brian or whatever should do a post on all of the convicted ‘Cats: Where Are They Now?
    Or even if they are out now, having served their time. It would be interesting to see how many of us have been convicted and sent up the river, or are on probation, whatever. Of course, other schools would recirculate the entry, but still the truth is what it is, and it would be interesting to know.
    Are you listening, Intern boy?

    1. Wow

      Golly Sarge! Your brilliance is positively blinding. Unreal.

    2. hell cat

      I laughed out loud at ‘that intern dunce guy Brian or whatever!’ Thanks for the chuckle on a cold morning.

  15. Bubby Smith

    Twitter is blowing up with name Preston Lemaster..

  16. Ed

    Preston LeTicketMaster

    1. Jughead

      Ha! Best of this thread..

    2. The Loco Pollo

      I think you mean Preston LeFakeTicketMaster

  17. Johnny the Dump Truck

    Is they gonna put him in the same cell block as Davender, Miller, Porter, and Farmer?
    If they is, The entire prison will have season tickets for both football and basketball

    1. Larry the Forklift

      I got a good laugh out of this. Alot of truth there.

  18. Jawn

    Not for sure, but sounds like something LeMaster would do. I know, from a high school friend, that he has been heavily addicted to percocet for quite some time now, and I’m sure he needs the money. Very sad if true but not surprising.

  19. beavis606

    12, rumor is Preston LeMaster sold 4 sets of tickets for 4 seats. All 4 sets were for the exact same seats, so he knew that at least 3 were fake if not all 4.

  20. Msacras

    All Tubby ever did was recruit those thugs!

  21. Chris Harrison

    Any chance I could be involved? Heard recently that I’m homeless (or close to it), just hanging around Lexington.

    1. The Loco Pollo

      You’re hanging around The Bachelor pad. Read Aaron’s posts.

  22. mc

    MSACRAS—-Tubby didnt recruit Farmer, Miller or Davender, only Porter. You sound like the ignorate thug here! It is amazin sometimes how dumb our fan base is.

    1. Tubbys Players

      Go back and check how many players coached by Tubby got in trouble with the law. Camara, Porter, Chiles, Carruth, Dodson, Myron Anthony, just off the top of my head.

  23. Chris

    It is Preston Lemaster. Know someone who got them from him. Whether it orginated with him I don’t know.

  24. Josh

    22 – You’re the dumb one. Everybody who’s read these comments can tell that MSACRAS was being sarcastic except for you.

  25. farmy75

    I always take a picture of the scalper I buy my tickets from in case they’re fake, at least I can turn it into to somebody.

    1. cristoforouk

      That is a good idea. Kudos!

  26. BigBlueBones

    If true, are we going to call him Master Baiter.

  27. Derek

    Sad thing is that they were his dads tickets, with his dads name on them.

  28. lets slow down

    Before CATS fans put Lemaster on a stake, or in a barrel over the Falls, lets slow down a little bit.

    Obviously, there is a distinct possibility that he was acting corruptly and intentionally “con”ing people by selling bad tickets. If this is the case, then yeah, his reputation will be crushed (as it should be!).

    That said, the way print-at-home tickets are created and used now, it is very easy to make an honest mistake. I deal in the ticket business 24/7 (not UK stuff, but concerts and pro sports teams). A person has to really be organized and detail-centric to not make an honest mistake nowadays. Though I’ve never sent someone doubled tickets, there are times where I’ve come close and caught it at the last minute.

    Based on common sense, if a person were going to print 4 sets of tickets (same 4 seats) to a game, wouldn’t you do this for a marquee game like UofL (cheapest lower level seat was $450 on stubhub) or Florida, when you could really make handsome amount of money? Doing this is usually a 1-time show, ESPECIALLY if you are using your real nam in the process. That said, you would not do his for Texas A&M in the middle of a snowstorm unless you were a real dummy.. (Those tickets were at or below face value on gameday.)

    I’m not saying the guy isn’t a jerk, but he’d have to be real idiot to use that kind of low-demand game (Texas A&M) as his chance to make money on a scam. (Essentially, a person doing this knows they can only get away with it once before you get sniffed out.)

    As an aside…who knows if it was really Preston LeMaster. I’m a die-hard UK fan who couldn’t pick the kid out of a lineup (when he was on the team, let alone now). Heck, when I was at UK…I knew of a guy who somewhat-kinda-not-really looked like Ryan Hogan, but he used to tell that to girls and they’d hook up with him. Team could be on the road and the girls would still be all over him, not putting it together.

    Who knows, maybe its some white kid just telling people he used to play for the Cats to gain there trust.

    Just some things to think about….

  29. Derek

    Mark it down…it was him, deleted his facebook after he sold them…

  30. lets slow down

    if it was him, and he used his real name/facebook and met the person under pretenses that’s who he was, then he IS a big time moron.

    I’m just saying that this happens amongst people I know all too often. Dad sends son the email version tickets….tells him he can’t go….kid finds out he can’t go and looks to get $200 bucks back from Dad’s tix ($50/each for 4) (usually without telling Dad)….but the dad had already told his secretary months ago that she could have the tix for the crappy Texas A&M game. Two groups show up thinking both of their tickets are good.

    But yeah, if he sold more than one set and collected $ from multiple people from same printouts, then he is a big-time idiot and his reputation deserves the nearest toilet! (I’ll be the first to take a crap in said toilet, I hate scumbags that mess around in the ticket business.)

  31. Agree with Lets slow down

    I totally agree with “Lets Slow Down.” Why is everyone burning Preston at the stake with absolutely 0 knowledge on the issue, Unless he scammed every single commentator on here, how in the world do you know what happened? Let me guess, read some random persons comment on twitter? Well GOOD LORD! LETS GET HIM!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Zach

    The dude tried to sell me some tickets on Facebook. And now he seems to have deleted his profile. I’m glad I didn’t take them. Something sounded fishy because he kept pushing how to get the money to him. It was also four tickets to the Texas A&M game this past Tuesday which others have posted above that he was trying to sell. They were 6 rows up in the upper deck. It seems like the dots are connecting.

  33. Bourbon Co.

    Guy is on drugs heavy. This is typical from an addict.

  34. John

    Aww man, I hate to hear this about Preston. What a shame if this is true. I saw the original status on Zach’s facebook about him feeling like an ass cause Preston sold him the original tix and he in turn gave them to a friend. I’m sure Preston is going through a tough time and I hope he can get this corrected before he loses more than his reputation. People are absolutely slamming the guy right now. Let’s take care of our own BBN. People makes mistakes. I hope he can bounce back from this and show people he is a good guy that unfortunately made some dumb decisions.

    1. Zach

      If you’re talking about me, the Zach from comment above, you got the wrong Zach.

  35. Preston

    Anybody need tickets to any home games for next season? I have floor seats for the u of l game for $50 or some percs whichever you got.

    1. Ridge Wilson

      I’ll take the percs!!

  36. Coach Roach

    You’re right…almost half as dumb as my previous post not making the site and your enfatuation with Matt Elam.

  37. Tubby Players

    Go back and take a look at all the player’s that played for Tubby that have got in some form of trouble or another. Very weird.

  38. Former Friend Of Preston

    I know everyone is saying slow down on the fact that it is Preston LeMaster but he should be put on blast because it is him. I have been to his house, well his dads house where they live on Mill st. In a very nice 3 story town house I might add. His dad has his book of season tickets stolen some time ago and they were replaced with the print off the computer version. It is sad that he was blaming on his girlfriend and/or one of her friends. When in reality he was in on it the whole time. He sold a lot more than 4 sets of the tickets. I heard it was a lot closer to 25 tickets. Like my name said I use to be until recently a good friend of his. The reason I know how many tickets is because he sold at least 2 of my friends tickets. He put it on FaceBook that he was trying to sell them, thats how he got people in. (retarded to do it on your own FB) which if you look today his facebook was deleted this morning/late last night after the story on the 11 o’clock news. He has been caught in the past stealing checks from his dads office and forging the signature on there. also got kicked out of the Suboxone clinic for not showing up for his drug test and missing few apts in a row. It is always sad to see a friend fight an addiction, especially to Opiates. I know it seems like I am putting him on blast but sadly this is his only way of getting clean. He has screwed over many people I know. One of which I wont name but happens to be a friend of one of the KSR guys. The Percocet 30s have completely ruined his life. When his mom was fighting a long and hard battle with Cancer he was using her macys credit card to buy gift cards/clothes for people in exchange for drugs. and recently while his dad was out of town he had sold a really nice rug and some antique tables and different furniture from the house…hopefully this will be the missing piece of the puzzle that finally helps him get clean.

  39. NoJortsNoProblem

    Anybody need any tickets?

  40. ukjaybrat

    I’m hearing the tickets had his name on them… And I’m hearing they were the e-tickets that you print from an email…

    So here’s a likely scenario. Some idiot white boy gets ahold of e-tickets. Photoshops Preston Lemaster’s name onto the buyer line (entirely possible if you know what you’re doing). Then goes out and sells them claiming to be Preston LeMaster.

    Was that very hard? He was a freaking bench warmer. Do you know what he looks like? It was a cold night, white boy wearing a hoodie. who would lie about being a bench warmer… in hind sight, yeah it was n’t so smart to buy tickets from a stranger o the street – even if they say they’re a former cat.

    So can we all please quit with the LeMaster bashing until we know for sure it was him?

    – for the record, i love the guy’s idea where he snaps a photo of the reseller just in case. brilliant. i’ll have to start doing that.

    1. ukjaybrat

      Missing part of my post

      Also, if the drug problems are true, that really sucks. He needs help. I’m not condoning anything he did. But just get this kid help. It’s easy to crucify someone for something they did. It’s much more difficult to get them the help they need.