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Tyler Ulis will announce his decision on Friday night

Tyler Ulis and Devin Booker

Tyler Ulis and Devin Booker

According to The Chicago Sun Times’ Michael O’Brien, 2014 point guard Tyler Ulis will announce his college decision at 7:20 p.m. CT Friday night. It will be shown live on the High School Cube website, and take place before his high school’s football game.

Ulis’ top three schools are Iowa, Michigan State, and Kentucky. He and Devin Booker visited the latter two this past weekend, and enjoyed their time in Lexington immensely. All signs point to him picking the Cats.

The 5’8″ point guard is considered the 38th best player in the 2014 class by ESPN. Watch him work:

Come on down.

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51 responses to “Tyler Ulis will announce his decision on Friday night”

  1. Wedding Planner

    Bad news. We are gonna lose Okafor and Jones now bc of shorty

  2. UK

    Good news. We have the greatest recruiting coach in the history of college basketball and players that will return next year.

  3. Sampson The Great

    Great hands, great court-awareness, the ability to defend (love the block in the video!), appears to be a good shot from outside, the ability drive against bigger defenders and score. The “hunger” to succeed in all situations. What’s not to like?

    I like him. He may be a slightly smaller version of Eric Bledsoe. Plus, he may actually stay around for 3/4 years due to having to prove himself because of the height issue (although that was not a problem for Bledsoe), but you get my point.

  4. Elmer

    Come on down
    Basketball Yahtzee

  5. SeaCat

    Tyler, Why did Matt tweet: bum,bum,bum?
    about this news.

  6. Give me a racoon, please.

    Bledsoe was built like a truck so the height wasn’t as big of an issue (pun not intended).

  7. Kev

    Reminds me of Jai Lucas. Hope I’m wrong.

  8. George

    What’s the point of having Ulis AND Hawkins?

  9. Kemba

    Did you guys watch Kemba Walker play in college? Short my ass…

  10. AnthonyBBN

    Do you guys remember Travis Ford?

  11. ukfan

    I hope everyone realizes that this kid IS NOT ANOTHER RYAN HARROW. Ulis can straight up ball and would thrive in Coach Cals system!! Plus he won’t be leaving after a year or two so we could be setting ourselves up for another John Wall/Eric Bledsoe situation in the future with Ulis being Bledsoe. We need this kid! So please, no freakin’ Ryan Harrow comparisons!!

  12. ukfan

    5. He meant it to sound like the “who wants to be a millionaire” bum bum bum when the lights dim.. get it?

  13. Cattank

    #1 do some research. Okafor has also said he loves Ullis’ game too. He would definitely consider dropping the package deal with Jones to come to UK.

  14. matt

    Too Short

  15. Michael F. Jox

    Hey, Kemba, you’re 5 inches taller than this kid. I agree with George. Why have both him and Hawkins? Either Cal sees something in this kid, or he’s settling on him since his “sure thing” went to SMU and his next choice is going to Duke, and he doesn’t really have any other options at this point. I honestly can’t see this kid being that great of a guard here, but hopefully I’m as wrong as some of you will so graciously tell me.

  16. ukfan

    Kemba Walker.. Devin Downey.. just because he short doesn’t mean he can’t call and lead our team to the promise land!! Come on down!

  17. Hal

    — was michael o’brien they same guy who wrote the allegations about anthony davis (which even the media blasted him for)
    — eric bledsoe is listed at 6’1, 190 lb. tyler ulis: 5’8, 150 lb.

  18. commonsense

    Reminds me of a shorter/less-skilled Brandon Knight. Feeling kinda meh..

  19. SeaCat

    oh! thanks ukfan.

  20. mike

    Hey, if cal wants him, i want him. I don’t care what his physical specs are. IMO only two requirements for me to be ok with a player. 1) he wants to be here 2) cal wants him to be here.

  21. ukfan

    Plus who’s to say he won’t grow a couple inches between now and the time he gets here? And stop asking why we need him when we have Hawkins.. that’s a dumb statement. Ulis is ranked the 38th best player in the country!!! What was Hawkkns ranked? Damn you spoiled ass fans piss me off!!

  22. UK FAN

    Can he really defend a guard the size Andrew Harrison? Small guards have their place but at 5-8 he has to be one hell of an athlete to succeed at UK. If Cal thinks he can be a Ty Lawson type player bring him on board!

  23. NL

    His height doesn’t matter as much as long as he has other good players around him. You can build a team around a smaller PG. He’s going to need more help than a bigger PG tho

  24. NL

    22-Sometimes the small guards give the bigger guys problems because they can stay low and tighter under the bigger guard. IMO hes more of an offensive liability.

  25. commonsense

    Hood/Stacey Poole/Harrow were ranked similarly. Glad the kid wants to go here and I think he is the best option left, but barring 2-3 players staying after this year, I don’t think 2015 will be a pleasant season.

  26. Trouser Tool

    Looks like the kid from Webster.

  27. Double Standard

    I remember our fans making fun of the tards for having small guards. Guess its ok when we get one though.

  28. JustSayin

    Some of you morons do realize the kid is probably reading this site right? Look at what the kid can do as a complete player instead of focusing on just one thing.

  29. jezz

    Dominique Hawkins might be good enough to start next year.

    Thus said I don’t care if he is short as long as he is good… People not even giving him a chance is ridiculous. You have no idea and yet all have an opinion. Wait and see.

  30. Wedding Planner

    #13 – how about you do some research? Ullis told the Courier Journal that he thinks Tyus Jones and Okafor will play at the same school. And then added that he and Jones cannot co-exist

  31. Michael F. Jox

    I actually don’t think the kid is reading this comment thread, but even if he was, you think he hasn’t heard the height thing before, moron? Or do you really think he cares what you or I have to say even? If he does, then UK’s probably not the place for him.

  32. Too Short

    YESSSSSSSS!!! 🙂 Say goodbye to Jones!

  33. TOO $hort

    2014 class will not be that great. lets enjoy this year!

  34. One year starter

    Ullis will be the starter for one year then the next year the starting point guard will be Malik Newman. Newman is the best pg in class of 2015 and is likely to come to Kentucky.

  35. ukfan

    Just because we don’t have a John Wall or Andrew Harrison running the point doesn’t mean every season will turn out like last years season. If Nerlens hasn’t gotten hurt we could of won the SEC and definitely would of made the NCAA tournament regardless, possibly reaching the sweet 16 or even elite 8 if we played out of our minds. We won’t always get 4-5 players in the top 20 and the season won’t always turn out like last years did! Best defender in the country got sidelined for crying out loud!

  36. Jen

    I like him. What I don’t like are all of the experts on here who know more than Calipari and who are already creating a toxic environment for this kid. Unless you’ve recruited five straight number one recruiting classes, shut the #$#$ up and let Cal work.

  37. Jim

    How tall is his Daddy and Mom?

  38. BAdams

    Kid seems fearless and that’s all that matters in a point guard. As for as the Hawkins debate, haven’t you ever heard of a back up pg? That was the problem last year. And 2 worked out really well in 2010. If you don’t see the need, you don’t understand basketball. Okafor and Jones are not a done deal and Jones isn’t as tough as what you see in Ulis. I’m pretty sure short players have worked out before, see Bogues, Nate Robinson, Spudd Webb. Btw, Bledsoe was 4 inches taller so really isn’t any comparisons.

  39. bmt22033

    I’m so tired of reading comments from people who think they know better than Calipari when it comes to recruiting. I’m sure some of you people are pissed that Barnhart offered Calipari millions of dollars to do such a “crappy” job at Kentucky. Seriously, get over yourselves.

  40. JustSayin

    Hey Michael, so you agree the height thing has been discussed ad nauseum? Glad to hear it. Quit trying to look into your dirty crystal ball and support the kid, unless you are a troll of course.

  41. Jordan

    C’mon people, Id rather have Ulis than no one. Matt said Tyus Jones is heading to Duke so we should snatch his kid while we can. We need a PG for the 2014 class and better Ulis than the kid ranked in the 70s. We know the Harrisons and Young are gone so we need guards. Ulis and Booker wont be great their first year but come 2016 or 2017, they will be nice! I say take Ulis while we can, all 5’8″ of him

  42. bosshogg24

    Ulis had 22 points and 17 assists in a match up with Tyus Jones, what does that say? They say he can score against anyone in the country!

  43. Expectations

    This kid is not near the same level of talent of Mudiay. Mudiay was a big miss.

    That being said, if coach thinks he is the best available then let’s get him. I think best case would be to surround him with top level talent and hopefully he can be Teague 2.0 instead of a Harrow 2.0

  44. bigcatstanding

    #1 it shows that weddings are much more up your alley then basketball, meaning you are clueless hope this kid has selective reading, and continues on his path to Kentucky, and don’t forget coach Cal is recruiting him not the other way around. #34 the kid isn’t coming he’s made his choice let it go, as far as I’m concerned that kid was more concerned about him than the team. John Wall probably the best point guard to play at Kentucky other than Rondo, and how did that workout for us 2010 we relied to much on wall and got put out of the tournament while going 22 and 0 from deep. in 2012 we played a system where everybody got shots, and sharing the ball was the difference. give me 4 great players and a kid like Ulis to run the offense and we will be golden. Seems like I’ve said this a hundred times but this kid can score on anyone, watch the tapes on this kid he is tremendous at every aspect of the game, hope like hell we get him so he can prove all the coaches / nay sayers out there wrong.

  45. KevinM

    If Ulis went to Izzo, I would be okay with it.

    I don’t think he does though.

    This one is going to be Harrow-level controversial going forward.

    If Harrison ‘squared’ could stay just through their entire 4 years, I would be okay with Ulis on our roster.

  46. Mark Liptak

    Unless my memory is faulty O’Brien is the guy who “reported” that Davis got 200,000 to attend UK. A charge he was never able to prove or even followed up on with another story. He based his first story on comments he got from other coaches.

    The point is take NAYTHING he says (even something this innocuous) with a grain of salt.

  47. Buckets

    I love Too Short. Get In Where You Fit In!

  48. Kyle

    Hey, I’m 5’8″ and I have lots of dimes. There is hope for my two boys. I thought bball at UK was heading to a place where if you’re not a 6’8″ pg there was no hope for you. Though I will say, Cal might have to play zone if this guy is going to have a chance on the defensive end. I would ISO the guy in the post every time down. That’s what happened to me every trip down court in high school to me at 5’8″.

  49. colby

    This kid is not afraid of contact , unless like Ryan. He is absolutely fearless. Has nothing but heart and a win. That’s why Coach Cal wants him.

  50. Dustin

    Reminds me a lot of Joe Jackson. A short PG that Cal somewhat recruited but ending up going full bore on Brandon Knight and getting him instead. I like Cal’s teams better with a tall guard for defensive purposes but I think a quick shifty guard can absolutely flourish in the paint in his offense. I’d expect a lot of circus finishes and great interior passing. That’s what we can hope for. Or we could get Ryan Harrow 2.0, but I doubt Cal even sees a hint of weakness in Ulis or he wouldn’t be offering.

  51. Wayne

    5 foot 8 may work in high school but I’m not sure it will translate well to college. I’m less than excited about this one.