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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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8 responses to “Tyler Ulis’ brother, Ahron, commits to Iowa”

  1. ibescootch

    The bull cut dreadlocks are a bold move.

  2. WildcatCam

    Plays similar to Tyler, it appears. Surprised he’s not higher? Why was Tyler 5 star and not his brother, what separated them?

  3. KyZoneBlitz

    I am utterly SHOCKED that Cal didn’t offer Ahron Ulis, Tyler’s little Brother, the kid, in MY opinion, is VASTLY AND UNBELIEVABLY RIDICULOUSLY UNDERRATED. In MY opinion, I think if he came to UK, he’s atleast a 2 year player, possibly 3, he’s Bigger than Tyler was at 6’2, has GREAT Handles (Just like his Brother Tyler did), GREAT Court Vision (Just like his Brother Tyler did), and has a Really Good Shot ( He’s a Good Shooter, but not great, not yet atleast, but definitely has the potential to be, and Will be IMO, form is also very similar to his brother Tyler’s but looks smoother because of his increased size and strength). I still can’t figure out how he is only rated as a 3-star prospect, but we dropped the ball here if you ask me, Iowa may end up with one of the top-5 most underrated players in this class. For example, 7 days a week, I would take Ahron Ulis over daishan nix, I think Ulis is the more complete player, and with the right coaching (Which I don’t think he’ll get at Iowa), will have the longer and more successful career. SOMEBODY PLEASE CALL CAL, shoot a flare gun, and have it spell out Ahron Ulis, because that kid should be in a Kenrucky jersey next season, that’s just all there is to it….

    1. JASUN74

      I was right there with you until you said you would take him over Nix. Nix really is better than a lot of people are giving him credit for. He’s the real deal, and with more time working around three point range he’ll keep improving to. I do agree with everything else though and I hate we didn’t offer anything he kid.

      He’s going to prove a lot of the scouts wrong I believe and end up being a mid to late first round pick in a couple years. He will also have fantastic coaching at Iowa and even though with Cal he may could’ve been higher, he’ll be fine. I’ll be watching as with you to keep up with him through his career and hope he becomes a great one. One thing I know is that he’s got that blood in him that won’t quit and will fight hard!! That Ulis blood. Lol. They need to bottle that shiiit up and sell it. Make a fortune. Haha. Good post K Z Blitz

    2. herm89

      I think we’re gonna be OK

    3. ibescootch

      Chill out, Ahron, we know that’s you.

  4. Urincatland

    Looks pretty damn good to me! Would be a helluva 2-3 year player. Go get him Cal!

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      If you read your name wrong it’s disturbingly funny.