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Tweet Beat: UK’s big football recruiting weekend

Drew Barker: "It's a good look."

Drew Barker: “It’s a good look.”

The football program just wrapped up one of its biggest recruiting weekends in history, and thanks to social media, we have some insight as to how it went. Here are some tweets to give you an idea of how it all went down.

Drew Barker started things off by making it clear he was ONLY A PASSENGER in the car he was picked up in:

As was Matt Elam in Mark Stoops’ Mercedes:

See that, Louisville fans? NOT DRIVING.

Thaddeus Snodgrass also showed off the team’s new gray unis:

Matt Elam said that TV Williams looked like the creepy stuffed Cat in the UK locker room:

Elam also went to Starbucks wearing a UK track jacket, and Denzel Ware called him fat:

The guys watched the UK/UNC game at Mark Stoops’ house:

Mike Edwards‘ dad and Bradley Dale Peveto talked about cooking ribs:

Denzel Ware posed with his new position coach:

Dorian Hendrix really got into the whole horse country thing:

They had such a good time, Darius West wants everyone to know he’s “locked in”:

So is Nico Firios:

Most importantly, they bonded:

Regardless of whether or not Matt Elam ends up committing to Kentucky, in a few years, we could look back at this weekend being a pivotal one for the football program.

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22 responses to “Tweet Beat: UK’s big football recruiting weekend”

  1. Ima NoCho King

    First, is #7 related to WCS – or, do they share the same barber?

  2. UPSCat4080

    Why is James Young in a UK Football jersey (#10)??? 🙂

  3. Royal Blue

    I really dig the new gray unis.

    1. jaws2

      Yes, they look like nice practice uni’s !

  4. Derp

    “Guess who was in the passenger seat”. Come On Tyler. It’s not even the same car. Did you not notice that or are you just making up the story as you go?

    1. The Loco Pollo

      Ha! Good eye. One’s a Benz as spelled out by Elam and the other appears to be a Cadillac. Sorry, TT – #fail

  5. MonkeyHumpnaFootball

    You’re all good. Fax is optional. (and proper spelling by commenters)

    Glad the class had a great visit.

  6. Diver Down !

    It may be a track suit, but he wears it like a scuba suit !

  7. bcrebelcat

    come on. He’s not fat, just fluffy lol.

    1. mashburnfan1

      Denzel is right, Dude is fat. Makes me wonder what kind of work ethic he will have. That guy in his current condition will do nothing in the SEC no matter what school he is at

  8. Matt O'Riley

    Move over to the rest of the team. These guys are automatic starters. Another 2-10 season watching freshman because they were promised to play. Our best running back just transferred and one of our receivers transferred because of a freshman placed on the throne above him this entire past season.

    The student section is empty and the upper deck is also. Enjoy this so called stardom.

    1. Charlie Waite

      Dude…get laid or something…all this negativity….

    2. ukcatncarolina

      Dude take a hike. These guys have had ample time to prove they deserve to play and they didn’t get it done. Mobley did look good the last couple of games of the year, but there’s a reason that he didn’t play much until then. If I remember correctly it was a senior starting at the RB position not a true freshman. Regardless of what you think, Stoops was playing to win. He has no agendas other than to turn this program around. The roster that he inherited was not an SEC caliber roster and it shows in the 4-20 record the last 2 years. Two years from now we will have more overall talent on the roster than we’ve ever had. At big time college programs whether we’re talking about football or basketball coaches are constantly recruiting over the existing players. That’s how you develop competition on your roster. I guess you were just accustomed to Joker playing guys because they were upperclassmen. I firmly believe that with Stoops the best guys will play regardless of class.

  9. I cant believe i am reading this

    A 148 lb wide receiver, really? Who runs a 4.32 40, really. There was “one” individual in the entire NFL combine last year that rain below 4.32. Drink the Kool Aid BBN!

    1. Beavis

      OK, help me out. What is your point ?

    2. Coach

      I can’t believe you are either. Does UL not have a site?

    3. NotEveryoneGoesToTheCombineUSlug

      Alfonso Smith and Derrick Locke, just to name two offhand. Study up for that blood test tomorrow. You’ll need it.

  10. Charlie Waite

    Does anyone else think that Denzel Ware looks a lot like Ron Artest?

    1. Common Sense

      Yes, I have always thought that. Maybe he has the aggressiveness of Ron Artest…

  11. mudcreekmark

    I love these guys attitude. I have never seen a recruiting class this close before they step foot on campus. I have a really good feeling about this group of young men. I think they are close enough to hold each other accountable.

  12. MadTex

    Close my arse – they’re all a BUNCH OF LOSERS!!!!