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Today on KSR: Tyrese Maxey Decision Day

It’s about that time, time for Tyrese Maxey to make a college decision.  The No. 2 point guard in the 2019 recruiting class will make his announcement this afternoon at 4:00 CT (5:00 ET).

Maxey’s final five schools are Oklahoma State, Michigan State, Michigan, Texas and Kentucky, but all signs point to the Cats.  The greater question is, will he stay in the 2019 class?  Rumors of reclassifying have been circulating for weeks.  What’s best for Maxey?  T.J. Walker broke down the pros and cons.

The sensational scorer could be destined to wear Kentucky blue before the day is done.  Stay tuned to KSR for complete coverage throughout the day.

BBNBA Eliminated from Playoffs 

Thirteen Kentucky Wildcats entered the NBA Playoffs.  After last night, there are none.

Anthony Davis’ New Orleans Pelicans were the final piece to fall.  The Golden State Warriors’ dynasty was dominant, defeating New Orleans 113-104.  Davis had an incredible performance — 34 points, 19 rebounds — but he could not do enough to extend the second round series.  Rajon Rondo added 7 assists and Darius Miller scored 5 points in the loss.

With the Pelicans’ elimination and Dwane Casey’s Toronto Raptors stuck behind the LeBron curtain, the Conference Finals remain elusive for the Kentucky Wildcats.  If only Boogie did not get hurt…

The NBA Highlight of the Night

Actually came from the NBA on TNT.  A conversation about the Toronto Raptors turned into a shouting match between Shaq and Chuck.  It featured at least two or three moments that will make you say, “DAYUM!”


Former Kentucky pitcher James Paxton threw the sixth no-hitter in Seattle Mariners’ history last night in his home country of Canada.  Paxton is just the second Canadian to throw a no-hitter.  He accomplished the feat with less than 100 pitches.

Paxton is on fire.  Through the last two games he’s struck out 23 batters.  Last night he ended by throwing three fastballs.  His penultimate pitch was 100 mph, the fastest he’s thrown a baseball all season.  Somebody let Paxton into his zone and the BBN could not be more proud.

Bat Cats Beat IU

It was a close call, but the Cats survived to get a crucial, resume-boosting road win against Indiana.  The Hoosiers stranded six men on base in the final four innings, including a bases-loaded groundout in the seventh, to help Kentucky survive with a 7-6 win.

Luke Heyer was The Real MVP.  The senior slugger drove in three runs off a double and his 17th home run of the season.  He now leads the SEC in home runs and RBIs.  Not too shabby.

You think this guy is a Louisville fan?

Happy Allergy SZN

The pollen is fighting back in New Jersey.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

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    At this point it is a joke how often Roush screws up a post.

    1. gobble gobble

      I was about to make the same point. It’s an absolute joke. It’d be one thing if there was a mistake here and there, but they are everywhere on all his articles. How he’s a “journalist” baffles me. Whose lollipop you have to suck to get this gig, Nick? BUT… it goes to prove, one really CAN be whatever they want in life… even when you’re not so good at what you do. Sorry, Nick… a little
      proofreading goes a long way. EXAMPLE(very 1st sentence)… “It’s about that time, time for Tyrese Maxey to make a college decision.” LOL It’s “about that time, time” LOL

    2. gobble gobble

      I guess journalists who graduate at the bottom of their class are still “journalists”

  2. Duuuuuude

    I was having a conversation with other 50 something year old men last night about the fandom surrounding UK. We all remembered watching or listening to games called by Caywood with our parents or even our grandparents. When we were students at UK, we camped out if we wanted a good seat for a game. It was an honor to play for UK, and there was a mutual love between the players and the fans.

    Today, the students don’t even show up for games. The players act like they don’t want to be here. It is a mutual disrespect it would appear. I really don’t understand the attitude. Its hard for me to feel sorry for the players who will become millionaires when they leave, but I do feel bad for the students who really don’t care enough to even show up to their empty seat to watch the winning-est college basketball program in the country. This next season, assuming PJ is still here, we will all know he does not want to be. How far can the fans go cheering for dudes that don’t want to be here?

    1. ClutchCargo

      That’s a really pessimistic outlook. And I wouldn’t read too much into a bunch of 50 somethings not understanding college students. I’m 50, BTW.

  3. Sentient Third Eye

    Not sure the Pels could have beaten the Warriors even with Cuz, but it sure would have been a lot more interesting. With Rondo and Holiday both playing well and arguably the best frontcourt in the game, it would have definitely strained the GS defense in ways it probably has never been strained.

    1. Ez21

      I’m the biggest U.K. fan in the world but the Warriors would’ve killed them.

    2. Wade

      Boogie would have been great but pelicans need 2 more role players one being a trusted 3 point shooter and a starting sf. Watching gsw beat people is beautiful it’s so effortless bc they have ball movement can shoot and you have to cover everyone and watch cutters down low it’s very fluid.

  4. Megan

    Props to the Card fan for blasting Cameo.