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Today on KSR: Happy Cinco De Derby!

Good morning friends! It’s the best day of the year if you like horses and Mexican food! It’s Cinco De Derby! Lots happening yesterday, and a lot is happening today. Here’s what you need to know before your first margarita julep!

Congrats to our grads!

Two of KSR’s own graduated from UK yesterday! Haley Simpson who used to work with me on the Women’s basketball beat and Trey Huntsman – our favorite baseball podcaster!

Via @haleysimp7

Congrats guys! Y’all will both do amazing things!

Anthony Davis did some things….

Davis and the Pelican beat the Warriors last night 119-100. Davis had a VERY impressive game – 33 points, 18 rebounds, and four steals. Just four? Come on Davis, you can do better. Seriously though, he was on fire! See for yourself:


And Rondo was ridiculous too…

How about four points, 10 rebounds and a playoff career-high 21 assists?! Talk about a classic Rajon Rondo stat line. Rondo was also the last player to score 20 assists in a playoff game which was back in 2001.

Derek Willis is still rocking man capris.

Last year at Derby, Twitter was aflame roasting Willis for his “man-pris” at Derby. I guess he didn’t learn his lesson though because the short pants made a return at Oaks yesterday.

Did he borrow these from my closet? Come on Derek!

How to survive Derby

Going to Derby today? Don’t want to act like a fool in short pants like Willis? Our own resident Derby connoisseur, Nick Roush has an excellent guide. Check out his “Derby 101” series for what to drink, wear, and talk about!

Need a fun game to play at your Derby party? Try this:


What’s your horse name? I’m Immaculate Princess, I think it’s very fitting!


That’s all I’ve got for you this morning! Good luck and have fun with whatever you’re celebrating this morning! Happy Cinco De Derby to all!

Article written by Savannah Patton

My first words were Go Big Blue. Follow me on twitter:@savannahpattKSR

13 responses to “Today on KSR: Happy Cinco De Derby!”

  1. IAmTheDanger

    Lol, margarita juelp!!

  2. IAmTheDanger

    And Saucy Pickle btw ?

  3. DelrayCat

    Millennials have some questionable style sense….leans less toward cool, and more toward ridiculous.

    1. Wildcat3110

      That was my horse name…

    2. 4everUKblue

      One day he will look back and be embarrassed that he was ever seen in public in that clown suit. Too bad it doesn’t come in peacock cause he sure is proud as one.

    3. Bull Filmer

      Those ‘fanci pantz’ scream ‘Johnny Weird’.

  4. Wildcat3110

    Saucy attitude lol

    1. jimmer

      It’s 2018. Can’t people wear what they want without being judged. Good for him. What will we judge next?

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      No, no they can’t. Sorry not sorry. I liked Derek as a player but if he’s going to wear women’s pants he deserves whatever ridicule he gets.

  5. CatManDo

    I’d rather drink a cup of hot dog juice than be caught wearing those pants.

  6. Rick_S

    Willis, If you know how stupid and gay you look you would burn the manpris

  7. michaelb

    Frankly , I’m tired of opening this app and seeing that teal suit

  8. michaelb

    Did he wear that teal suit all weekend? lol that’s even more ridiculous if he did. All that sitting on his neck …had to make extra stink from his south mouth