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Three-star cornerback decommits from Kentucky

A defensive back out of Georgia has reopened his recruitment after decommitting from the University of Kentucky.

Three-star cornerback Jay Ward tweeted his decommitment Tuesday afternoon, saying he will explore more options.

The decision to pull his commitment from UK came days after taking a visit to LSU, so, presumably, LSU is high on his list. He received his LSU offer just last month.

Ward committed to Kentucky back in June.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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27 responses to “Three-star cornerback decommits from Kentucky”

  1. friendsofcoal

    Mark him off the list and move on.

    1. jahanc2uky

      God sat down and talked with him and his family…. this is the only news he has to share afterwards?! I wish for once a recruit would decommit without the help of God, his family or coaches. Reading inbetween the lines I hear, “After seeing LSU in primetime against Alabama, I am going to commit to them over UK. I would not have committed to UK had I known the likes of LSU was going to offer a full ride.” I could respect this tweet more than a man saying it took God and his families discussions to make a decommitment.

    2. SanDiegoDave

      100% agree. I’m sure God doesn’t give a rat’s ass where he plays.

  2. KYcats11

    Again, why commit if you are still exploring other options.

    1. secrick

      3 STARS would be good for the old Ky.

    2. Alex90

      LSU offered so he’s legit

    3. BigolBlue

      Really secrick??? Thats still all they get. Besides wandale. Look at the commits. All 2/3 star guys

    4. Shively1978

      Still think parents need to do a better job teaching kids what commitment means. That’s also why the divorce rate is high. Kids these days don’t get that a man’s word is his best asset.

    5. ClutchCargo

      I’m assuming that the “other options” just recently became an option.

  3. Brad

    Not much difference between high 3 stars and 4 stars. That’s all we pretty much get. It’s not like we are getting all 4 stars and a few 5 stars

  4. gasman01

    Commitment means nothing to these kids.

    1. ClutchCargo

      Commitment means they will have a spot held for them untjl signing day.

  5. StuckinLville

    Football recruiting is so dirty. In basketball when a guy commits it means he’s off limits. I don’t get why football isnt the same. Oh well, u want players who want to be here anyway.

  6. Bluenblood

    Kids. Damn kids. Lets not let a 3 star spoil our parade. Hell I might have been a 3 star back in the day LOL.. Good luck son it’s all about hard work and commitment. Not what you are doing

  7. Wade

    Our loss to ga was nothing like lsu loss to bama but LSU environment was lit. I watched the game and it’s nuts there, we will never compete with that!

  8. Headhurts

    LSU 0 bama 29 yeah go there they for sure need corners.

    1. Wade

      Anybody playing bama needs corners we got lucky ga fumbled twice or it could have got outta control!

  9. BigolBlue


  10. J. Did

    My hope is that wherever he chooses to further his education, he actually receives an education and learns how to write. The young man is obviously ill-equipped.

    1. CatsDLegit

      It’s swag, dawg.

    2. J. Did


  11. pbsully

    Better now than later or worse get here and hate it then leave or cause issues in the locker room.

  12. henderblue

    Hey BigolBluedumbass and Secrick…even teams like LSU are offering 3 star talent.

    1. notFromhere

      Don’t go bringing facts

  13. Cousins Fake Tooth

    Screw him. Good riddance if you don’t want to be here.

  14. chrislarkey

    He could have at least capitalized God. You have to actually pass English class to graduate and become eligible for college.

  15. jarred_combs

    Personally I’m glad he’s not coming. Someone that can’t even hold a commitment like this won’t have the commitment it takes to be a successful student athlete in the SEC. I am curious to know the number of highly successful players that backed out of their commitments before they got to school (excluding coaches getting fired). My feeling is well over 90% keep their commitments and it’s what makes them so good. It also shows something about how he’s being raised. If I tried to back out of a commitment like that I’d have had it from my parents. It wouldn’t be acceptable. It’s sad that some many kids are being brought up without morals