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This photo of a young Tubby Smith needs your attention


Oscar Combs showed up to the KSR Lexington studio this morning with this photo of a Richard Pryor look-alike shooting free throws for High Point in the early 70s. The Richard Pryor look-alike is a young Tubby Smith, some 25 years before he coached the Kentucky Wildcats.

What a find.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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24 responses to “This photo of a young Tubby Smith needs your attention”

  1. Phoenix Cat

    Is that Sheray Thomas walking off the line before the shot was released?

  2. Basket Case


    1. Roofus Howls

      I always thought OTS sounded like Richard Pryor as well, now to see he looked like him…

  3. Charlie Strong

    That is about the number of people left at Rupp after the bluehairs leave at halftime.

    You know I am right.

    1. Stoops Poops Strong

      we know you’re dumb but that’s pretty much all we know about you.

    2. nkywildcat1987

      Actually, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Blue hairs get knocked for being too quiet and sitting on their hands, not leaving at halftime.

    3. BobKYCats

      Unlike the Card football Faithful, who do start filing out at halftime, the blue hairs in Rupp stay until there’s only two or three minutes left in the game at least.

    4. Rockfield, KY

      The card “faithful” didn’t even start showing up until beer was served

    5. Card fan

      Not true us Louisville fans who are too drunk and pass out stay after half time if we find a comfy quite spot to remove our firearms and fubu gear!

  4. Heeeeeeeere's Johnny!

    Looks like a Five Easy Pieces-era Jack Nicholson behind him.

    1. BlueRedNeck

      That or John McEnroe.

  5. MattP

    That’s Robic and his hair behind him.

  6. David

    looks more like Phil Lynott (lead singer and bassist for Thin Lizzy)….The Boys ARE Back In Town…LOL

  7. tubby pryor

    “well, you can tell #33 to have a coke & a smile & shut the…..”

    1. Chuck Norris

      Hate to be that guy, but this is a quote from Eddie Murphy Raw.

    2. tubby pryor

      yes. him impersonating richard pryor. making fun of the coke commercials pryor did. good effort though

    3. That Guy

      That was Richard Pryors response over Bill Cosby lecturing Eddie Murphy about his language on stage. Bill Cosby did a Coke commercial in the 80s about how it was so good, he had nothing to say.

  8. Jim

    Must be a slow day in sports, DAMN !!

  9. James K

    I prefer the Lou Holtz photo to this one, but this one is good.

  10. Schoolin Atlanta Christian

    Tubby takin the Atlanta Christian five to school!!! Tubby is a Baller!!!!

  11. Do whut?

    Pretty sure #33 is actually Fred from “Roseanne”. You may remember him as Danny Noonan from Caddyshack.

  12. the realest

    thats probably the same UK fans in the background that never wanted him at Kentucky from day one, because of his skin color

  13. bluetooth

    #33 looks like a young Austin Idol

  14. WoohedyBoogie

    That floor on the other side of the course is seriously slanted. Look at it compared to the backboard above and the stands behind it – it’s blowing my mind.