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This is not the way to raise a child, or win him the Heisman trophy

There are several ways to help your son achieve his football dreams (or your football dreams for him) and this is not one of them. Watch as the last-place finisher in the 2013 Father of the Year race drives alongside his young son, yelling for him to “get his little ass in shape.” The language is NSFW, nor is it appropriate to yell toward a child as he complains about being tired of running. ¬†Also worth noting: the little boy is running in Crocs.

Don’t try this at home, guys.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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49 responses to “This is not the way to raise a child, or win him the Heisman trophy”

  1. shelbyjoe

    is that Billy Gillispe driving?
    hilarious. he’s probably drunk.

  2. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    Calling that a 10 year old is generious. He doesn’t look any more than 7.

    1. Mcheek

      That’s what I was thinking. He’s probably 6, at most 8.

    2. Huh

      What does “generious” mean?

  3. Joe

    Oh get off your PC hi horses, this is NOTHING…I used to have to wake up hours before I went to bed in order to get ready for work.

    1. JoeMoney333

      Obviously that job did not require cognitive thought…

    2. Joe

      Humour-challenged I see, and a lack of Monty Python, not much Nerd in you is there?

    3. Michael F. Jox

      Haha Joe, that was awesome!

    4. Knight

      You can’t expect hillbillies to understand British humor.

  4. Fact

    That slow little kid is embarrassing himself.

    1. bigblue


  5. Diehardcatfan

    He is about 6 ; His dad is probably a Fat Ass. What a piece of crap

  6. Musehobo

    Sometimes I forget what all the little innocent kids out there have to put up with on a daily basis. Then I’m reminded through witnessing it or a video like this and my heart breaks. I realize this isn’t the same thing as “abuse”, but it’s close.

    Someone in my wife’s family married this dude who is borderline verbally abusive toward his autistic kid. I want to punch him in his stupid face, but he really skirts the “borderline” well at family outings. I’m guessing it’s probably worse at home, but I have no proof. If he ever crosses the line in front of me, I’ll have to call him out, then I’ll probably get my ass whooped cause he’s a big ole redneck.

  7. UKBlue

    You can’t fix stupid; it is truly scary how many screwed up people are in the world, even worse they are allowed to have kids & screw them up. Too bad this guy neighbors haven’t called child services on this idiot.

  8. Urban cryer

    Tim Teblows is that you.

  9. Mcheek

    I say there is nothing wrong with dad having the kid do this. However, dad should run with kid (not drive truck while kid runs, pathetic). Also, no need to curse at the kid. You can push your kid without the kid hating your guts when he’s 15!

    This dude’s a moron!

  10. Run faster

    … Well dad I sure as $hit don’t wanna play for the cowboys.

  11. Billy Gillespie

    If that was my kid I would lock him in the bathroom for 20 minutes before his next run to think about how bad of a first run he had

  12. rick

    That looks like Matt Jones, runs like him to.

  13. Rockfield, KY

    World Star Hip Hop is for the lowest life forms. I’d suggest not frequenting that site.



  14. NoJortsNoProblem

    If you think that kid is fast, you should seen my childhood home videos.

  15. huntin chickens

    what kind of trainer drives behind the kid. if he was smart he would make the kid pull the truck

  16. stubbs


  17. Rick Roy

    Cant believe he doesnt make him wear ankle weights…definitely going to be slow

  18. Melvit

    Maybe I’m being naive, but I think the video is a joke.

  19. wolfcreekbrian

    This was made as a joke.A little humor goes a long way . Bet this dad is great with his kid. Kid sure didn’t seem too mind.

  20. Linda Taylor

    There is no way that kid is 10 years old. I did a Google search and found out he is actually only 5 years old which is much more what he looks like. I hope someone who knows who this father is will send this video to family services with information about where this family lives. At the very least this needs to be investigated. What kind of a father chases a 5 year old kid with a truck? That is sick. That lazy father needs to get out of his truck and actually play some football with his son.

  21. wolfcreekbrian

    What would have been funny, if the kid would have ran off and left dad in the street. Could be a future track in the making.

  22. the ghost of Bill Hicks


  23. KSR1080Fan

    Been meaning to share this video of a “high-level” fastpitch softball travel-ball game back in October, (California team) this is as good as time as any. Check out this sportsmanship:

    The pitcher is a 2015 commit to Utah, and the catcher, a 2015 commit to UT-Chattanooga (with a proposed major of Education for Special Needs students, of all things!!). It will be interesting to see if any repercussions from this incident have negative effects on the scholarship offers for those players directly involved. If not, those schools are getting a couple of real gems.

    The team, The California Cruisers, is full of D1 commits from UK, UT-Chat, LMU, Utah etc, and the organization has a long history of players at the highest level of fastpitch softball including Team USA members Lauren Lappin, Stacey Nelson and Jennie Finch.

  24. ukcat5fan

    Its an obvious joke guys. I dont like the language toward the kid but other than that, i thought it was obvious that the guy was joking. How can u not see this is a joke?

  25. Plenty

    At least he has his kid out exercising and not being a homebody playing video games and being a wuss. That’s what’s wrong with kids. Teaching him a little discipline. Although, he needs to get the kids some tennis shoes and lay off the cursing just yet.

    1. Billy Clyde

      Exactly….no cussing as long as the kids gets it up over 10 mph…and better shoes…make em run barefoot only as punishment for repeated bad performances…

  26. DEASY

    Any true insane father would have that kid head to toe in performance gear, not CROCS. lol

  27. bill

    Not hard to tell this isn’t serious…like its a daily activity or something. Just wasted a min and half of my life.

  28. seriously

    What makes anyone think this is really football training, clearly not serious

  29. Hal

    i’d run slow too if it meant i wouldnt have to play for the cowboys

    1. Tony Slomo


  30. Santa

    That’s Ricky Bobby’s driving….you goofballs are getting nothing for Christmas

  31. Santa
  32. Santa


  33. xzander

    if he wants him playing for the cowboys shouldn’t he be passing instead of running?

  34. philip

    Drew the most f’d up part of this Dad is that he has no concept what this looks like to civilized humans. Matt mentioned after your Dallas trip, let Texas secede from the union, I said that as soon as I heard their former governor speak while running for pres.

  35. Geez

    I KNEW there would be a few nanny state ninnies on here who would cry “abuse” or “the neighbors should call CPS on this terrible, abusive father”. Many people just don’t have a clue these days. Instead of ordering their own house they have to meddle in others, and can’t even distinguish between a joke and real criminal behavior.

  36. I'veSeenAshleyNaked

    Someone needs to find that idiot and run him for about a mile in Crocs…….has to be a Tennessee fan……..

  37. Breed no more

    Anybody else willing to chip in and get this guy a vasectomy?

  38. Shane

    Another Todd Marinovich in training..

  39. TheArmadilloJackal

    This dude obviously made this video as a joke, but all the PC police will cry foul…