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Watch these two UK cheerleaders do things I thought were physically impossible

So this video is a couple months old but one of my dearest Facebook friends that I don’t know shared it today and my jaw hit the floor. It’s a clip of two UK cheerleaders doing what they do best: being awesome and defying Newton’s laws of motion.

After watching it several times, like 50, I refuse to believe they are human and I’m now terrified of all UK cheerleaders. There is some witchcraft or sorcery or Jedi stuff going on here because human beings aren’t supposed to be able to do that. Nope. I learned all about gravity at West Broadway Elementary School and this goes against everything we were taught. Those two acrobatic creatures in the video are extraterrestrials hiding in the bodies of two UK cheerleaders. I don’t trust them.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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15 responses to “Watch these two UK cheerleaders do things I thought were physically impossible”

  1. Yoda

    Turned on, I am. Boner, I have.

  2. Chinese Acrobat

    That was impressive but I do that before I use the bathroom in the morning. Still, well done. Pretty incredible, actually.

  3. Troll

    That is so much more impressive than anything I’ve seen from the football team!

    1. Derpi-Wan KaDerpy

      The derp is strong with this one……

    2. classof68

      I concur. What these kids do is more athletic than just about anything any of the sports teams do. Maybe that’s why thy don’t classify it as a sport.

    3. ukjaybrat


      +1 for the name

  4. atlantacat

    As magnificent as this is, just try to imagine the strength the guy has to be able to catch and hold her like that. Fantastic to watch.

  5. atlantacat

    strength the guy has to have….

  6. some guy

    that is absurd.

  7. O. B. Juan

    The envy is strong with this one….

  8. Bunny

    Wow! Amazing strength and balance…

  9. Gowcats

    Unfortunately, the language skills are weak.

  10. Brian

    Please stop filming with

    1. ukjaybrat

      at least turn it sideways and film it in landscape like you’re supposed to… i wish recording would be disabled in portrait… so stupid

  11. Aaron Vee

    Physically impossible only if one is pig-ignorant concerning physics: a classification which seems to include 99.999% of the population,