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The Writing is on the Wall: Terry Wilson is Probably Not Coming to Kentucky

Scott Olmos | USA Today

Since Jarren Williams decommitted from Kentucky, next year’s quarterback situation has been a big question mark for Kentucky.  With four proficient passers on the roster, Mark Stoops did not necessarily need to find one right away, but UK exhausted all options.

Kentucky extended scholarship offers to high school quarterbacks James Foster and Matthew Baldwin, but at the top of the list was JUCO dual-threat passer Terry Wilson.  A former Oregon Duck, UK quickly developed a good relationship with Wilson.

Things looked promising after this weekend.  UK coaches were in attendance for his bowl game and he canceled an official visit to the school that’s recruited him the longest, Indiana.  Up until this morning, it looked like a trip to Lexington was going to take its place.  Then, Scott Frost stepped in.

A native of Omaha, Wilson first committed to Nebraska in high school.  While coaching at Oregon, Frost convinced him to change his mind to go to the West Coast.  After Frost finished an undefeated season at UCF to become the Cornhusker’s next coach, one of his first calls was to Wilson.

This morning we found out that Wilson will be visiting Nebraska, not Kentucky this weekend.  They’re the team to beat to beat, and it’s going to be awfully tough to beat them.

When Stoops was asked this afternoon if he expects to sign a quarterback in the 2018 class, he could only say, “I’m not sure.”

There is one sliver of hope for UK fans.  Wilson told T.J. Walker of Cats Illustrated that Kentucky is still in the mix and that he plans to visit in the middle of next week, but if we’re being honest, this weekend’s trip to Nebraska will probably eliminate a potential visit to Lexington.

A guy who plays a lot like Stephen Johnson, the prospects of landing “Touchdown Terry” excited many UK fans. However, Kentucky still has plenty of quarterback options without Wilson.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

18 responses to “The Writing is on the Wall: Terry Wilson is Probably Not Coming to Kentucky”

  1. Smyrna_Cat

    Those things happen.

    1. notFromhere


  2. UKinIN

    Nick, would UK be better off playing Hoak or Clark next year or sticking with Barker and having to replace the starting QB and RB in 2019?

    1. haroldhanson

      Players with little experience in college usually a lot of “freshman” mistakes (Hence why the SEC was down this year, all but Vandy and Mizzou played freshman QBs if I remember correctly). Even though I think I would like it more with a younger QB we can work with, I think they’ll go Barker first until Clark or Hoak prove themselves in a game as a backup. Kinda like how Snell rose up in the RBs last year with Boom and Jojo, kicking King nearly out of the depth chart.

    2. FlySoup

      I just checked ESPN. Only 6 qbs in the sec threw more than 50 pass attempts this year. So while the teams may have played a freshman at qb, only a handful had actual, meaningful minutes.

  3. Alleykat16

    I’m going to say this has alot to do with our defense if our defense was a stronger part of our game we probably would still have Williams but that’s just my thoughts and then again it might have nothing to do with it

    1. Smyrna_Cat

      It is hard for me to think that has anything to do with it. Players to what they think is best for them. Simple enough.

    2. ClutchCargo

      I guess I can see that. If you know your defense is bad, you will try to milk the clock and manage the game to keep your defense off the field. Quick scores and high risk/reward plays mean more opportunities for the other team’s offense.

  4. peaches76

    Think our coaches have to decide how they want to utilize the qb position. Recruited drop back passers and now seem to be shifting to dual threat. Can’t put square peg in round hole.

  5. ColonelCat

    If I were Hoak or Clark I’d be out of here. They should’ve played in our blow-outs, but we decided to stay with Stephen and risk injury to him. I don’t get it……

    1. DennyC

      Coaching. Period. Smh…

  6. Smyrna_Cat

    What blow-outs? Almost all of our games were close. Putting a QB in against Ms. State or Georgia doesn’t help much.

    1. ColonelCat

      Mop up duty…get some reps in a game, as it couldn’t hurt. MSU, Vandy, Georgia, and UL all come to mind.

  7. notFromhere

    Sure can tell who didn’t watch the UK games from the comment section.

    Why would any coach put a new QB into a “blowout” to give opponents film on said QB and the offense jist to see them play? Just because someone wants to see them is not enough.

    Legitimate reason, Barker was a deer in the headlights when he played. Hoak should’ve gotten the snaps after the Barker fumble and before Johnson returned to the game.

  8. StuckinLville

    We have good young QBs. Does Stoops not believe in them or something?

  9. Swizzle

    Well you can 7-5 here or in Nebraska and stare at corn. Whatever

  10. notFromhere

    Raise your hand if you think a coach doesn’t recruit the best players they can regardless of how good the depth is already on the roster… Here’s your sign. It says nothing bad about those already on the roster.

    Same people are wondering why coaches struggle here.. The football ignorant fanbaseis louder than the ones that know the game and it hurts the program.

  11. Teamhhc1

    I agree with you notfromhere. Us fans make a difference. We can help build the program or we can just continue to tear it down. Besides, don’t you think some of the recruits read these posts? Who wants to come to a program that the fans aren’t behind? We should stay positive, we were a lot worse off 6 years ago.