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The Round Mound of Touchdown joins KSR (Friday Show Thread)

Move over, Ryan Lemond, you’ve been replaced by one of the best to fire the pigskin in Lexington. Jared Lorenzen co-hosts today’s show to discuss sprained ankles, stress fractures, UK football and whatever else comes up throughout the show.

We’re gonna need a bigger chair.

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Article written by Drew Franklin

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87 responses to “The Round Mound of Touchdown joins KSR (Friday Show Thread)”

  1. DrSayre

    Is the 24 hours of Ryan Lemond Radio ever going to happend?

    1. Travis

      Delayed until August. Maybe they will do they BCG Podcast during the early morning hours.

  2. UK_JB

    Did you all end up going to Roosters after yesterdays show? Tell me Ryan was a good boy and didn’t hit anybody’s car… again.

  3. Chaz

    Yesterday was the 28th anniversary of Len Bias death. He was the number one pick in his draft, going to Boston where he would have played with Larry Bird. At lest one national writer surmises there would have been no Bulls dynasty had he lived. I never saw him play, but a lot of people thought the Celtics would have ruled with Bias on the team. Anyone out there ever see him play for Maryland and if you did, was he that good?

  4. realme

    It’s gonna be tix to the summer b-ball trip!

  5. 1978best

    Love it when Jared Lorenzen is on.

  6. UK_JB

    Well lets hear his Rob Brombley… Can he do a Mitch McConnell?

  7. Laker Cat 18

    Is the prize an all expense paid trip the a future SEC tournament or Final Four?

  8. inlinefor9

    What were the results of the KSR poll conducted on May 20th in regards to Rupp Arena? Could you discuss that or post it on the site? I don’t think the results were ever revealed.

  9. bleedblueky

    Morning Matt – My guts told me the biggest prize for KSR history is you are going to give away tickets for Bahama games 🙂

  10. Joe

    Is that j-lo talking? missed the intros

  11. Laker Cat 18

    “Unless they win tickets on our trip.” Did Matt let the cat out of the bag?

  12. Bucky Small Hooves

    The Rupp Arena project failing is a huge disappointment. I was really looking forward to the pantless women in football jerseys.

  13. bleedblueky

    Matt – Do you mind reintroducing your co-host one more time? I think his first name is Brian?

    1. inlinefor9

      Brian Milam

    2. ScottyB

      Who is he? What happened with Jared?

  14. D00ble_Dee

    Words cannot describe the feeling I just had when you stated there would ‘NOT’ be a 24 hour Ryan Lemond radio show… FML

  15. Shawon

    Jared Lorenzen sounds a lot like Brian Milam

    Promise high, deliver low… 😉

  16. Bluegrass Beth

    Uncle Matt, were you ever cleared to tell us the Mickie DeMoss story? Inquiring minds want to know!

  17. D00ble_Dee

    I’ll bet the big give-away for the tour is a brand new Hudson Nissan Versa!

  18. Shawon

    I’m tuning out this segment. Be back in 10 minutes.

    1. ukbradstith

      Thanks for letting us know.

  19. therealbigjon

    I know Matt explained the commercial thing the other day but when I hear it I can’t help but think. Hi I’m Matt Jones from Kentucky Sports Radio. It puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again.

  20. BigBlueMan

    You’re safe if you don’t leave the resort. Nassau has risen to number 3 in the Caribbean for crime and here’s a quote for your consideration.
    “The U.S. Department of State rates the criminal threat level for New Providence Island as CRITICAL.”
    New Providence Island is where Nassau is. Stay on Paradise Island and you’ll be fine.

  21. bahamamama

    What’s the guest for bahama’s twitter handle

  22. gtownvz

    Finally Matt will be able to pronounce “Bahamian” without pause thanks to the Miller twins.

  23. Bucky Small Hooves

    Scalpers on the beach in the Bahamas usually offer a lot more than just tickets.

  24. catlogic15

    Regarding Bahamas game tickets, sounds like UK will be doing their own scalping of unsold tickets.

  25. Delk for 3

    “The champagne region of the country of France”? Is that supposed to mean something to me?

  26. Darrell

    I went to the Bahamas for college spring break and Kentucky fans need to know about the $10 cocanuts all you can drink on the beach. Those dreaded coconut drinks made the trip. I have no idea what I was drinking, could have been made in someone’s bathtub but I’ll be darn it was good. Oh the things you do in college.

  27. houndstooth

    Cats Loose? She just lost a potential traveler to the Bahamas…. Sand, ocean blue sky and the cats loosing just sounds bad!

    1. catdaddyd

      I think she said lose. And odds are they will lose a game or two. It’s about using different lineups/giving players opportunity to play.

    2. houndstooth

      You’re right- I can’t spell/type or put complete sentences together. All of a sudden I know what it’s like to be a U of L fan.

  28. Ronnie

    There was a Mark Story article today about how close UK came to joining the ACC. That would be a good story for KSR to look into further.

  29. J.A.

    I thought the exact same thing Shannon did and immediately looked them up to confirm. Unreal how the voice gives it away.

    1. travis102


  30. 1978best

    Beware of those Caribbean mosquitoes

  31. brian
  32. JoeMoney333

    The tattoo can have several meanings, including signifying the number of years spent in prison, the number of times they were raped while incarcerated, or the fact that the wearer has killed someone. Via Wiki.

  33. Census cat

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the dreamy felons mugshot was Randall Cobb and his green eyes. The ladies love the green eyes.

  34. someone Close to the streets

    A TATTOO tear can also mean someone close to you died trust I know

  35. mrgwildcat

    Matt, you can get a passport at almost every post office…

  36. BigBlueMan

    You can also pay a couple hundred bucks and a company will expedite it for you. The one that comes to mind is

  37. Earache

    Is there any way you can find who voted against the Rupp renovation and post it? I don’t want to vote for someone who voted against it.

  38. therealbigjon

    There are webservices that can get you a passport within 1 to 2 days for a very high fee.

  39. Caribbean

    What is the other side?

  40. DublDownDrew

    Can you make sure that one jerk who won basketball tix and hounded you about it FOREVER doesn’t win the Bahamas trip? He’d be the one to whine about having to go get a passport and call you about it every day.

  41. Jay in Lyndon

    Can you imagine if 4.1 James took Kentucky Joe to the Bahamas if he won. It would be like Batman and Robin?

  42. Edd

    James is quickly becoming a KSR legend. He reads the minutes from his last call, and then brings up his own topics.

  43. Delk for 3

    “A little bit better than Rupp”? I’m sorry, but the YUM is A LOT better than Rupp.

    1. catdaddyd

      What is so better? The upper level has seats but is steeper than rupp and cramped.

    2. catdaddyd

      I liked Freedom Hall the best for watching bball games.

  44. catdaddyd

    I thought you you could use your birth certificate to travel out of the country. My mother went to the Bahamas a few years ago and that’s she did.

  45. BBNinClearwater

    Where is Jared and how much did the Bahamas trip cost Matt?

  46. BBNinClearwater

    Matt, how much did the Bahamas trip cost you?

  47. UKfan

    As of this morning, UKBasketballLive has the entire 95-96 championship season available to watch!

  48. Scott Hall

    Matt……HEY YO!!!

  49. Travis

    Kentucky Joe sittig in a beach chair singing “Big Blue Fan in the Morning” and asking women if they know him. Lol

  50. D00uble_Dee

    How about you discuss something local like the Sav’s grill owner and his tragic accident – then the fact that the city of Lexington and local businesses support for him…$63K in a week in donations.

    1. ScottyB

      It has been discussed in a post on the website. In fairness, Matt is in Louisville, not Lexington local.

    2. houndstooth

      The Rupp upgrade is a tragic accident. Glad to see Sav doing better.

  51. mrgwildcat

    The YO app has major security flaws. not surprised after 2 hours of creation

  52. huntin chickens

    that isnt jarrod WUT

  53. Larry Dukes

    “Dancing Guy” is from Frankfort. I think his name is Darren. I believe he attended the Stewart School. The fact that he gets to games and dances is great. Be nice.

  54. realme

    We need a KSR Tombstone viewing party.

  55. MattP

    Matt – SERIOUSLY? You HAVE to watch Tombstone TODAY! It is in my opinion on eof the greatest movies ever made!

  56. houndstooth

    Matt- I get the feeling you are haunted by a lot of questions. It’s the answers people give that haunt me.

  57. Edd

    I get the Tombstone thing. I’m digging my heels in on never seeing The Wizard of Oz. Never will.

  58. Shawon

    Again…thumbs down to all fan songs.

    1. realme


  59. classof68

    For someone who hates ’70’s music, Matt sure likes a lot of songs and artists from the ’70’s.

  60. Kenmo

    I remember when Pitino was hired, there was a version of “funky comadena” called “funky coach pitino”

  61. Sebastian

    My Dad wrote a pretty good song back in the early 2000’s.
    It went something like
    “Ricky, Ricky Please come back
    It Ain’t because Tubby’s black
    They stand around like someone’s dead
    Turn off the lights im gone to bed”

  62. inlinefor9

    Not bad, but sounds like they produced the first minute of Jimmy Buckets with the Vine app

  63. JD

    I keep hearing there is no land to build a new arena on, but why wouldnt they knock down the Greg Page apartments next to commonwealth? Parking is already taken care of, and all of the other sports facilities are already close by.

  64. Travis

    Better Westerns…John Wayne or Clint Eastwood? I’m a fan of the Eastwood spaghetti westerns and probably my favorite western is Unforgiven.

  65. Hill Billy Goat

    The redneck version of Brick house is… she is a double wide trailer.

  66. Edd

    I’m seeing Ira and Oscar with a bedazzler and a stack of toiletry bags.

  67. Delk for 3

    Shelbyville Country Club is a fun little course to play. It’s one of the best keep secrets in the Louisville area for golfers looking for places to play b/c it’s open to the public and it is usually kept up nicely. I didn’t know about it until I played a Ky. Open qualifier there and I was pleasantly surprised.

  68. houndstooth

    Uk toiletry bag- for dealing with all the crap- (U of L and KU)

  69. Delk for 3

    I personally disagree about not wearing other SEC school apparel. I tend to root for other SEC schools (other than Tennessee and Florida) in most contests against other schools. I personally like Ole Miss and LSU and have no problem wearing such a shirt.

  70. Delk for 3

    It’s funny how Matt has grown to just despise Louisville like I have all my life. I could NEVER root for Louisville. Sure, I dislike Tennessee and Duke but my hate for Louisville is on a completely different level.

    1. 1978best

      If you grew up in southeastern Kentucky prior to UK and UL playing one another it was a no brainer to hate Tennessee. Louisville meant less than Cincinnati since we never ever played Louisville.

    2. Delk for 3

      Yeah, I know. I was just saying it’s funny because he knows what I know from living in Louisville. When you live here for a while you have no other choice than to just despise them.

  71. Edd

    Heaven and Cheese is Shannon’s new research website.

  72. Travis

    Will there be any communists in the Whitley County Library?

  73. AnchorageCat

    Just listened on podcast and wanted to share a link to this story about dancing guy from a few years ago.