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The Good, the Bad, and the Potentially Ugly’s Friday News and Views


Let’s just say it’s been an interesting day in UK sports. On Thursday evening, UK football announced three suspensions: Cody Quinn and Jason Hatcher for the Georgia game, and Demarco Robinson indefinitely. There’s also a report out that senior Raymond Sanders has been dismissed from the team. Fortunately, there was some good news to cushion that blow: four players from UK’s 2014 class sent in their financial aid agreements, meaning that they are officially Wildcats and ready to enroll early. Let’s get down to The Good, The Bad, and The Potentially Ugly.



On Thursday, Drew Barker, Mikel Horton, and Nick Richardson sent in their financial aid agreements, which officially makes them Cats. On Wednesday, Thaddeus Snodgrass faxed his info in, and all four are ready to enroll early at UK.

What is the financial aid agreement? It’s essentially a letter of intent for players who enroll early for the spring semester. It guarantees their scholarship, as well as verifies that the players have completed all coursework necessary to enroll early. After both parties sign, coaches can contact players as if they had signed their letters of intent, which means they can speak to the media about them too.

While you read the rest of this, keep that bright future in your mind.



On Thursday afternoon, the Twittersphere rumbled with rumors of bad news coming for the UK football program. Several names were tossed around as possible suspensions and dismissals, and on Thursday evening, UK announced that Cody Quinn, Jason Hatcher, and Demarco Robinson have all been suspended for violations of team rules, Quinn and Hatcher for one game, and Robinson indefinitely. Let’s go over what each means for the team.

Cody Quinn and Jason Hatcher are suspended for the Georgia game

Let’s start with Quinn, whose suspension will leave an already-thin cornerback corps practically waif-like. It’s doubly bad news considering Nate Willis, UK’s other primary option at the spot, is out for the Georgia game with a lingering knee injury. Freshman Jaleel Hytche (bless you!) is the backup listed on the depth chart and will presumably get the start, but after that, it’s slim pickings, especially against a quarterback like Aaron Murray.

Jason Hatcher was Bud Dupree’s backup at defensive end, which means that if Bud needs a break from carrying the defense, the load will go to someone else, like Farrington Huguenin (Za’Darius’ backup) or Alvin Davis. Hatcher’s suspension is especially frustrating considering that, along with Ryan Timmons, he was the heart of Stoops’ first recruiting class and had a very promising freshman season. Hatcher is seen as the future of the UK defense by many, so hopefully this one game suspension will serve as a reminder for the rest of his career.

Demarco Robinson is suspended indefinitely

An “indefinite” suspension can mean anything. To most coaches, it means multiple games. For Rick Pitino, it means until the end of a press conference. However, with only two games left in the season, you have to think that Robinson getting an “indefinite” suspension means he’s out the rest of the season. It’s a shame. Robinson is UK’s third best receiver this year, with 213 yards and two touchdowns. He’s also the team’s primary kick returner, and has played in every game this season. In his place, the Cats will rely on Jeff Badet at wide receiver and Javess Blue for returns. With Raymond Sanders also potentially out, I would expect Ryan Timmons and Daryl Collins to also shift over to share duties with Blue at the returner spots. Thank God Ryan Timmons will be back for this game, or it would be straight up ugly for the Cats on offense and special teams.



According to Rashawn Franklin, senior running back Raymond Sanders has been dismissed from the team for a repeated rules violation. While UK has yet to confirm this, it’s been widely rumored and if true, is devastating for the team. Sanders is the team’s leading rusher, with 106 carries for 464 yards and three touchdowns. In his career at UK, he has 339 carries for 1,542 yards and 11 touchdowns rushing and 56 receptions for 368 yards and 1 touchdown receiving. Sanders was one of three seniors Mark Stoops brought to SEC Media Days, and in turn, a leader for this team. I remember standing on Vandy’s field on Saturday and feeling bad for Sanders, who was visibly upset about his team’s failure to get an SEC win. That pain and frustration Sanders showed on Saturday only underlines how upsetting his dismissal is if true. I often sympathize with the seniors on this team because they only have a few games left during a transitional era in Kentucky football. While their junior and senior seasons at UK may end without an SEC win, the freshmen and even younger players coming in have nothing but stars in their eyes for the future. That puts the veterans in an odd and sort of sad spot, but that’s no excuse for repeatedly violating team rules. Without confirmation from UK, I will stop there.

Good news for you all who have wanted more JoJo Kemp: you’re about to get it. With Sanders out, Kemp will get the majority of the carries, followed by Jonathan George.


What did we learn on Thursday? That Mark Stoops is laying down the law and cleaning house. Some coaches may be willing to let their player off with a curfew or slap on the wrist, but Stoops is sticking to his plan to build the program the right way, which ultimately means suspending or dismissing your best players if need be. While the road ahead is bright, there are still bumps, and UK fans should be thankful to have a coach who won’t turn a blind eye to bad behavior.

In the meanwhile, the road will definitely be rough to Athens, Georgia. Regardless, Nick Roush and I will make the trek to cover UK’s penultimate game.

Finally, our thoughts go out to Chazz Griffith, whose grandmother, Ethelene Bishop, passed away on Thursday night at the age of 72 after a long battle with cancer. Bishop and her family were huge UK and KSR fans (even if she called it “KRS” like Worldwide Wes). Chazz told me Thursday night that one of the last things he read to her was one of our posts, which is unspeakably moving and reminds me everyday to thank you guys for reading our stuff. Please send your thoughts and prayers their way. We are one big la familia.

On Friday morning, Matt has an all-star cast ready to get your mind off the bad news and focus on the good with Gregg Doyel, Bomani Jones, Doug Gottlieb, Jay Bilas, and others coming on to talk about the basketball Cats. Until then, let this picture of the Harrison Twins as turkeys cheer you up:

Photo by @nursebeth1

Photo by @nursebeth1

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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  1. Bradley

    Kemp is way better than Sanders anyway. Sounds like we just got better. Peace Raymond.

  2. Haha

    I guess everybody doesn’t love Raymond……

  3. The Reasl Ugly

    UL football dropping in the polls faster than the wrinkles on Pitino’s face!

  4. The Reasl Ugly

    OOPS ! Real Ugly

  5. Megan

    There are two kinds of people in this world. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig.

  6. NW Tom

    “senior running back Raymond Sanders has been dismissed from the team for a repeated rules violation. While UK has yet to confirm this, it’s been widely rumored and if true, is devastating for the team.”

    Huh? A no good Sr gets booted off a 2-8 football team. Big dam deal! I say good, give a young hungry underclassman a chance. I think its safe to say Mrs TT is in over her head when we are talking anything but whos uniforms look the best…good day and Kick A$$ Cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The Outrageous

    When your last name is Jerkin and your parents decide to be even real cruel.

    Starting at forward for Indiana……at 6.5 it’s Peter Jerkin !
    At guard for Indiana…. at 5.9 it’s Dick Jerkin !

  8. Turkey Twins

    Careful twins…Tipton has his note pad out in that picture.

  9. Rixter

    Not to be outdone by Big Brother, Louisville Basketball just announced a suspension: Chane Behanan will not be allowed to participate in the pre-game warm-ups on Saturday.
    Apparently, he didn’t get up until 6:30 one morning, and the university had stipulated he had to be up by 6:15.

    1. acaringcardfan

      Dude. Even in a story where YOUR GUYS get suspended you manage to bring up the Cards! What a dummy. You make me laugh kind sir.

    2. haha

      I think it was a really dumb comment…but a fan coming to a rival site, to ridicule a dumb comment, is even more pathetic than said dumb comment

  10. Logical fan

    I dont really care about all this nonsense on the football field. Its almost over and bball is heating up. I have read a lot of the comments over the course of the night and agree with the people that arent acting as this big brain buster. These are college kids, they will smoke weed. Its 2014 and it is now legal in some states. I feel the same way when i hear of this stuff at other schools. Who cares? We watch them play a sport and we want them to thrive doing it. If smoking pot while playing uk football is the worse things these kids ever do, then praise Jesus. And that goes for all the uptight older parents on here, if you catch your 16-23 year old smoking pot, dont make their lives hell for it.

    1. Calf

      They are supposed to be SEC athletes. They don’t need to be reducing their lung capacity by smoking anything. Cigs are legal but I’m sure Stoops doesn’t want them smoking them either.

    2. Science

      How do you know they were smoking? You can get the same effects from weed by vaporizing it, putting it in food, and they even have pills now. Weed isnt as bad as you would like it to be I promise.

  11. Citizen O

    Logical Fan, I promise not to get uptight but if they cross a line and repeatedly warned that doing so will result in a penalty, then they will be taxed. Live free but be accountable. Do as you wish but be accountable. Smoke, toke, joke, poke at will but be accountable. Give stoops credit, if he fails at least he will do so on his terms and will people who are accountable.

  12. Tommyboy

    I saw Coach Rick Pitino again on the show called “Fast Money” today at 4:00PM…It was his second time I have seen him on this show and it was interesting…..Maybe it’s because Forbes listed Louisville as the most valuable team in College Basketball’s in 2013.Google it…..University of Kentucky was listed at a respected #4.
    Coach Rick Pitino emphasized on the show a lot of that success has to do with the boosters in the first 10 rows…He was also asked a question on whether players should be payed or not…He sidetracked the question and said family members should be able to attend bowl games with free airfare and free hotel rooms to watch their family member play. It should have been done 10 years ago…

    During the show, cast members of the show asked if he wanted to show his new tattoo. He said no…He did not want to scare anyone or something like that…
    At the end of the show, He was asked if their was any stock he likes. I think he said KORS..But he prefers to get his picks from the cast of “Fast Money’.

  13. jpg

    I love that Stoops is making an example of these lads! He is setting the tone for his program. There are so many other coaches that would not go down this path. Glad he is going to make an example!

    Go Cats!!

    1. Navin

      LOL – just like the example he made of Ashley Lowery and his DUI citation.

      Gimme a break.

  14. Bb

    Why those 2 soldiers holdin that jersey like that lol

  15. Sheriff Buford T. Justice

    After this season I’d be disappointed if they all weren’t smoking dope to try and forget the debacle they’ve been a part of the past four months. Hell pass me a joint, I’ve been trying to forget Joker ball the past three years and nothing’s worked to this point.

  16. in other words

    if you haven’t already, bet on UGA to cover.

  17. CPACAT

    Karma is a bitch…for all the Chane Bohannen and Kevin Ware posts we’ve made here…

  18. Elmer

    Well inbreds. looks like half of your football team is crackheads

    1. RealCatsFan

      Yeah, that’s rich “Elmer”. At duh ville, Chawley would look the other way as long as he doesn’t hear of any guns or ho’s being smacked.

    2. ukfan515

      Yeah cause 85/2 =4? That Louisville degree really has paid off for you huh?

  19. Drew Franklin

    Cats by 20 bigins

    Three goggle

  20. JC

    If the Sanders report is accurate, we may see Timmons in the backfield a little more. He got some reps as a running back in practice before the season.

  21. Geese

    LOLZ @ you calling the Sanders dismissal “devastating”. Are you kidding me?

    Good call!

  22. There goes #1 Class

    Duke got Justise Winslow yesterday

    1. Megan

      Not so fast, my friend! Cal’s looking to sign two more. And Myles Turner would give us 3 of the top 7. Perchance to dream.

  23. cardsfan

    So cards player gets suspended for a game and you UK fans talk about how we just look the other way, UK player gets suspended for a game and Stoops is laying down the law? I applaud Stoops for doing it, as it would not have been done by some, but acting like no other coach has done this is stupid.

    1. Rick Pitino

      “He definitely won’t play in November and it’s highly unlikely he will play in Dec but there’s a chance.” Meanwhile, it’s still Nov and the crackhead baby daddy is already playing. It took one week for me to let him come back. One week of good behavior negated everything I said a week earlier. What can I say, I saw us struggling in exhibition games and I knew I had to bring this kid back.

    2. cardfan

      Ok, so Sanders was kicked off for multiple team rule violations, correct? How many times was he suspended for these? As Rex Chapman stated on twitter, UK fans pot calling kettle black.

  24. Rupp

    We have a freshman basketball player being looked at by the NCAA. Doubt it will turn out to be a big deal, but who knows.

  25. Some Guy in Kentucky

    How many football players does UK expect to come in early beside this?

    1. Ricky 3 Stacks

      There’s a load coming in the next 15 seconds

    2. just saying

      ^^^ Winner!!! LMFAO

  26. Drew Franklin

    Three goggle contest today on Instagram. First prize is a brand new Twitter

  27. classof68

    Come on Mrs. TT. Losing Sanders could be devastating for the team? But I like your attempt at drama. Have you thought about making one of those commercials?

  28. niaps

    First of all bye bye Sanders you joker reject. Easiest back to tackle in the SEC. Shoot the guy tackles himself by falling down as much as tacklers.
    Second my congrats to Coach Stoops taking a hard line on these guys. If UK is ever to be anything close to true SEC team it takes a coach who says no to the BS any player who thinks he is bigger than the rules. This team needs to take a hard line to walk and Stoops is the guy to make that happen.
    And finally third, time to take out the trash. As Coach Stoops get his guys in the more of jokers guys go out. It will take years I know but thats the price to be paid for by people who supported that clown to start with. The biggest supporter was this very site KSR. They still harbor a love for that buffoon who all but eliminated UK from any football success for now going on 5 years. If this site had stood up and told BBN from the start that the joke was not fit to be a coach much less than head coach of this team maybe things would be different by now.
    Anyone who puts any blame on this teams futility to anyone but joker the ass does not know what they are talking about.

    1. Congrats

      Congrats! You sir, in a cast of hundreds, continually prove to be the biggest asswipe posting on this site. And it’s not even close. Quite an accomplishment.

    2. niaps

      Well gee I guess I offended another joker the ass fan.

  29. inlinefor9

    Sucks for those players, but come on, who cares? We aren’t going bowling. We aren’t expected to win these two games. Unfortunate that a senior will be dismissed, but JoJo is better and our RBs will be better next year. Robinson has been a let down his entire time at UK. The other guys, unfortunate, but hey, less chance they get a serious injury that could affect them next year. This seems like the perfect time for the coaches to show some “tough love”, we aren’t losing anything by these suspensions

  30. come on

    Tremendous Chazz Griffith, being with our grandkids is special unto it’s self but sharing a mutual interest is, well, Divine.

  31. Karma Kills

    Karma is mean….bit us

  32. Navin

    “What did we learn on Thursday? That Mark Stoops is laying down the law and cleaning house. Some coaches may be willing to let their player off with a curfew or slap on the wrist, but Stoops is sticking to his plan to build the program the right way, which ultimately means suspending or dismissing your best players if need be. While the road ahead is bright, there are still bumps, and UK fans should be thankful to have a coach who won’t turn a blind eye to bad behavior.”

    Laughable. Sincerely, Ashley Lowery.

  33. RICK



    Ha Coach, If i were you i would never let them play again.


    ITS UK FOOTBALL. Who the hell cares about UK football. It is basketball season now.

  36. Luther

    Fortunately, these suspensions will NOT affect the outcome of any of our remaining games…

    1. Poulan Weed Eater Bowl

      But what about the bowl picture? Sure could affect it?

  37. DontBeSoGullible

    Sanders has not been dismissed, traveled with the team, and will dress tomorrows game. Don’t believe everything you hear that has been “reported”