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Stoops on Terry Touchdown: “We’re very blessed to have him”

When Jarren Williams decommitted last month, the Kentucky football staff had to scramble to pick up another quarterback in the 2018 class. Enter Terry “Touchdown” Wilson. During his Signing Day press conference today, Mark Stoops raved about Wilson, whom he called “a joy to recruit.” 

“Obviously, you get thrown curve balls throughout this process; we understand that,” Stoops said. “So, it was a credit to our staff to go out and look and see who was available.”

“Fortunately, Terry was there. We’re very blessed to have him in this signing class. I think it was a position that we definitely needed to get somebody in this spot. The nice thing about Terry is, he’s a year older, he’s played a year of college football, he’s already been at a Power 5 school for a year, so he knows what he’s getting into. The beautiful thing about him was, he was a joy to recruit.”

At one point, it looked like the former Oregon Duck and JuCo star might head to Nebraska instead of Kentucky, but a frank conversation with Stoops put the Cats back in the driver’s seat.

“It was very difficult, he was getting pulled a million different directions and there was a time that things started getting very hairy where he was getting pulled from people at his junior college, from everybody. That’s when you saw some reports of when he was coming. He and I sat down and had a very direct conversation. He was unbelievable. You saw the maturity in him. When he talked to me, he said, ‘I never really looked at it that way.’ He said, ‘I hear you, Coach.’ I told him to think about a few things and he called me back 40 minutes later and said, ‘Coach I’m coming in. I’m coming in on this date, I don’t care what anybody else says.’ It’s been a great recruiting process from that point on. He came in and had a good weekend and he’s been a joy to recruit.”

What will Kentucky’s offense look like with Wilson in the fold?

“He fits in very well with what we do,” Stoops said. “We molded the offense to what we had to a year ago. We’ve tried to be more efficient at throwing the ball and at times, we have. And again, that goes for everybody, that goes with protection to receivers and quarterback and so on. We all want to take the passing game up another notch. That’s not throwing shade on Stephen [Johnson], that’s with the whole offense, in particular with getting some playmakers around him. He’s very versatile, but he’s got a very strong arm. He’s very poised in the pocket, but yes, he is athletic as well, so it’s nice to have that.”

Yes, it is. Enjoy Terry’s highlights below, and then feel free to do this dance:

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19 responses to “Stoops on Terry Touchdown: “We’re very blessed to have him””

  1. notFromhere

    Dont know if anyone has considered it, but I have and think TerryTD may actually be an upgrade. JWilliams is obviously not as mature in his decision making and commitment. We need better in that dept and got it with Wilson. He’s also got 2 years of college behind him. I’m more than good with TWilson and what he brings to the table before even considering his ability to move with the ball.

    1. cats646

      Couldn’t agree more. It’s an upgrade

    2. ClutchCargo

      This is correct. We now have a guy who can take the reins from day 1. It kind of sucks for Barker, but that’s just how it goes, and you can’t hold a spot for somebody who may or may not be able to stay healthy for a whole season. And if one of the other guys feels the need to transfer, it’s on them to do what is best for their situation.

  2. Dallas

    I’m super excited for him to be a wildcat! Can’t wait to see the team next season.

  3. Duff86

    My gawd he’s got breakaway speed!

    1. foamfinger

      I am hopeful they limit the number of designed runs. He’ll have Snell and others in the backfield and the coaches should focus solely on getting him integrated into the passing game. Also, they need to work on the O-line’s pass protection.

    2. ClutchCargo

      A HIGHLY underrated factor in this – IMHO – is the return of Dorian Baker. That dude is a beast of a blocker who was greatly missed this season. If he makes it back 100% the whole offense will benefit.

    3. leftygilmore

      Breakaway speed in Junior College. He’s 40-time is 4.77. That is not breakaway level. Boom Williams (4.44) and Jeff Badet (4.47). that is breakaway.

      I ran a 4.59 40-time as a WR in college and I did not have breakaway speed. The starting receivers had 4.30 to 4.48 speed. that is a big difference..

    4. Bobbum Man

      Well comparing qb speed to wr speed is a bit stupid obviously wr’s are gonna be much faster. 4.7 isn’t awful for a qb, I believe that’s around what Aaron Rodgers ran and he can certainly move around just fine

    5. leftygilmore

      @ Bobbum Man,

      I do agree with you. QB running 4.7 is not awful and can create yardage. I am just saying breakaway speed is not correct. Cam Newton ran a 4.59 and Deshawn Watson a 4.66. 4.77 is average to good.

      I am super excited though. He’ll be an upgrade on all accounts under Gray’s system. Barker is more suited to transfer and play in Neil Brown System.

    6. ClutchCargo

      40 time doesn’t always tell you how fast a guy is on the field with pads. And some football players have better technique than others in running the 40. Breakaway might be an overstatement, but he is plenty fast and quick enought to be a true dual threat.

  4. johnwall

    Dare i say it could be an upgrade from SJ too?

  5. Alleykat16

    I would like to have been a fly on the wall and heard what him and Coach talked about to pull him in and as far as Williams I agree Terry seems more mature in knowing what it is he was looking for in a program. BBN jumping on the TD TRAIN

  6. krautdog

    My apologies to Gunner Hoak. Wishing him well wherever he goes! We may struggle to ever sign another good high school school quarterback and it would be justice served. Young man looked great in his two blue/white games! Shame, Shame, Shame on Stoops!

    1. ClutchCargo

      You must really be a quitter. I’m not saying Hoak is also a quitter, but I don’t want to depend on a guy to compete against our opponents if he won’t even compete for the starting spot on his own team.

    2. tatertot

      I think Hoak shows promise, but he has the opportunity to win the starting spot every day on the practice field and will have the opportunity again this Spring. IF he is the best QB on the roster, he will be QB1 in the fall. The coaches have zero incentive to start someone who is second best…

  7. neilbert

    I hope Hoak stays and competes with Wilson. Barker just doesn’t have it. Looks to get rattled too easily. More of a mental thing with him.

    1. krautdog

      Hoak never got the opportunity to show what he could do in a game! Shame, Shame, Shame on Stoops!!!

    2. J-Dub421

      Hoak gets the opportunity every day in practice. He can’t beat out Johnson and Barker. That’s on Hoak, so just stop with your stupid “he hasn’t been given a chance!!!”