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State rep explains KFC Yum! Center disaster on KSR


The Kentucky Sports Radio radio show had a healthy discussion with Phil Moffett, a Louisville businessman and Kentucky state representative, on Monday morning’s show about the financial disaster that is the KFC Yum! Center.

Moffett came on to further explain just how bad things really are — it’s much worse than we thought — and we, the taxpayers, are the real losers.

You can listen to Moffett’s entire interview in the second hour of today’s show:

For a visual of the mess and how Louisville athletics is getting away with robbery, take a look at this graph of revenue across the top men’s basketball programs from Joe Sonka over at

Article written by Drew Franklin

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21 responses to “State rep explains KFC Yum! Center disaster on KSR”

  1. the ghost of Bill Hicks


  2. secrick

    Is Louisville the dirtiest program ever ?

    1. ABthetruth502

      Says a fan of one of the most penalized teams in History, with a coach with vacated wins at every other school he’s ever coached lol

  3. Sentient Third Eye

    I’ll just avoid attending anything at the Yum Center until this situation changes. No way am I going to buy concert tickets and have part of that money funneled to U of L athletics.

  4. BluKudzu

    Your tax dollars at work. Did you representative vote for this bill to pass? This is criminal and everyone who had anything to do with contract should indeed, go to prison.

  5. Go_Wildcats_Go

    Strippers for basketball and arenas for free! (in my best Dire Straits impression)

  6. theWilkman

    Does anyone know where we can find a list of who voted yes/no?

  7. christopherharrison26

    How about a better summary of the cogent points – working folks don’t have 2 hours to listen to this but want to know the skinny. 😉

    1. rick64

      Interview is only about the first 15-20 minutes of 2nd hour of the broadcast, so not too bad.

  8. Duff86

    U of L worked one over on the Legislature. Who got paid, and how much?

  9. Howdy Doody

    So what now ? You want it to be burned down ?? How will that resolve anything ??

  10. david8577

    Anyone who thinks bailing out the arena is good, while the UL athletic department makes those profits, is a fool. Even if you are a UL fan, you should be outraged. This is wealth redistribution from the poor to the rich. There will be a documentary about this one day.

  11. catsarerunnin

    Yeah like it’s a big surprise that it’s a disaster. Plus anything with a stupid name like the KFC Yum! Center is going to be an epic failure.

    1. ABthetruth502

      Maybe you should look at the chart above and tell me again how the best and most profitable arena in the country is a failure lol

  12. ABthetruth502

    So The University of Louisville is supposed to apologize because we have the Best AD in the country who got the best possible deal and did what was best for UofL??? We All pay taxes, atleast we here in Louisville ate paying for something we ate passionate about. Uk fans Have to be the most bitter crybaby buncha whiners I’ve ever come across

    1. ukjaybrat

      enjoy making those points when all of those people that made those deals are in prison.

    2. ABthetruth502

      In prison… For what?? What would be the charge LMAO. Your clueless Pls just don’t talk

  13. ABthetruth502

    And I should just remind some of you classless Uk fans that threaten the lives of refs, Uofl was the most profitable BEFORE the Yum

    1. Beavis

      From looking at the time on your posts,,,you must be a security guard at Minardi Hall. How were the girls ? Your program and the university as a whole are a dumpster fire. You must be so proud. NCAA is going to slap a big one on U of L, enjoy it.

    2. ukjaybrat

      Beavis, He can’t be a security guard at minardi bc then he’d either be conveniently drunk or asleep on the clock

    3. ABthetruth502

      Another Stripper joke how clever. Almost as retarded as calling the most profitable program in the country, and a university that’s in the top 20 in every major sport consistently every year a dumpster fire lol. I wouldn’t expect anything less from you misguided hillbilly’s who threaten the lives of Refs. Stay Classy