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Stanley Johnson tweets about Kelly Oubre


Two small forwards, no problem?

Last night, we found out that UK’s chances with small forward Kelly Oubre may be better than we thought. Now, fellow small forward Stanley Johnson tweets that if Oubre commits to Kentucky, “it just betters the situation” for him:

Does this mean a Johnson/Oubre package is forming, or does Johnson mean if Oubre commits, he’ll go elsewhere? Johnson and Oubre are considered the second and fifth best small forwards in the 2014 class by ESPN, and both are major Kentucky targets. Cal visited Johnson last week…did he happen to say something to him about the possibility of playing with Oubre? Both are expected to visit for Big Blue Madness in October.

To make things even more confusing, Johnson has already deleted the tweet.

UPDATE: 247’s Jerry Meyer is shining some light on the situation…

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23 responses to “Stanley Johnson tweets about Kelly Oubre”

  1. Wedding Planner

    He deleted the tweet. What is going on..?

  2. BOSOX

    Maybe Johnson let the Cat out of the bag! Oubre is listed as a Guard on Rivals…

  3. BBN#1

    Stanley Johnson has said over and over the thing that meant most to him was being the only small forward cal offered with that being said I don’t see both of them playing together

  4. Wedding Planner

    #3 – I just remembered that.. I thought it was a positive but now now.

    I recall how he kept emphasizing how being the only SF being recruited by UK was a good thing

  5. BBN8

    Johnson said over and over the thing that meant the most was that he was the FIRST SF that Cal offered not the “only” SF offered.

  6. Han

    Who knows? If he really cares about being Cal’s only target, he’s probably already decided to go elsewhere and is just using us for publicity, which is fair in today’s recruiting environment. If he wants more talent around himself (like Towns does and like guys this year and Wall’s year did), then it just makes it easier. If he isn’t worried about playing time/the spotlight, I expect seeing how the guys do this year with so much depth will go a long way in affecting his decision.

    2) And besides the point guard, and ideally a big man, position is less important in the DDMO. You need to have ball handling, shooting, driving, and passing skills. If you have that, you can play anywhere from the 2-4 and get minutes if you’re one of Cal’s best 5-8 players.

  7. Wedding Planner

    Stanley Johnson ‏@StanMan_41 7m
    @jerrymeyer247 I meant what I said… People talking about package deal that’s not what I said… It was to vague


  8. cracka

    stanley johnson was one of the first guys in 2014 to say he’d talked to a lot of the guys on aau circuit about putting together a “super team” … those are his words … that was months ago … he’s talked about teaming up with justise winslow and now kelly oubre … he’s also said he liked that ulis picked uk

    stanley johnson puts out a lot of vibes that he wants to play with a lot of other highly rated guys, i think there is a great chance he ends up here and helps recruit others

  9. Mozes

    I dont understand how that could be seen as bad news for UK. Why would he tag Oubre if it was negative anyways? Obviously when he says “better the situation” he means the situation at Kentucky and he’s even more attracted to UK. Bunch of “glass half empty” type of people always trying to twist things.

  10. cracka

    i agree mozes … think he was saying he’d like to play with oubre … he probably got a bunch of tweets asking if him and oubre were now calling themselves “a package deal” so he took it down

  11. Wedding Planner

    We are all good now –

    Jerry Meyer ‏@jerrymeyer247 4m
    @BlueBloodJoeUK means it would help rather than hurt if he committed there. Erased cause everyone started screaming package deal.
    Retweeted by Stanley Johnson

  12. Bobbysueflay

    I can tell he is learning a lot in school. With the amount of time to play on tweeter

  13. bosshogg24

    When you are as good as Stanley Johnson you don’t worry about completion, Stanley will be the man at UK, he has a starting position regardless of who comes here!

  14. bosshogg24


  15. inlinefor9

    I saw this as a good thing. Not worried, in Cal we trust.

    Bobysueflay – Surely you jest. I can’t imagine not focusing on one class one random day in high school is going to ruin the kid. Also, was over an hour ago. Hopefully he didn’t miss all that crucial learning that takes place during lunch period.



  17. William School

    12. Bobsueflay- yeah it’s a shame school isn’t what it was 100 years ago when kids had more time to study such practical things like whittling and playing stick hoop.

  18. JessieWildcat

    UK fans need to listen to Matt more closely.

    Stanley Johnson was blinded sided again.
    The news of Kelly Oubre hit hard last night.
    Kelly to Kentucky was almost a done deal.

    The WEST BUZZ-
    With Kelly going to UK.
    Then, Stanley to Arizona is a done deal.

    John Calipari did the right thing and get Kelly Oubre.
    NOTE- UK wont get to SF. Kelly is a SF.


  19. JessieWildcat


    Note- UK wont get two SF. Kelly is a SF.

    And Kelly is not the best SF from Houston Hoops.
    Enf said.

  20. Mozes

    JessieWildcat…English please. If you honestly think Johnson’s tweet was a bad thing UK, you’re an idiot. Yea, we wont get 2 small forwards just like we wouldnt get 2 point guards in 2010. You have to be a poser Tard fan.

  21. JessieWildcat is short for JessicaWildcat

    Please, do not let JessicaWildcat infect this site with her pseudo-ebonics and ambiguous statements…

  22. JessieWildcat is short for JessicaWildcat

    she’s an arizona fan, mozes

  23. Jeff

    Kelly Oubre is versatile enough to play either the 2 or 3 position so he can easily play together with Stanley. Ulis on the fast break with those two wings is downright scary! Harrison with Harrison and Young on the wings will be fun as well 🙂 We are SPOILED!!!