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11 responses to “South Carolina also says no to stadium-wide alcohol sales (for now)”

  1. ukisgr8

    Doesn’t matter. Many are drunk tailgating before games anyway

  2. lexattorney

    It’s the principle of the thing. I will not be attending any football games until alcohol sales are allowed across the board. Every fan, regardless of whether they sit in a box or on the bleachers, must be treated equally. Either EVERYONE drinks or NOBODY drinks. I urge all fans to support the team but to do it from home or some venue outside of Commonwealth Stadium.

    1. Corder

      I will still be attending games but I’m right there with you on everyone or no one. The fact that the people in the boxes are allowed alcohol is some what elitist. They are saying if you have enough money the rules don’t apply to you. If that’s how they want to play it why don’t all the people without enough money to buy tickets just say screw it we don’t have to follow the rules we will let our selves in and sit where we want. A little extreme of an example but still along the same lines.

    2. Chacosrule

      Same here. I will stay at the house with my dollars until we’re all treated better than sub-human.

    3. sprtphan

      Geez. Talk about victomhood.

    4. Led Weappelin

      hear! hear!

  3. catdaddyd

    How hard is it to have guys go around and sale beer?

  4. Headhurts

    Heck it took 50 yrs to get seat backs, I’ll spend my 10$ on a 6pk of import instead of 10$ on 1 draft.

    1. JoeBee

      Good stuff

  5. eyebleedblue

    Yeah bad news that the already deteriorating family atmospheres might be saved for a little longer. I mean I enjoy the barstool stadium fight as much as anybody, I just don’t want to sit next to it. Kentucky has enough amateur hour drunks at games already, not to mention the occasional child killed in the parking lot. But hey, the 20 something year old man child with the foot long beard needs his orange slice flavored beer to enjoy football.

    1. Led Weappelin

      Family atmosphere at a football game? Have you ever watched a football game? There isn’t a family atmosphere on the field. It’s brutal. Get off your high horse.