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Someone had a Coach Cal cake made

Cal Cake

Because of course they did. Wow, we people are crazy.

Would you eat it?

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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20 responses to “Someone had a Coach Cal cake made”

  1. JPhelps

    I understand fan hood and all but jeez… That’s creepy!

  2. Funkycat75

    The hair is spot on. Wow. The rest is nightmare fuel.

  3. Fatty

    His face should be much fatter.

  4. Bob Skallen

    It looks more like Dino Gaudio.

  5. Shawon

    Awesome or weird?

    Definitely weird. Like whoa.

  6. SP kid

    Not the cake probably taste gross… But I would crush that bag of sour patch kids.

  7. Kevin Durant

    Why the sour patch kids?

  8. rb

    Not even close to resemblance. Horrible

  9. actually

    Actually, I would use it to recruit people to do stuff for me, like my kids to mow my grass lol

  10. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    I think it looks more like the dad from “Davey and Goliath”.

  11. Cliche alert

    You all have run the “because of course” thing into the ground.

    1. 15 Seconds Joke says...

      They have not yet begun the posthumous pummeling of said pony.

  12. Anne

    What is she doing with that candy in her mouth?

  13. Harry Caray

    I feel like the better question is this: If you were a hotdog and you were starving, would you eat yourself?

  14. Booney

    That’s my wife’s bakery in Jeffersonville, IN, and she made the cake. Someone ordered it for their fiance’s grooms cake. Yes, she loves sour patch kids. I had to wake her up to show her that she made KSR. She has stressed about doing the cake for weeks.

    1. Angie

      Lighten up…Not every creation works out the way the baker wants it to….I worked with your wife in another bakery years ago.. (Bakers) ….But this is not Coach Cal..

  15. chardun

    That’s one Creepy cake, GO BIG BLUE!

  16. ukbradstith

    That’s pretty much as perfect a cake of cal could look. That being said, I’m a huge fan, and I had a uk cake as my groom cake. But it wasn’t in the shape of cal.

  17. shields eyes

    Yeah, that doesn’t look good.

  18. mike

    looks more like pitino