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Solar Eclipse could cost businesses roughly $700 million

The entire solar eclipse is expected to last just 20 minutes, but the lack of productivity in that time is expected to cost businesses a fortune.

According to Forbes, the rare phenomenon will cost American businesses nearly $700 million in productivity.

And because this ultra-rare celestial moment is happening on a work and school day we can count on thousands of people to take the day off, call in sick, or skip their regularly scheduled duties to watch the moon’s shadow block out the sun’s rays for a few minutes. And those minutes, when added up, will likely cost American businesses nearly $700 million in productivity, according to an estimate by outplacement company Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

In total, the company estimates that the U.S. economy will lose $694 million during the approximately 20-minute eclipse process. And that number, Andy Challenger, vice president at Challenger, Gray & Christmas, told Forbes via email, could be conservative.

Additionally, states and cities in the path of totality could see an even greater financial setback.

According to a report by Challenger, because the state of Kentucky, and more specifically, Hopkinsville, is in the path of totality, we could be seeing almost $200 million in lost productivity alone.

These few minutes of darkness are going to cost a pretty penny.

And Kentuckians are going to love every second of it.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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8 responses to “Solar Eclipse could cost businesses roughly $700 million”

  1. Double 00 Tony Delk

    This is BS. Everybody at my workplace will step outside for an hour and watch the eclipse. THEN they will all go back in and get busy. The get busy part will more than offset the slackers. PLUS, there are the thousands of eclipse-o-philes who will pump tons of money into the US economy. Go home Forbes – you’re drunk.

  2. rem392

    Who cares? Not me. Same as with a lot of posts on KSR. I’m a huge UK fan, season ticket holder in football and basketball. The Red’s report??? Really? Who cares. Give me all football coverage!

    1. runningunnin.454

      Ever take classes in college? The articles are like electives, not compulsory….optional.

    2. T-wah

      Amen, runningunnin!

  3. lindamyers56

    Why is this on KSR?

    1. evilcarl

      Troglogodite. Why are you on KSR? I hate all of you.

  4. Blue_Cat75

    20 minutes? The whole event from start to finish is a little longer than 3 hours. I guess facts really are optional.

  5. Sentient Third Eye

    I’m thinking at least one guy gets in trouble today by saying, “If I’m lying, let the sun be blotted from the sky!”