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So, about that practice report… (Tuesday Show Thread)


Good morning and welcome to the Tuesday edition of Kentucky Sports Radio. Last night, Matt had the enviable pleasure of watching the basketball team practice, and left the Joe Craft Center VERY impressed. He wrote up some of his thoughts in a post for you last night, but he’s also saved some for the radio show today. Tune in to hear the details on what may be John Calipari’s best team ever, along with the latest on football camp, basketball recruiting, and the Bahamas trip, which is only three days away.

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183 responses to “So, about that practice report… (Tuesday Show Thread)”

  1. UK_JB

    I went back and listen to the caller from 1955 and that call should of been dropped, haha.
    Now you can keep DirecTV uncle matt.

    Anyone going to watch some golf?

    1. UK_JB

      Hell friend.

  2. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    Looking at the picture has me wondering – are any of the walk-ons not practicing with the team? Brian Long, etc?

  3. ktmiln2

    Shoutout to Kentucky tobacco for providing a drug that potentially saved the lives of two ebola patients!

  4. Paducah Patty

    Matt did you hear news about Chick something virus in Kentucky, mostly in people who have been to the Caribbean. You and Drew be careful!!

  5. Jeff in Tampa

    Glad that troll hasn’t been on this site for awhile!

    So what is this chix-v (Chikungunya in the Caribbean) virus going on where the UK team is going next week?

    1. Bluegrass

      The troll is awesome.

    2. REALBluegrass

      Back again I see.

    3. REALBluegrass


  6. Paducah Patty
    1. Bluegrass

      Just go away Patty.

    2. REALBluegrass

      Follow your own advice troll

  7. BiggCat27

    How big is has WCS gotten? Like Patrick Young? Dwight Howard?

  8. Paducah Patty

    Didn’t Matt mention having people sign up to be on show thread to get rid of the trolls?

  9. Trolls Equals Louisville

    I wish I had a life. I am sad. I need help. I need a man in my life. Not a woman.

    1. REALBluegrass

      1. Calling someone gay isn’t an insult.
      2. Not a sports fan. This is just a fun place to troll. Some other people told me about it.

    2. REAL Bluegrass

      ^^^ haha not a sports fan. That tells me all I need to know about the type of man you are

    3. REALBluegrass

      It would also be Trolls equal Louisville. Subject/ verb agreement is tricky for people from KY.

    4. REALBluegrass

      Your concept of masculinity is funny. I assume you have a 300+ pound wife and a butt ugly child. I assume you’re a blue collar worker as well?

    5. Bluegrass

      The “300+ pound wife” insult is trite and cliche. Try harder sir.

  10. Edd

    Instead of Practice 101, it’s more like Practice 301.

  11. Bluegrass

    This from a “guy” that spends his day in his parents basement trolling show threads

    1. Bluegrass

      The “parents basement” insult is trite and cliche. Try harder sir.

    2. Bluegrass

      If you ask nicely then I won’t troll you anymore.

    3. REALBluegrass

      You think I care about your constant effort to negotiate with me? Ha!

    4. Bluegrass

      You continue to respond, we both know that means I am bothering you on some level. If I am so inconsequential then why don’t you just ignore me?

  12. Paducah Patty

    Did Plumlee make the cut?

  13. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    I would LOVE to see Durant with the Wizards and Wall!!

  14. Bucky Small Hooves

    Calling something trite and cliche is trite and cliche.

  15. BackdoorSlider

    Matt, do you think not having to cover the basics in practice will hurt the development of the Freshman in practice or will they get that instruction in their individual workouts?

    1. Paducah Patty

      I think these kids will definitely benefit from seeing other players perform the drills. We haven’t had that much lately.

  16. Say Wha?

    Ok, so hypothetically if the Twins have improved to be 1st rounders….According to 1 draft service next years draft UK could have

    Andrew Harrison
    Aaron Harrison
    Karl Towns

    all in the first round with

    Poythress and Lee boarderline 1st round…

    What if we friggin had 6 in the first round!

  17. Mary

    Maybe the lab in Owensboro that manufactured the Ebola drug can make something to help Ryan’s unusual odor…

  18. Paducah Patty

    This will prepare the new guys for the pros. How many of the drafted players start their first year?

  19. ukjonny9

    And we get to watch them play in the Bahamas on Direct TV!

  20. CatMan Corrothers

    With the SEC Network starting up and Insight carrying it, will there be any games on ESPNU this year?

    1. Paducah Patty

      The first two Bahamas games are on ESPNU, I think.

  21. KevinM


    Is there potential that in 2-3 years, all of these guys get a few minutes in the NBA? This is as deep a team as you will ever see as long as the OAD is in place.

  22. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    I think it’s great that Coach K is coaching Team USA right now because while Cal is getting practice time and actual games with his players and Coach K wont even meet his team for another few weeks.

    I like having that edge

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      A lot of folks have speculated that this has had something to do with some of Duke’s early March exits in the past. I don’t know if it’s valid, but who knows?

  23. The Hoff

    The SEC network will not be live on Time Warner until August 14th. Can anyone confirm?

    1. Duke Mantee

      Since there will be no SEC Network until Aug 14, it makes sense it won’t be on TW or anywhere else until that date.

  24. BackdoorSlider

    Who is going to be doing the Indiana games when they travel to Canada next week? I wonder if Todd Leary can get a work release from prison to do the games?

  25. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    I love being able to watch Kentucky Basketball in the summer!

  26. big jim

    WHY CANT YOU TALK ABOUT FOOTBALL??? first 30 minutes NADA damn word of football practice.

  27. Bucky Small Hooves

    It’s nice to have players coming back that have dealt with the 40-0 talk. Now we can start the conversation even earlier this year.

  28. Ned Stark

    Ooooh….if we’re doing The Band today, you gotta play “The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down.”

  29. Paducah Patty

    It’s a woman with Ebola now.

  30. bleedblueky

    Morning Matt – Learned Women’s Clinic from Tyler’s post and so excited & clicked UK link to sign up but it said “SOLD OUT”; didn’t give up and called UK right away and I was told they sold out over 600 spots and they are all FULL 🙁

    1. Paducah Patty

      Same thing happened to me 🙁

  31. Chaz

    Ryan’s worried because shooting and free throws have been such a problem for Cal’s teams. If Aaron is consistent all year and Booker comes off the bench with a hot hand the paint will open up for the bigs. Alex can hit outside if he follows Patterson’s model and Town’s got a really nice touch. I’m not wasting time sweating shooting, but I hope with players going all out in practice the team gets to practice free throws in game situation instead of dead time shooting which isn’t the same thing.

  32. Paducah Patty

    No we will be talking about the Chick V virus that’s in the Caribbean.

  33. ktmiln2

    But they have a treatment for Ebola. Tobacco from Owensboro has a synthesized protein that was developed to treat ebola after exposure.

  34. Ole D-White

    What’s the Kentucky Depertment of Fish and Wildlifes official stance on Ebola?????

  35. stillHere

    Matt – all of these reasonable opinions about ebola will get you kicked off of 630. This radio station is reserved maniacal screaming. Please stop.

  36. Gracie

    The cool part of the story on ebola is the serum they’ve been given that had never been tested on humans.

  37. Bucky Small Hooves

    Sounds like as of today, more people in the US have Ebola than the Big Ten Network.

  38. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    I’ve been to some nightclubs in Atlanta and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t all that sanitary

  39. Hands

    If I wanted to hear Ebola talk, I’d tune into a different station.

    Matt, you’re a lawyer, not a doctor.

    Talk football, we are a month away from the season.

    1. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

      So he should talk about Law?

  40. Kenmo

    If the ebola patients are going to the CDC in Atlanta…..they are in trouble. Don’t they know it blew up in the first season of the Walking Dead??

  41. inlinefor9

    Can we give Towns the nickname of Demarcus

  42. NashBlue

    There is no Ebola outbreak in the Bahamas – no worries!

  43. ebolaworldwide

    Matt- Keep in mind, “The Walking Dead” started in Atlanta with a virus. The Ebola patients are being treated in Atlanta. Maybe Ryan is on to something here.

  44. UK_JB

    I think Ryan’s T-Shots will help him if he catches something.

  45. Dubbya

    Nothing will happen, but to the pandemic theorist’s credit, if you wanted to start a global pandemic, Atlanta is home to the worlds largest airport.

  46. Nothing Much...Nothing Much is Up

    Top 3 strangest calls:
    1. The guy in Waddy.
    2. The guy that may have died online.
    3. The guy calling from the 1950’s.

  47. John Robic's Hair

    The “star star” of this year’s team will be my hair!

  48. Walsh is Gay

    Matt, I live in Atlanta and actually only about a mile from the CDC. Aside from all the UGA fans and folks who don’t know what a basketball is, we’re all fine and Ebola-free.

  49. Sebastian

    Matt have you seen this News Station that went into a house that was allegedly haunted and caught some ghost activity on camera?

  50. Wait...

    They said we don’t have a “star” player that can score whenever, Davis didn’t score against Kansas until the end of the game but we can all agree he was our star and it all worked out pretty good for us lol.

  51. ukjonny9

    Did you make a tour stop in Ebola?

  52. Dubbya

    $7.25 I think.

  53. Champ

    I may have to watch the show thread now that matt has mentioned the minimum wage…bring on the ridiculous political comments!!! 🙂

  54. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    BEST Kentucky Joe call EVER!!!

  55. Gracie

    Matt — FYI – KSU pres Burse was once a partner at Wyatt , Tarrant

  56. Clem22

    Todays show is reminding me of the great Seinfeld Bubble Boy episode. You guys could do a remote from Atlanta with the Ebola Bubble Boy and Ryan would be George driving 120 mph and losing Matt (Jerry) trying to make good time to get to Atlanta!

  57. BigBlueMan

    Raymond Burse, another great athlete out of Hoptown!

  58. Chaz

    Do you think Matt would still walk if Kentucky Joe was the third caller who was not there?

  59. AbbeyNormal

    Question: may have already been discussed but I am on lockdown at work. When do Big Blue Madness tickets go on sale?? Thanks

  60. Josephi Verbum

    The Chik-V virus is in Kentucky. No more of a chance down there for you.

  61. big jim

    this is dajavu I heard the same stuff last year. HOW GREAT WE ARE. 40-0 AGAIN SAME SONG DIFFERENT VERSE. WE HAVE OTHER SPORTS

  62. Travis Roberts

    This is the same CDC that forgot they stored live Anthrax in a utility closet for 50 years. I trust them as much as I trust Ryan to be my DD.

  63. Gracie

    If you like The Band watch the documentary about the drummer “Ain’t In It for My Heath: A Film About Levon Helm” on Netflix. It’s pretty good.

  64. Bucky Small Hooves

    Sounds like the Chix-V virus is going to lead to another automated phone call from the STD clinic to a member of the KSR crew after the Bahamas trip.

  65. Joe

    I’m with Ryan, we’re told not to worry but trusting the government when it comes to this stuff if like believing a child with chocolate on his hands and face that he wasn’t in the cookie jar. If it was just the one person or maybe another they could’ve been treated over there, they didn’t need to bring them here.

  66. Robert

    I’m not questioning the KSU president’s intentions. It’s a good move – especially for the employees who will benefit from it. But I will question the math. He’s diverting $90,000.00 of his salary to minimum wage employees. Assuming they’re full time employess (2,000 hrs per year) and they’re getting $3.00 more per hour – that’s $6,000.00 for each minimum wage worker. $90,000.00 then, would cover 15 employees. I may be wrong, but I would expect KSU to have more than 15 minimum wage workers.

    1. Travis ruins KSR everyday

      You stole this from Reddit. It is a very small school.

    2. Robert

      I didn’t steal anything from Reddit – I can do basic math.

  67. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Someone tell Drew that the Bengals have not been bad the last few years like he said on Twitter. In fact, our defense has been NAILS. Yeah, we’ve stunk it up in the playoffs cuz Bad Andy showed up instead of Good (regular season) Andy, but we’ve MADE the playoffs 3 years in a row. If Good Andy could show up in the post season, who knows with all the weapons he has?

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Oh, and the offense has been REALLY good when Good Andy shows up. Hue Jackson is going to run the ball more than Jay Gruden did, so we’ll see if less pressure on Dalton to throw all the time helps him with his decision making.

    2. Bullitt County UK and Bengals fan

      This is the Bengal’s year! Andy got that contract so he knows he gots to step it up. Our Defense is always great and with our new O coordinator we will run the football a lot and we have great backs

  68. Chris from Paducah

    PLEASE again emphasize to people that these games in the Bahamas are EXHIBITION games and they will be playing against GROWN MEN. If we get beat, it’s ok. It’s a great chance for these guys to practice and try different line ups.

  69. Bob Ed Thom

    So All the Players are going to the Bahamas.

    But Will They All Appreciate it??

  70. Paducah Patty

    Speaking of Barbie, did you see the guy who has spent thousands of dollars to look like Ken.

    1. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

      I did, and the best part is that he doesn’t look like Ken

  71. Mash Davis

    Hey Matt, the Chick V virus has many similiar symptoms to the flu, but so does Ebola. You may want to keep that in mind.

  72. MrDCJones

    Should we be more worried about Contracting Ebola while in Atlanta, the chik-v virus in the Bahamas, or something while at Papa Johns Stadium?

  73. Gracie

    Jeez Matt — not being “connected to a public water system” is different from “not having running water”. Way to spread misinformation. … “234,000 people – who are not connected to a public water system.”

    Read more here:

    1. Gracie

      and that is 5% of Kentucky’s population, whereas the U.S. Geological Survey estimates that 14% of the US relies on wells, etc

  74. Michael H

    Ha, During commercial break. 13 cases of the Chick-v virus now reported in Kentucky. All people have visited the Caribbean.

  75. Edd

    Not to go into any details, but I’m 10 lbs. lighter after the commercial break.

  76. Dubbya

    Chick-V is pretty much the swine flu, everyone freaks out about it, but it’s basically just the flu.

  77. Scott

    There are 200,000 UL fans without… well nevermind, there aren’t 200,000 UL fans

  78. Walsh is Gay

    Matt your football ignorance is showing again… those are elementary football terms! C’mon, man!

  79. Scott

    Per Coach Stoops… overall the team looked lighter on their feet today at practice.. on a side note there is a major plumbing issue in the UK locker room as well

  80. Blue To The Bone...

    Matt…Next year maybe you should go to the WOMEN’S CLINIC and learn some fb with the women…

  81. Wildlife Mgmt

    We hear there are lots of Chick-V infected mosquitos down at Cripple Creek… beware

  82. Kelkat

    Hey Matt…who is penciled in at the Buck LB ?

  83. Jay

    Think of Will/Sam/Mike as the same reason the military uses the phonetic alphabet, it’s easier to understand while you’re wearing a helmet on a field surrounded by a screaming fan base.

  84. Bill curry

    Offenses use Sam mike and will to point out blitzes and stunts- easier to say mike is blitzing or Sam is blitzing. Also if they want to run a specific play they may want to have a guy match up on a specific line backer.

  85. Jax Teller

    Will, Mike, and Sam is the equivalent to saying he plays the 2, 3, or 4 in basketball.

  86. Bucky Small Hooves

    My basketball coach always used insider lingo – he referred to me as the Weak Point Guard no matter where I was on the court.

  87. Bill curry

    They also say peter when they want everyone to run away from an uncatchable punt- so it won’t hit a player accidentally

  88. Paducah Patty

    If it was Petrino it would be shaped like a phallic symbol.

  89. inlinefor9

    Of all the stupid violiations, that one certainly takes the CAKE! #PUNS

  90. Houndstooth

    Ryan is the strong co host- so strong I can smell him in somerset.

    1. Houndstooth

      That would make him the Mike co host?

  91. Chris from Paducah


  92. Daddy Jorge

    Well Water can come out of the tap (cistern)

  93. ktmiln2

    They do have running water Matt. You have pumps that pull it from the well/cistern and take it to the house

  94. Paducah Patty

    Poop happens! What’s the big deal!!

  95. Are You Kidding Me

    I know people in mansions with cisterns. Your own wells have pumps. You are nuts.

  96. Gracie

    Well water can come into homes.

  97. adam

    We had a well growing up that was hooked up to our house. We had running water all of the time. We had to have water delivered. Just because people don’t have city water doesn’t mean they don’t have running water.

  98. therealbigjon

    I don’t think Matt understands how well’s work.

  99. Gracie

    Matt needs some water education.

  100. UKJon In Knoxville

    Crap, Matt’s about to play country music, thanks for the warning!

  101. Paducah Patty

    Maybe he has a poop tooth and that’s what he’s talking about.

  102. Sligo Rick

    Well water comes from the tap as well Matt. No one is pumping water into buckets and bringing it in their home. They have well pumps that bring the water from cisterns and wells.

  103. Gracie

    And only 5% of KY is not on public water it’s 14% nationally.

  104. UK_JB

    I hope he has running water!

  105. Dubbya

    Well water doesn’t mean you have to go out to the old well and lower a bucket down to fill the wash tub. Wells are a lot more advanced you can have a house with fully pressurized running water from a well. Come on Matt.

  106. Are You Kidding Me

    Matt is dumb as a brick about simple life issues.

  107. Gracie

    And alot of those homes not only public water are in remote locations — there are many reasons why it might not make sense to run public lines.

  108. Duh

    Rupp was fired. Forced retirement many years after the mandatory retirement age.

  109. Bucky Small Hooves

    Ever since I got running water, I lose 2-3 lbs every morning when I wake up.

  110. UKJon In Knoxville

    My bad, Matt was only talking about poop. So much better than listening to country music.

  111. Edd

    This water study sounds like a stereotypical attack on Kentucky.

  112. Hollahollaholla

    REALBluegrass – that was really rude for Matt to cut you off a minute ago.

  113. Willie

    The Lobsters… so many lobs it ain’t funny

  114. Paducah Patty

    Wouldn’t it be based on the value. Like > 500 would be a certain sentence.

  115. Dubbya

    $4,000 is a felony

  116. Edd

    Sometime we recover the stolen egg salad recipes. I wouldn’t hold out much hope for Creedence though.

  117. MattP

    Ahh.. Matt! Again. facts are optional! That Egg Salad recipe is a hoax!

    1. Gracie

      Haha — this whole show is full of misinformation

  118. Dubbya

    The entire city of Murray runs on well water.

  119. Gracie

    Thank goodness for the municipal water dude for setting things straight.

  120. MattP

    Many Many MANY people in KY don’t have city water! If you live in the rural areas in KY it is much more cost efficient to use cistern. well, or spring water. Not a lot of people that live 500-1000 feet off of the road want to run the water line that far.

  121. Paducah Patty

    I bet the teen Jeopardy contestants know about wells and cisterns.

  122. realme

    I’m no longer sure Ryan is the dumb one.

  123. jdub

    BREAKING NEWS: Police called out to John Calipari’s house. Someone has stolen Mrs. Calipari’s brownie recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. inlinefor9

    I’ll remember more from Drunk History on Comedy Central than I will ever be able to recall from grade school history classes.

  125. Edd

    When I occasionally get the report of what’s in my city water, I wish I didn’t have running city water.

  126. Bullitt County UK fan

    I got a cistern and I got running water to our house.

  127. Paducah Patty

    Nova is still on and POV

  128. Mo

    How can Matt be from Bell County and not know about well water?

  129. Paducah Patty

    Gee Matt it almost sounded like you were not reading that.

  130. BackdoorSlider

    How about 3-2-1 Contact??? Best thing on PBS when I was a kid.

  131. Pointless Topics

    You can stop talking about me now….

    You didn’t even touch on the football practice, just on the “poop” comment. Which wasn’t even that funny to begin with.

  132. Micki DeMoss's Mustache

    The Band’s best song, IMO is “Twilight”, the Early Alternate Version. Have to dig it up on youtube but worth the listen.

  133. Duh

    Wait until Matt and Ryan learn that some people have septic systems and not on city sewers.

    1. MattP

      LOL! I didn’t even think about that! I wonder if they even know what a septic system is!

  134. houndstooth

    I think Matt is the Will co host today after the comments on water.

  135. BigBlueMan

    DownTON, not DownTOWN. Plus the best show on PBS – SHERLOCK!

  136. andrew

    Downton Abbey…. not Downtown Abbey

  137. Johnny M

    you all could also talk about the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wild Life facts on KET

  138. MattP

    EGG SALAD STORY is a HOAX!!!!!

  139. Paducah Patty

    So next time a team tell us we’re full of sh#t we can say NO we’re not!!

  140. Dumps McGee

    What I took away from the football talk today…

    The team poops, a lot.

  141. Gus Chiggins

    I’m on Harry’s but can’t find where to type in “Jones”? Help?

  142. houndstooth

    Maybe we could get Mayor gray to raise all the water to the surface like he was going to do in Lexington and we would have running water everywhere in Kentucky.

  143. Duh

    How many years old is that Jeff Ruby picture?

  144. Edd

    The UK football team pooped at Jeff Ruby’s.

  145. houndstooth

    Jeff Ruby’s installed running water to make it 199999 in Kentucky without running water- unfortunately it was installed wrong and is sinking into the ohio.

  146. Kyle

    They were going to rebuild the floating restaurant on dry land.

    From the story:

    In March 2011, the restaurant became partially unmoored from its spot at Pete Rose Pier and drifted about 100 feet downriver with 84 diners on board. It has been closed ever since.

    In February, after being towed to the Covington Landing spot, it was hit by a huge chunk of ice, broke free and came to rest against a trestle of the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge, with maintenance worker Steve Poe aboard. It was then towed downriver to Hebron.

  147. Paducah Patty

    I learned something today! The local media are people. #KSRdispensesknowledge.
    PS I also learned you mine for iron in Siberia.

  148. Travis

    Why I love KSR: The first topic I heard when I tuned-in was about the theft of an egg salad recipe while The Band played in the background.

  149. Jax Teller

    The Waterfront restaurant has had an interesting few years. It broke free from the dock and hit the bridge a few years back (been closed ever since), last winter it broke free again so they moved it down river to where it is now, and now it’s sinking into the river.

  150. Paducah Patty

    WAH WAH!!!

  151. Paducah Patty

    If a wildcat poops in the woods and no one is there to smell it, did it happen?

  152. Name Game

    left to right: Marcus Lee, Derek Willis, One of the Harrisons, Alex Poytheress, Dakari Johnson, Dominique Hawkins, Devin Booker, The other Harrison Brother, Tyler Ulis, Karl Towns, Trey Lyles, Willie Cauley-Stein. Where are the walk-ons? (Lanter, Malone, the other guy that never plays in games, ect)

  153. Truth

    Did anyone notice we’re playing in the Bahamas in SUMMER??? Thought I’d throw that out there. I’ll hang up and listen.