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Scratch directs traffic in Brad Paisley’s new music video

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 4.02.39 PM

Brad Paisley has a bizarre new music video with mascots from around the SEC and other parts of the country, including Oregon, for some reason. Most of the “Country Nation” video was filmed inside Vanderbilt Stadium, but Kentucky’s own Scratch is seen directing traffic midway through.

Scratch reappears near the end when a Paisley mascot lunges for a touchdown. It went in the books as a score but I think Scratch got the goal line stop.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 4.05.49 PM

Has the extra point been kicked? Can we throw a challenge flag here?

Anyway, here’s the video…

Article written by Drew Franklin

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21 responses to “Scratch directs traffic in Brad Paisley’s new music video”

  1. Great American

    Why did they use the “secondary” mascot instead of the actual Wildcat?

    1. Chuck Norris

      “Brad Paisley has a bizarre new music video”

      I feel like Brad Paisley’s success is much more bizarre.

  2. L

    Love the real kitty in the baby buggy with the tiger.

  3. Z-Rex

    My gosh that half-Tennessee/ half-West Virginia jersey should be next to the word atrocity in the dictionary.

  4. novalsi

    I love Kentucky. I love the University of Kentucky. I love a lot of things.

    But I HATE Scratch. I hate Scratch the same way I hate diarrhea on the day I have a job interview.

    So he’s pretty much perfect for a Brad Paisley video.

    1. Chuck Norris

      Scratch is so hip and cool, just look at that backward’s hat! He’s definitely not your grandaddy’s University of Kentucky Wildcat. Joking of course, he sucks.

    2. UKgalinTN

      How in the world can you hate Scratch, that is just wrong! LOVE SCRATCH

  5. J-Dub421

    Every trailor trash will be blasting this song for the next six months

    1. J-Dub421

      Seriously, stop using my screen name.

    2. Dude

      Let’s see – can’t spell (trailor lmao!!) and lacking punctuation and proper grammar. Typical Tardanese.

      I bet he really thought he was fooling someone. Haaaaa.

      Louisville trolls: The gifts that keep on giving.

    3. Dude

      ….or it’s a 12 yr. old kid who’s bored.

      I’m gonna go with 12 yr. old. At least I hope so.

    4. novalsi

      Real J-Dub, sign up for Gravatar. Picture makes it better. Like when people post as Matt or Drew.

  6. walter

    That was awful.

  7. Matthew Caudill

    Remember, Brad Paisley trash talked UK before we played West Virginia last year. This was most likely a ploy used to sell tickets to future shows held in Kentucky. I for one, am not a fan!

  8. Ex-Scratch

    As an ex-Scratch I must address the hate! Scratch is the mascot that is less likely to freak out younger kids. He is the official mascot of the Junior Wildcat Club. The Wildcat is terrifying for kids! Trust me…saw it first hand.

    My guess is that the two Wildcats were unavailable (remember there are people inside of those suits) to go to Nashville and so Scratch went. Also, almost all of the students/mascots at UK are new…if not all of them!

  9. kyle

    He’s obviously trying to get ESPN college football gameday to kick Big & Rich “Coming to your city” to the curb and make this the intro song.

  10. Hal Daddy

    Love Scratch or hate Scratch, he clearly makes the goal one stand!!! The ball never broke the plain!!! Go Cats

    1. Hal Daddy


    2. Just Say'n

      Broke the ‘plain’; seriously?

  11. Just Sayin'

    Wow . . . well now . . . that was SOMETHING . . . horrendous.