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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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14 responses to “Scottie Barnes focusing on four schools (including Kentucky), expected to sign in November”

  1. AirForceOne

    Seriously….how is Oregon getting in on these major recruits?? If Kentucky, Duke, etal. are offering you, it’s a no brainer.

    1. nocode96

      Oregon is a good school. They get the latest Nike stuff, it’s in the Pac12 where anyone can win now in any given year, and Oregon is just a beautiful place physically. Aside from that, it’s no knock on whoever coached them, but whoever it is isn’t Cal or K. The pressure if playing for us, or duke isn’t something every kid wants, and that’s at least understandable. There’s also the element of going to the underdog and getting to be their best guy. It’s also not as if Iregon, Washington, or both aren’t on many of these kids’ list anyway, they ain’t DePaul or or Vermont University.

    2. WKY Cat

      If he wants to be a one and done like he claims why even consider Oregon? It won’t happen playing for the Ducks.

    3. mashburnfan1

      WKY….it can happen at Oregon and btw it did to a guy that even got hurt early in his FR season. You people act like everyone has to play for Cal to be a one and done. Well many many players go one and done, one even from Vandy last year went ahead of every Cal player and he only played a few games for Vandy, damn that Vandy coach can prepare kids in 5 or 6 games so everyone should go there I guess It matters not where you go, if you good enough you will get drafted. There was even a kid last year that went 1st round that skipped college ball all together, did not play anywhere but worked for a shoe company.

    4. StuckinLville

      No they dont have to. But track record proves Cal’s guys have more success. Can’t argue with statistics.

    5. Cletis75

      Mashburnfan1, are you serious? Kid was a top 5 recruit and was selected 44th overall, no guaranteed money. If that sounds like Oregon improved his draft stock to you, you’re a lot more igno…., nevermind, just be you!

    6. 4everUKblue

      Ignore mashbum, he’s a fraud, a liar and a spin doctor. He hates Cal and will say anything to try to make a point but he has no point, he’s just a lying @sswipe.

  2. AirForceOne

    We will not be a hat on the table. I look for Kentucky to withdraw on this one.

    1. Cletis75

      I am thinking maybe he’s taking notice of the class Cal is putting together. Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part, but sometimes young men see something special coming together and want to be a part of it. Maybe Cal is selling him on he and Cade continuing to play together at the next level.

  3. mashman 93

    Is this the hat on the table scenario? I’m really confused by this one Jack. Thanks for the update man. GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  4. JASUN74

    Great post Notfromhere. I agree with everything you said. Oregon is a beautiful place and also the home and birth place of Nike!! It’s definitely one of the best places any kid could go spend a year or two on campus. Saying that, of course they don’t have the tradition as a place like Kentucky, UNC or Duke in Basketball, but they do have a great athletic program and they really take care of their players. Still, it’s hard to understand going anywhere else if Coach Cal really wants you and puts a lot of time into recruiting you.

    Scotty Barnes will be a stud from day one wherever he ends up and give whoever it is a legitimate chance to win every game. I really hope he ends up here because this kid is nonstop all game and plays with a ton of heart!! I’m sure this can be said a few times every year about a couple of kids, but he really could be the difference in a top five team or the hands down best team. Ohh, to answer to other guys, no, this is not a hat on the table deal. He really doesn’t care about all that stuff and it’s pretty obvious when you hear him talk about his recruitment. Thanks guys.

    1. mashman 93

      Adding to what you said, Dana Altman is a good coach and has had Oregon in the final four once and close another time I believe.

  5. Headhurts

    Yeah, because the NBA is full of Oregon players, has Oregon ever won a title in anything besides canoeing.

  6. CrystalBall

    Will probably go to Miami or Florida St.