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Saturday Morning Links


Kentucky’s team is not built to run half court sets on either side of the ball, so playing at a faster pace could be beneficial for the team.


Old problems continue to resurface for Kentucky as well as new ones as the calendar turns over to March

5 Burning Questions From The SEC: Stoops has given long-suffering Kentucky football fans hope, and next year’s schedule provides the ‘Cats an opportunity to advance up the SEC ranks

The Kentucky Softball team improved their record to 14-2 on the season after taking down Butler 9-7 in UK’s home opener yesterday

Kentucky Baseball uses bats effectively in route to a 8-3 win over Eastern Michigan

Article written by Will Totten

Born in Indiana and raised in Louisville, I am the unlikeliest UK fan.

27 responses to “Saturday Morning Links”

  1. bung

    nice link on faster pace for the Cats…against Ga. we had 20 fast break points and 16 assists and won by 25…seems like we only occasionally try to run and make assists anymore…also we need a play to get the ball to the big guys on the possessions where we have to play half court…

  2. Evan

    Is this the most overrated recruiting class in the history of college basketball? So far they have failed to meet expectations at an epic level. 40-0? UK may not make it to 25 wins!

  3. bung

    when our starters are tired or ineffective I hope we will use more bench…rebound and run….

    1. Hooter

      Don’t hold your breath on playing the bench. I agree that the bench should have been utilized more this season. It’s too late now. The bench guys haven’t had enough real game experience. They are further behind then they should be. Just my opinion. If one of the guys off the bench makes one mistake, their done for the game. They play timid because of that reason.

  4. Nba exec

    Given the track record of some of his pros, there is a debate about the extent to which Calipari is developing his players at Kentucky, as opposed to just riding their talent in the college ranks.

    One current NBA exec said: “The Calparis of the world would actually have to develop players after they recruited them so players may take coaching more into consideration than just superficial reasons when choosing a college.”

    Asked if he thought Calipari was developing players, the exec answered rhetorically, “Ask Alex Poythress

    1. lonnieb

      The track record of his pros??? T evans, Rose, wall, cousins, bledsoe, patterson, B knight, T jones, A davis and thats just the last few years. and a few guys like jorts, harrellson, and d miller would never be in the league without cal. Confused. I think he def prepares them for the pros almost to a fault. He puts them in position to better themselves sometimes over whats best for the team. How can peole question his ability to get players ready for the league. WOW

      The problem is we get guys like poythress (who by the way plays harder than anyone on the team) who dont immediately live up the hype and we talk bad about them. If he had of lived up to hype he would be in NBA. Then the fans would be saying he should of came back. We have the biggest bandwagon/disappointing fan base ever. Cal in 5 years accomplished as much as pitino did in 10 and people are questioning his methods. Last year was a bad year with a weak high school senior class. This year we have struggled more than anyone thought; however have lost 6 games by a total of like 14/15 points. ITs not like we are just getting worked everytime we play. something IS missing, not sure what it is but let the season play out and see what happens. In reality depending on the seeding who knows what could happen.

    2. UK Freshmen

      You’re making his point, Lonnie. With that list of players, our record should be much better over the years. Wake up. Take off the blue lens and expect more.

    3. lonnieb

      Expect more? no program has had more success than uk since he has been there. 30 losses in 5 seasons is not bad. You missed the part about harrelson, jorts, miller, and even patterson as players that he prepared significantly for the nba. Patterson would have been drafted regardless. The others had no chance without Cal. Lets bash Pitino is we are talking about someone who does not prepare players. He forms them in his college system and does nothing to prepare them for the next level. Other than Dieng who had a relentless voluntary work ethic name someone who improved under pitino at UL. Or any UL player with success in the pros


    Matt told us this could happen. If y’all would have listened instead of screaming 40-0. I can see us winning every game from here but would surprise me if we lost to Florida and then went on a run to #9. GET OUT TROLLS WE GOT THIS

  6. Harper Jones

    South Carolina game is a season changing game. If we win, we are back on the list of five teams who can win it all. If we lose, Alabama game becomes season changing

  7. barn

    nba exec: interesting ‘quote’. who said it? what is his name?

  8. Hendo Blue

    Cal is constantly after them to push the pace and when they do it ends up with the twins and Young throwing up some kind of weak junk hoping for a foul call, only to miss the free throws. As bad as we played offensively against the Hogs, I was encouraged by our defense, for the biggest part of the second half. It was the best man defense we have played this year. Pushing the ball on the fast break needs to start at the defensive end with steals and deflections. In the half court how about getting the ball to WCS or kicking to an open shooter? We have had some games where we shot the ball well and it just takes a couple to go down to get some confidence going. The dribble drive against the Hogs was a total failure. March Madness starts today!

  9. stevem

    It is laughable how folks continue to describe nearly every next game on the schedule as “season changing”; as if the true character of the team has yet to be determined. The LSU near-loss was defined as the “moment” when things turned around. Wake up fans. This season has been long been defined….just waiting for it to end.

  10. Doc

    the problem with the Kentucky team is the difficulty of player’s recognizing and correcting weaknesses. This team is terrible in regards to running a set offense, they look lost. We can see how they really miss a Marcus Teague as we are lacking a true point for the dribble drive( who needs to be a scorer,shooter and good at free throws). A good tournament team is always a good free-throw shooting team.
    Irregardless, we are close with a talented group. If we had Andrew Wiggins I think we would be better than Kansas and have more confidence which is needed to win as well. At the end of the day, we have to have more moxie, and a much stronger drive and will to destroy the other team. We basically have no fight. ( We now slap the floor once or twice and got pushed around by Arkansas like we are scared of them. When I think back at Kentucky teams that won , besides the talent they had a fight and confidence about themselves. That’s why this game was like the LSU game, we quit with the lead and that’s why we fans say we don’t have heart.

  11. Bubba Earl

    Mr. Poythress has been given a multitude of opportunities to establish himself on this team. There are some athletes that can’t find the intestinal fortitude to reach their particular level of ability. It could be he may be gun shy due to watching Mr. Noel injure himself ala (Mr. Clowney of USC) I firmly believe his mental toughness is to question and if he chooses not to reach further, he can always fall back on his academics, which are outstanding.

  12. Matt Jones

    Had to take Drew Franklin to a proctologist. That fool somehow stuck a Doritos Locos Taco up his rectum. Should be okay, but can’t sit for a while

  13. Butt Cut

    Look Matt….right now no one gives a shit about your stupid pictures your lame stories or anything like that. Your an over weight horrible writer and a pitiful excuse for a BBN fan. Do everyone a favor and put a bullet in your head !


      Matt is awesome. You can gtfo

  14. Bobbum man

    Our team is built to drive and draw fouls… That’s what they’re best at…. Only thing is it only works when u actually make the free throws…….

  15. BBN

    Here’s my thought for season changing game – how bout when they go in as a 7 or 8 seed and lose their first game. I think this team could go on a run to #9. News flash – it takes six consecutive wins to do that, and this team hasn’t put together a six game winning streak all year. Want to see all those eternal optimists after first weekend of the NCAA tournament is over and cats are back home. Will they consider that a success – we were one of the best 32 or 64 teams in the country. It’s time for the coach to stick a cattle prod up some of their butts and get results. He’s paid 5 million dollars, more than any other collegiate basketball coach, to get results. I bet if his pay was equivalent to their ranking we might see better results!

    1. lonnieb

      We are a top 20 team. We have only been ranked out of the top 20 for 8 weeks since he has been our coach with 2 final fours and a title in 5 years after taking over a complete debacle. What kind of results you looking for?

    2. lonnieb

      I forgot…
      Cal and the players dont understand what it means to have kentucky across their chest. They dont appreciate everything that comes with being on the uk basketball team. They owe it to “Us” the fans to play better so we can watch games in the tourney with our friends in the baement. Its not about their lives and what is best for them. Im tired of this players first crap. Lets get a coach like IZZO who has 3/4 year guys who understand what it means to play for the program (and not win anything. EVER) and we can get to support and know on a different level. Thats what I want….

  16. UK Freshmen

    Now we have proof that Cal can’t game coach. When he reveals that it’s the players fault that they didn’t substitute themselves, what the heck? Our team may be over-rated, but we have Coach Harold Hill.

  17. playersfan

    KY does not have an offense, they do not get/take good shots. The offense is drive into a pack of defenders throw up a prayer, hope you get fouled, somebody rebounds, or some mysterious force will bounce it in the basket.
    No other Cal team has played this way, is it because of last year, or is it because this team can’t shoot. We were told before the season they were great shooters, but we haven’t seen enough good shots, all season to know, they play boring basketball, boring for the players, boring for the fans, stop the game shoot free throws, run down the floor on defense offense again stop the game shoot free throws. etc. It’s worse then Tubby ball, which is pretty much at the bottom, and then they lose to the bottom of the SEC.

  18. Big Blue Daddy

    We are what we are… Cal isn’t going to change… If last year didn’t humble him, then maybe this year will? Fat chance… He’s done a great job overall, but the last two seasons have been like late Tubby era teams… Don’t improve from day 1… Time to alter the plan

  19. Pistol Pete

    This is the worst passing team in the history of basketball. The strength of our team is our inside players but those guys only get the ball by offensive rebounding.Our 3 starting guards couldn’t pass gas.

  20. T25Guy

    What Cal has done in the past four years is just that in the past. Now, I’m not ignoring what accomplishments we have achieved, but I’ve yet to see any stretch of basketball this season which suggest we can make a deep tournament run. While most fans are thankful for our past achievements, that has no correlation to what is transpiring now. Anthony Davis and MKG are not walking thru that door so Cal has to to find a way to succeed with what he has now. Furthermore, it isn’t as simple as saying the team needs to fight more and get loose balls. We need to execute accordingly in game situations and play better fundamentally. Sad part is most of those things we should already be doing second nature from repetitions in practice.