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Saturday Morning Links

Welp, Tom Izzo was supposed to be shot out of a cannon, and he didn’t disappoint. Oh wait, that was a stunt double. Then in fact he did disappoint and is trying to deceive us all. Shame on you Coach Izzo.

On to the links:

– According to AP, Izzo and the Spartans are going to be tested early against Kentucky. You don’t say..

– Kyle Tucker shares his thoughts on last night’s “Bigger Blue Madness” festivities.

– Jerry Tipton, Fox News, had a night on Twitter that was the stuff of Kentucky Sports Radio legend as one of the best ever. Kudos to you Jerry, and here’s his thoughts on Big Blue Madness “rocking the senses.” Oh Jerry-pretty sure he thought he’d wandered into a Pink Floyd concert instead of BBM. Bet he’s a Dark Side of the Moon fan.

– Jason King of ESPN was in the house for Madness, and he wrote about the hype surrounding the freshmen recruiting class and how Coach Cal “hopes they’re right” to be doing so. Cal likes his team.

– Here’s a quick video rundown from ESPN of Madness events around the country: Duke, Oklahoma State, UConn, Florida Gulf Coast (whaaaaaa,) and Michigan State are included with Kentucky in the Madness coverage. Oh, and ESPN thinks it’s a good idea to say “for realz.” Trust me, it’s not. 

– City League Hoops compiled a highlight video from the scrimmage. Of… Practice…


Now that’s just strange.

Memphis filled the Fed Ex Forum for Pastner again, despite no Drake and no Justin Timberlake on hand for the festivities, despite rumors to the contrary. The Kentucky Effect has plenty of pull, even in Tennessee. Shout out to my family and friends in Memphis–I know you’re still bitter we took your coach… Our bad. You can have Bruce Pearl?

– The Courier-Journal has a lovely video of the “giant, fire-breathing, rotating screen” at Big Blue Madness, in all its absurd glory.

– Kentucky Wildcats TV shared a 1:13 video that sums up the night rather succinctly, with Julius Randle saying “it’s nuts in there, it’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

– Our friends at KSTV shared a video of the entire BBM scrimmage with you, the fine people of the Internet who would like to relive a practice scrimmage.

Wesley Woodyard blogged about returning to practice with the Broncos and Von Miller’s return to the defense. Woodyard also said he’d like to coach someday when he’s done playing football. The BBN would welcome the Denver team captain back to Lexington at anytime in case you’re reading this Wesley (I really hope so..)

Louisville lost at home to Central Florida 38-35–on homecoming night. How devastating that must be for Cards fans, whose window of opportunity for making the BCS Championship with the weakest schedule in college football history (only a slight exaggeration..) has decidedly closed.

mitchell dance

Presley Blue, that’s your dad. Isn’t he the coolest?!

What a weekend.


Article written by Brennan English

Just give me all the bacon and eggs you have. @BrennanKSR

12 responses to “Saturday Morning Links”

  1. BBN

    What a great night? This team is going to be awesome. You can tell they have fun, but have a cut throat attitude that was lacking last year.

    Also, the trolls will surely be on here today. Just ignore them for they’re too stupid to know what they say, and we should have pity on them. One quick question though – when did it become acceptable to wear sleeveless shirts to games (looking at you cards fans)?

  2. ricky bobby

    All good in the BBN…..except for that link on the right side selling the championship floor for last year’s UofL’s championship. Get that off of here KSR!!

  3. Big Blue Mist

    Anybody else remember Louisville’s one and only midnight madness, in 2001?
    I think they had 212 people show up for the event, and several of those were the 3rd shift cleaning crew at the Kentucky International Convention Center.

    From Sports Illustrated, here is a synopsis of that evening:
    In Louisville, Pitino thrust his right fist into the air as he followed his new team onto the floor early Saturday morning.

    Freedom Hall was unavailable, so Louisville moved to a temporary court at the Kentucky International Convention Center.

    The event started with a video montage of Louisville basketball highlights, including a glimpse of former coach Denny Crum that drew polite applause. Pitino was hired in March, three weeks after Crum accepted a contract buyout that ended his 30-year tenure.

  4. BoomKentucky

    U needed one more link to Male beating Trinity. First time in over 10 years a public school beat Trinity.

  5. Thomas

    With Louisville getting beat by Central Florida (not a big college football name) can you guys re-interview the UK football coaches and get an update on how the team just went through an emotional and physical schedule of playing four top twenty teams in a row, but now UK football is regrouping for the next 6 games.

    Keeping drinking the Kool-Aid UK football BBN. I’ve said it before, UK is destined for 2-10 again this year. Allowing players to not get it done and keep playing them isn’t the answer. The new guys that came in this year just aren’t getting it done. Louisville losing to UCF puts it more into perspective.

  6. Al Becker

    There there Thomas, run along now mommy has your breakfast ready.

  7. btowncatfan

    5. Do a little research before making these statements. UCF isn’t a big name but they are having a very good year even before beating UL. One loss was to #12 team by 3 points. And UK will be fine with Stoops as coach. Freshmen aren’t getting it done? That is just a stupid statement.

  8. funKycat75

    Go on and watch that MSU clip. There are more than one cannons at the end.

  9. Bigcat4453

    #5 I agree with you. KY should pull their football program out of the SEC and join some poor conf like C-USA, or American whatever conf. We would win more games per season like your team does, right?

  10. Hal

    5-hahahhahahaahahaahaha. tighten up that troll game. that was terrible

  11. UofL>UKSECwinslast2yrs

    #9 and 10 shut up.

  12. bigbill992001

    Who in the world IS NOT a Dark Side of the Moon fan?