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Rod Winkler vs. The World

Mark Cornelison | The Herald-Leader

If you listened to Rod Winkler on this morning’s radio show, you know that Rod Winkler is a man like he a man and you a man like I’m a man and men are men like they are men, man. Or something like that. Winkler, who Mark Cornelison caught flexing up on Aaron Harrison after last night’s game, got defensive because Aaron got defensive first, he claimed. Winkler is from Little Rock and that’s what the people of Little Rock do, apparently.

When asked if he really wanted a piece of the much bigger Harrison, Winkler told KSR, “I don’t never look at nobody and say I don’t want a part of anything.”

So I made him a part of everything in tonight’s “Rod Winklers vs. The World”…







Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

69 responses to “Rod Winkler vs. The World”

  1. townah

    Well done Drew.

  2. jpg

    Drew, this is one of your best! The photoshop job is making me teary eyed. Too funny.

  3. Kristen Geil's Abs

    Someone please send a link to this to his twitter account.

  4. The Real Linda

    I don’t think he would stand up next to ALI, ALI is the greatest, Winkler is a punk. Aaron showed class, he never once clenched his fist. That idiot had them clenched the whole time. Good job, Drew.

  5. Joke

    Look at all that top notch security of 80 year olds they have to handle situations like that.

  6. Matt Jones


  7. wildthang

    very nice Drew…very nice

  8. binarysolo

    Pull up your pants, Rod, I don’t wanna see your Winkler. (That’s 2 euphemisms.)

  9. Will C.

    This is gold medal good! Only question left is…. Where will Winkler go next?

  10. Show

    I like how Aaron is actually sticking his face out to him daring him to swing.

  11. Fake Matt Harpoon Jones

    Drew this was really funny. Take tomorrow off!

  12. Gap Tooth Danny


  13. Impressed English gentleman

    Masterfully done. I love the comic relief of KSR.

  14. Michael

    Lol. I wonder what Winkler’s finishing move would be, a fart maybe?

    1. binarysolo


  15. BigBlueMan

    One of your best!

  16. Garrett

    Too funny XD

  17. Steve Tow

    He’s a turd.

  18. Silky Johnson

    Rod Winkler wouldn’t step to Jamal Magloire.

  19. The Fake Linda

    Looking at the first photo, I first thought Aaron had stopped off at a senior citizen center…but then I realized that was the Arkansas security squad.

  20. rainman

    Dudes got to have the smallest feet for a guy his height ever!
    What do you think, 5or6? And you know what they say about feet?
    Are you SURE, YOU A MAN?


    1. Steven McClain

      Dude those are Jordan hand me downs he’s wearing. They don’t fit him, his toes are rolled up.

  21. Gap Tooth Danny

    Enes Kanter is in full beast mode vs the Spurs tonight… makes me mad all over again

    1. GoCats2

      Better yet Terrence Jones playing great up against Anthony Davis and Darius Miller is getting some PT and putting up a nice stat line.

  22. Rob

    Rod either has the fastest hands in America or was the chump of his neighborhood. Dudes fighting stance is pitiful.

  23. Daniel


  24. Nato45

    Wow! Quality work

  25. CATdawg

    I think we need to get the play by play from one of the ushers! 🙂

  26. holler baller

    More questions from the baller than answers. Why is this jackass on the court? Why does Antigua look like he’s Dancing? What are all of those senior citizens going to do? They look like fans going to a bowl game. Finally as short as Ragin’ Rod is, how does Harrison even see him?????

  27. NBA

    The UnderKanter is doing work tonight!!


    You can tell when somebody can’t/really don’t wanna fight just by their stance. He’s ready to do that fat boy shuffle backwards to keep from getting his azz beat. Let him stick them lips out there in front of me….I’d slap his azz to sleep!

  29. BlueFins

    Yeah…Keenan Thompson is a real tough guy.

  30. Hysterically laughing

    This is hilarious!! Each pic just got funnier and funnier!! What is this little guy…5’3″? Lol…what a chump! Then again, those fans last night were the biggest rednecks ever! Good article Drew!!

  31. PaintForce

    Hilarious! I heard him on the show this morning. The guy is an asswaffle!

  32. UKBlue

    Little Rock or parts of Little Rock is slowly becoming the Compton of Arkansas with nothing but projects, gangs, and drug dealing wanna be’s. This idiot thinks he’s a gangster, but he’s too stupid to realize, he’s nothing more than the fat dumb kid everyone makes fun of that ends up having the #BBN making his life hell.

  33. Ramon

    Imagine if he woulda flexed up on Julius Randle. Winkler’d be in a fetal position

  34. Hilarious

    OMG, these are hilarious! Each pic made me laugh louder!! What is this little chump, 5’3″? Lol…he fit right in with those fans. They were the biggest bunch of rednecks I’ve seen. Good article Drew!

  35. Seamour Scuffler

    How did Petrino get so crossed up at Arkansas with that campus security force in place?

    1. Dick Pitino

      Petrino is why they started hiring only old ladies!

  36. Some Guy in Kentucky

    I hear Rod Winkler really said “please stop Mr. Harrison, I just peed my pants!”

  37. Patrick


  38. $1.75 Tacos?

    Great job Drew!

  39. bosshog

    Hilarious, great job Drew! Rob can use these photos for inspiration when he’s reached 400 lbs. and needs to channel the Eye of the Tiger at Weight Watchers.

  40. Hunter

    Look at the kid in the red hoodie behind Rod. He looks like he’s about to either shit his pants or about to witness the biggest ass kicking he has ever seen

  41. Settler of Catan

    Please do more of these when Arkansas comes to Rupp!

  42. the501keith

    This is too funny! I gotta post this on twitter for razorback nation to see! Great job

  43. prpcat

    Pathetic little man

  44. Beavis

    This post may be funny but there is a serious problem here. There will be some crazy in the crowd that will attack an opposing player or coach. Its going to happen. Already see to much of this nonsense in the NBA. If anyone in the SEC league office had a pair they tackle this issue now. Greater security on the floor,,,,big fines for schools that allow this sort of behavior,,,permanent ejections from events for the fans that exhibit this type of behavior. I know there is probably a small percentage of fans go after players and coaches after contests ( with the exception of Indiana ) but this has to stop before someone gets hurt bad.

    1. rahrah

      I agree with your point, Beavis. Especially with this taking place on the same night IU stormed the court once again. Someone is going to get hurt. Needs to stop now.

    2. C....A.....T.....S.....CATS!

      Beavis and rahrah….

      You BOTH are so correct.

      I am a little shocked to see all the BBN posters enjoying Drew Franklin’s “Photoshop” capabilities.

      I mean, I’ve come to expect this “childish picture play” from Drew Franklin, but I would have thought this episode would have brought out a more SERIOUS RESPONSE than smiles and giggles from BBN?

      Remember people,

      -had a punch been thrown, you would not be able to PHOTOSHOP that fiasco out of the newspapers…

      -had “stupid boy” broke Harrison’s jaw, you would not be able to PHOTOSHOP the stitched up mouth away…

      -had Harrison broke his hand trying to defend himself, you would not be able to PHOTOSHOP Harrison back in to UK’s lineup…

      -had other’s joined in to the brawl… you would not be able to PHOTOSHOP players suspensions, police reports and arrests, and poor publicity for future NBA prospects, away.

      laugh at it now… and give “unnecessary publicity” to this “stupid punk”… but Drew Franklin and most of you would have looked at this entirely different had seconds passed a little quicker.

      Wise up! We (BBN) have a lot more important topics to address then this Stupid Punk and his actions.

      On….On….U of K

    3. M

      C….A….T….S….CATS!: Everytime I read one of your comments it reminds me of Debbie Downer. KSR addressed the storming the court debate yesterday:
      It’s okay to have a sense of humor at times too especially if you say: Kentucky Sports Radio
      University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

    4. C....A....T....S....CATS!


      You are probably correct…. My “Sense Of Humor” is probably lacking.

      But I’m OK with that… and with anyone else… who does not let “juvenile humor” corrupt mature thinking.

      Especially when an Adult can look at the potential tragic outcome(s) of this “Rod Winkler” situation, address it in a mature manner, and not attempt to “cloud it over” with immature behavior.

      I’m sure had something very serious and tragic taken place before Cornelison arrived on the scene, you, and Matt Jones, would have been crying foul, talking in sympathetic tones, and done all you could to use the “tragic event” to show how “carrying and thoughtful” you both are. LOL…

      Lastly “M”… it’s NOT OK to have a “sense of humor”, when you are using a potentially serious, physically harmful, and potentially legal / criminal situation to promote your humor.

      But I would agree with you on one point you make: your subject matter, of which you choose to post about, is certainly ridiculous.

      ON…ON…U OF K!

  45. Big Curt



  46. SMH

    Is someone to the far right of the first picture actually clapping for him?

  47. SMH

    Also like how the old dude to the left never takes his hands out of his pockets.

  48. B-town Ball Boy

    Excellent!! Photoshop gold!!!!!

  49. DLK

    When I first saw the picture I thought some fat lady was flexing on Harrison. Thats a dude? Are you sure?

  50. Mean Randy

    Yes, Jamal Magloire. Dude would have fractured his face.

  51. Hash

    Get over here!

  52. rahrah

    Is there textspeak for laughed till I cried? Your best work ever, Drew! Hahaha, Little Winky.

  53. Ed H.

    Joe Louis had come out of retirement to fight Rod Winkler, the man was 76 years old. Joe Louis was always lying about his age. He lied about his age all the time. One time Frank Sinatra came inside here and sat in this chair. I said Frank ‘you hang out with Joe Louis, just between me and you, how old is Joe Louis?’ You know what Frank told me, he said “Hey, Joe Louis is 137 years old.” A hundred and thirty-seven years old!

  54. dj

    Gotta agree with beavis on this one. Funny yes. But fans shouldn’t be on the court under any circumstance. It’s inviting problems. Like the Ron Ortest deal several years ago. So what happens if this idiot swings at Aaron? Then what?

  55. classof68

    Solid work Drew. Just wish you had thrown Sponge Bob in there. Or maybe his buddy Patrick. Master Winkler sort of resembles Patrick don’t you think?

  56. KG

    What will happen, sooner or later, the little punk will find out that his testosterone level is some what lacking after someone bitch slaps him into oblivion and knocks his trousers down around his ankles..

  57. Plenty

    Pretty sure no one had to worry too much about this guy. He has probably never won a fight or even been in one for that matter if he keeps his hands down by his waist like that. What a loser.

  58. Al

    Awesome, thanks for the laugh, I needed that! My favorite is the Karate Kid stand off.

  59. Kathy Jones

    Great laugh – very creative and clever!

  60. NashCat

    He kind of reminds me of Thud Butt… one of the lost boys in the movie Hook.

  61. P.A.

    Razorback fan here and this is hilarious stuff….congrats….for all of you UK fans who have done nothing but complain about yet another loss at Bud Walton Arena, I suggest some type of numbing gel from the pharmacy because the ‘butt hurt’ still runs deep in Lexington…by the way, I love Keeneland race track, it is one of the great places to go in the Commonwealth…by the way, you’ll get your shot at redemption in late February when the Hogs visit Rupp