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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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16 responses to “RJ Hampton says he wants to play with another elite point guard, confirms interest in a jump to 2019”

  1. Matty Arbuckle

    Or Tre Jones perhaps….?

    1. TonyMontana

      Geez. Looks like Duke is gonna have Vernon Carey, Matthew Hurt, RJ Hampton, some other studs & Tre Jones. Not too mention Marques Bolden returning for his 9th season.

  2. Catcasey1

    Fn dook bound

    1. JT919

      Would love to get him to UK. The tools would all be there for a run and gun offense like Villanova’s title team’s. Maxey, Hampton, Brooks, Whitney and probably EJ? Lights out offensive potential.

    2. JT919

      First comment not directed at catcasey, but be more optimistic. Jones is good but not elite unless he develops a jump shot. Hampton won’t have the space he needs to operate without another backcourt threat, and Tre Jones ain’t it.

  3. mothandras

    From his comments about each School.. he sounds like a heavy Memphis lean to me.

  4. BigJohnC

    Maxey hagans quickley Hampton? Logjam?

    1. JT919

      Think it’d come down to getting Hagans to buy into a relatively limited role. Don’t think Quickley minds being a bench player. Could also happen that Cal decides to run out some 3 guard lineups for a little bit of hyper offense in certain situations.

  5. BamaBlue

    After the tre Jones announcement to stay, he I’d probably freakin dook bound.

  6. Dustin Rumbaugh

    From what he said….that dude’s going to Duke. We have scoring point guards. We actually have quite a few. Jones would be what he is talking about. Pass first but scoring threat. Its Duke or Kentucky and I’d be EXTREMELY surprised if it wasn’t Duke. Memphis is wayyyyyy out. Kansas has too many question marks. What he really meant is that he didn’t want to run the point and have to bring the ball up and beat the pressure but once they cross the half court line he wants the ball in his hands. Welcome to Duke.

  7. Ridge Runner

    Agree with majority here… pUKe.

  8. StuckinLville

    Dont forget how close Maxey and him are. It will all depend on what Hagans does.

  9. tncatrn

    So Hagans is coming back. I guess RJ Hamptons decision just got less complicated lol

  10. KYfaninTN

    I will take Hagan Quickly and Massey


    Not really a logjam but I do think it’s a long shot, about 20% chance he comes.

    Pg: hagans/Quickley
    Sg: Maxey/Baker
    Sf: Whitney/Allen
    PF: Montgomery/Brooks/Sestina
    C: Richards

    This will be the starting lineup at the beginning but I can easily see Cal if getting RJ going Hagans/Maxey/RJ/Whitney/Richards with EJ,Brooks, Quickley, Allen, Baker and Sestina on the bench and who could all start depending on opponent. But I do see him wanting more shots so that’s why I think Duke leads as well right now

  12. kjd

    Cal said he’s all in on Hagans (not elite). So RJ is going elsewhere.