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Article written by Drew Franklin

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47 responses to “Ricky Jones: Pitino and Jurich were wrongfully crucified”

  1. Duuuuuude

    Louisville had a horrible culture to their athletics program. They are much better off today than they were 5 years ago.

    1. notFromhere


    2. J. Did

      Agreed. Jurich essentially ruined the culture with the administration’s blessing. Part of that process permitted Pitino to: fill in the blank.

  2. Rod Crandler

    Hookers for underage recruits that were pressured into it after saying they were not interested.. That should be enough, period.

    1. ClutchCargo

      I don’t believe any of the people involved were under the age of 16, so under age doesn’t really come into play. Still, pretty terrible situation going on there.

    2. david8577

      ClutchCargo, At least one recruit was 17 years old. So yeah, it wasn’t statutory rape in a legal sense, but it was none the less a minor on an official visit for whom prostitutes where purchased by the coaching staff. Administration needed to be fired. Everyone involved at UofL got exactly what they deserved. Honestly, the only real people punished who didn’t deserve it were the UofL fans, though that’s somewhat debatable.

    3. ClutchCargo

      Yeah, that’s kinda what I said, david8577. 😉

    4. notFromhere

      Have you met many UL fans? Lol!

      If Stalin was a great basketball coach and recruiter, they would take him in a heartbeat and say, “let bygones be bygones, look at Cal…!”

      They dont bleed red because they sold that with their souls long ago to whomever would get them in the game again. I understand the writer’s pining for the delights of Pitino. A lot of people bought his act and fell for his charms.

      You just cant go telling people you know everything that goes on somewhere and then plead ignorance when something bad happens. You also cant RIP off the state and city on a sweetheart/handshake deal of a lease that you extorted from the same and not expect it to hurt you. (Not saying anything like that happened in this situation, of course.)

      I’ve yet to meet a UL fan gracious when the Cats win. There are still a LOT of UK fans that still want UL to have success if UK cannot, but the reverse isn’t true. They got what they wanted, imo

    5. makeitstop

      They were in fact underage. Underage strippers. Underage hookers. Hired for underage kids to go play for this “mentor” and “teacher.” I’m not preaching, I’m just saying, you CANNOT side with Louisville on this one. UNC cheated – academic scandal, inexcusable. Looks like LSU may well have paid players… you could go on. But these things Louisville did to lose their banner are wrong bc they are prohibited by rule not morally wrong. “Malum Prohibitum” not “malum in se” Underage hookers for underage kids is malum in se: wrong bc it’s just wrong, irrespective of what the NCAA has to say about it.

  3. nevsky41

    Typically biased, poorly argued nonsense from one of the biggest fools in Louisville. Ricky Jones’s style of arguing has always seemed to be that he believes if he yells the loudesy, he wins.

    1. jlkirk


      I still don’t see any FACTS supporting the retention of Jurich or Pitino in this blurb. All I see are unsubstantiated accusations (that have been statedbefore numerous times) toward a member of the Board.

      My question is: would someone PLEASE explain the 90-something/10-something CASH split between Jurich and Pitino from the proceeds of the shoe co. Remember, they weren’t wearing the shoes…just sayin’

  4. tgenardi55

    On probation and another scandal!!! How were they crucified? University leaders breaking the rules while on probation should be fired regardless of who’s on the board

    1. notFromhere

      Nailed it

  5. DavidP19

    Maybe the author of this article was one of the many friend$ of the ‘program’ whose money train was run out of town, when somebody finally realized that it was the University of LOUISVILLE , not the University of JURICH & Friends !!

  6. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Tell Ricky J to put down the crack pipe. That point about UNCheat is right, but the rest is so wrong I don’t know where to begin. I’ll just say this: lots of ADs could be as successful as Turtle Neck if they were win at any cost types like him. Success by cheating doesn’t prove your acumen. Plus, Papa John is a pretty successful businessman. THAT is why he was on the board.

    Brother! Calgon take me away.

  7. StillBP

    Wrongly crucified? They should’ve been fired after hookergate, shouldn’t have taken a second violation to get them fired. You think Cal would still have a job here if our banner was taken down due to our players being provided hookers? Mitch would fire him, unlike Jurich. If mitch wouldn’t have fired him, then they should both be fired. I’m not bothering to click on the bait, it’s pointless.

    1. notFromhere

      Not one to build up a pile of regrets here either, BP. I havent clicked on more than 10 links from this site over the past _ years. Lol!

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      I didn’t read the article either. I just went on what Drew said.

  8. ClutchCargo

    Ricky Jones is just another hot take artist. His only regret is probably that he couldn’t find a way to also make this about race. Nothing to see here, move along.

  9. Iamheasyouarehe

    Drew, you left dUKe off the list. Corey Maggette admitted taking money from an agent, the Lance Thomas jewelry fiasco was never dealt with, nor was the Rasheed Sulaimon sexual assault allegations were never dealt with. And then you have the Marvin Bagley and Zion Williamson recruiting questions, the maddening part is that K will NEVER answer to ANYTHING in this lifetime.

    1. StillBP

      Do vampires ever die?

    2. Iamheasyouarehe

      No BP, that’s why I qualified my statement with not in this lifetime, we will never see it unless someone drives a wooden stake through his heart.

    3. StillBP

      haha I read it as ‘in his lifetime’ not this. My bad!

    4. notFromhere

      Wooden never answered for paying his players or knowing about them being paid. No question they WERE paid. [email protected]

      Those who try to comply and cooperate are punished. Those who feel great about lying and are great at cheating, while advancing the NCAA into the money… walk, trip, or stomp through the dance

  10. neat1ky

    Ricky Jones should have been fired with Pitino and Jurich. The guy is the biggest loser professor at UL. He can’t write an article in the courier without mentioning 150 yr civil war ago problems. To me the guy is a racist along with Marc Murphy. Reason I dropped the courier loser journal. UL is in a better place now with the new coaches and AD, still can’t pull for them but they are now a lot more classy


    I don’t know who’s the bigger idiot…this Ricky Jones guy, or Drew for agreeing with him.
    Just because the NCAA hasn’t done anything to Duke, UNC, KU, AZ, etc. , doesn’t make the punishment UofL got unfair or wrong.

    1. secrick

      Please tell me Drew did not agree with this dumb ass.

    2. 4everUKblue

      I doesn’t make the punishment wrong but it does seem unfair to punish one while several others get a lifetime get out of jail free card.


      secrick, It’s right there in the last paragraph.

    4. notFromhere

      Kyfan4life, YES! wrong is still wrong and right is still right, evening the NCAA doesnt know the difference. It’s not a compare and contrast deal.

    5. 4everUKblue

      Still the rules should be enforced across the board, it is unfair to punish one and not all the others.

  12. secrick

    Who the hell is Ricky Jones. When you have a NCAA National Championship taken away from you the head coach and the AD have to go.

  13. kykats

    If jones thinks that pitino and or Jericho are innocent and deserve to still be at Louisville he is either ignorant or STUPID! The buck stops at the man (men) in charge. They bear TOTAL responsibility for the actions of those directly beneath them. Period! Further, if jones appears in any other episodes of Hey Ky. I will change the channel. He is now proven to be a supporter of UL regardless of the circumstances. Was the coach fired when D. Casey supposedly sent money to woo a recruit? You betcha. And there were no arguments then. That coach denied it as well.

  14. J-Dub421

    Sure Ricky, let’s all just ignore that Jurich embezzled 6 million dollars from U of L even thought he was the highest paid athletic director in the country and got a ton of other perks and benefits, and that Jurich hired and repeatedly promoted and gave huge raises to his worthless son. Let’s also ignore that Pitino had no clue/no oversight of his own program which got busted for cheating while already on probation for cheating.

  15. Bluebloodtoo

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how foolish it is.

  16. The Big Lebowski

    Some truth.

    To an extent…

    But Pitino and Jurich opened the door to that “crucifixion” by either being inattentive, lacking to exert influence and control over the programs at UL and/or some level of corruption on their own part.

    No one at UL was innocent of all crimes. lol

  17. The Big Lebowski

    ANd, yes, totally agree.

    UNC, Duke, LSU, etc have all been “NCAA felonious” and had their slates pissed on and wiped clean by the sewer rats of the criminal enterprise that is the NCAA.

  18. sprtphan

    Both got what they long deserved. As for Ricky Jones if you don’t have anything good say……

  19. CATandMONKEY

    Alex Jones has more sense than Ricky.
    Grown men need not go by “Ricky.”


      Ricky Bobby would have a word or two with you.

  20. jaws2

    Sure. I’ll click on the link to read what this wipes got to say; NOT!

  21. IndianaSucks

    I agree with drew. Take off your blue shaded glasses for a second and see that Louisville got punished for their athletics missteps, other schools in that list did not. And then you have UNC that cheated education which is kinda the whole point of a university/STUDENT athlete, and they also got nothing. In that sense, UofL got the shaft. You can’t pick and choose punishment for basically all the same crimes.

    1. Smyrna_Cat

      UL cheated. Got caught. Got put on probation, and cheated again. They should have been fired.

    2. IndianaSucks

      Smyrna, I’m guessing you didn’t mean to reply to me because your response has absolutely nothing to do with what I said. I wasn’t defending Pitino or Jurich, nor did I say they didn’t deserve to be fired, I was simply stating that it’s not fair for the NCAA to punish one school (no matter who it is) for their wrongdoings but turn a blind eye for the others. Which is what drew was saying, which I stated I agreed with as well. The people on this site desperately need to brush up on their reading skills. I’m sure “Hooked on Phonics” is still available.

    3. StillBP

      Indiana you are the one that seems to have bad reading skills. Most people on this site agree that the other schools should have been punished…TOO…that’s the operative word. They should have all been punished, including Louisville. So it isn’t that Louisville was wrongly punished, it’s that the other schools were wrongly not punished. No one here is saying Louisville deserved it and the other schools didn’t. Good grief.

    4. IndianaSucks

      Quit snuggling with your cock shaped pillow and try and focus. You’re putting words in my mouth. I never once stated that Louisville was wrongly punished, just saying that they shouldn’t be the only school receiving punishment which we seem to agree on. The fact that some are bashing drew for his take tells me that people don’t get that. I was just expanding on why he feels that way because it seems that some don’t understand his stance. Don’t comment if you can’t comprehend everyday English.

  22. walden

    In what world does giving cash to players or fixing grades equate with sex trafficking? Gtfo of here with this nonsense. This dude seriously needs to buy a vowel or phone a friend because he is clueless. Everyone overseeing that mess should be fired from the top down. Louisville did the right thing this time.