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Rick Pitino took a lie detector test and more ridiculous things from his lawyer’s report

The UofL Athletics Association Board is still meeting to determine Rick Pitino’s fate, and reporters were just given a 50-page report from Pitino’s lawyers that argues he did not violate his contract. The most ridiculous part of the report so far: Pitino apparently took and passed a polygraph test about the scandal to clear his name. Per Joe Sonka:

Well, if he passed a polygraph test, he must be innocent. It’s not like people have been proving you can trick those for years.

Pitino’s lawyers also included screenshots of text messages between Pitino and Adidas executive James Gatto, whom he has been accused of conspiring with to funnel players to Louisville, as proof that their communications were about Terry Rozier’s shoe deal and not Brian Bowen:




Regarding that last screenshot, now is a great moment to remind you that it’s very, very easy to delete text messages in a thread, which is what appears to have happened between August 15 and September 28. C’mon man.

More texts from Christian Dawkins, the agent whose phone was tapped by the FBI:





Pitino’s lawyers are also arguing that Dawkins, who was charged with three counts of wire fraud and money laundering, wasn’t really an agent:

Also interesting: Pitino’s lawyers interviewed former assistant turned interim coach David Padgett, who recalled how upset Pitino was when he learned Brian Bowen and his family were living at the Galt House (Padgett claims he was not aware of that either):


Finally, in a four-page affidavit, Pitino still claims to have no knowledge of any wrongdoing and swears he will “fight tirelessly to defend my reputation.”





LOL. Haven’t we all seen this too many times to believe him?

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48 responses to “Rick Pitino took a lie detector test and more ridiculous things from his lawyer’s report”

  1. KYcats11

    You definitely cannot delete text messages… what a joke.

    1. BBNDan7

      Um. Yes, yes you can. Very easily I might add.

    2. Booby Petrino

      I hope that’s sarcasm. Surely.

    3. TBW3011

      Clearly sarcasm. Hence the, “what a joke” part at the end.

    4. KYcats11

      Some of you all need to work on your sarcasm detectors, I don’t know how I could make it more blatantly obvious that I was being sarcastic. I was laughing at the fact that pitino and his lawyers, consider text messages as proof.

    5. BBNDan7

      Pro tip. When saying something online an “/s” at the end indicated sarcasm. Just to avoid confusion lol

    6. chimichanga

      Or maybe you should work on your delivery. But yeah, we can all agree that Pitino is ridiculous.

    7. KYcats11

      Chimochanga… my delivery?!?!? I guess I’m missing something because I couldn’t have been more obvious.

    8. chimichanga

      I agree you are missing something.

    9. KYcats11

      Chimichanga, I worked on my delivery in the post saying Rick is gone. Hopefully it is up to your standards.

    10. wesmorgan1

      I will admit that I read it twice, thinking, “Well, I DO know folks who didn’t know you could delete individual text messages”…

      (I’ve had to show quite a few people how to do it – I don’t think it’s quite at the “general knowledge” level.)

  2. Jester

    I take it “yeesys” or “yezzys” are a type of Addidas athletic shoe; but my question is, who comes up with these ridiculous model names? What the hell is a yezzy?

    What happened to just naming them “Air Jordans” or “Cons 360s” or something?

    1. jos_ros_

      they’re yeezys named for the creator of them kanye aka yeezy

    2. Booby Petrino

      Pitino only knows Pitbull, don’t expect him to know how to spell Yeezy correctly.

    3. Witnessedd

      Don’t ever disrespect Kanye

  3. OHCat

    What’s fishy is why he introduces himself as “Rick Pitino”. In the screenshot they have previously been texting so they already had each other’s phone number in their phones. No one addresses their whole name when texting people they’ve already been texting in the past.

    1. wesmorgan1

      You’re right…unless other people send texts from that phone. Hmm…

  4. runningunnin.454

    Polygraphs measure heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure…they would have more relevance in a medical office. There’s a reason they’re not permissible in court.

    1. Sentient Third Eye

      …but the fact that his pants were on fire should be!

    2. runningunnin.454

      Liar, Liar
      The Castaways

    3. Rixter

      Sure, there’s a reason they aren’t permissible in court: a habitual liar, a psychopath.. (Or, a vampire, as someone wrote further down) would have no problem passing a polygraph.
      Rick Pitino / Lie Detector test.. it’s really laughable! Kinda like Tom Crean submitting to a Dork Detector test.

  5. secrick

    It’s kind of sad watching Pitino and Jurich begging for their jobs back. SAD

  6. Booby Petrino

    Of course he passed a lie detector test…he believes his own lies, therefore no reaction. He’s truly delusional.

    1. TBW3011

      Great point!

    2. KYcats11

      Accurate point, also if you are always lying (like he is), then your heart rate would technically never change, because it’s his way of life.

  7. Irish son

    It is actually kind of sad to see what a pathetic person he has become. Rick, take your millions, live in your house in Miami, and hide out for a couple years. Give people time to forget what a sad, tiny person you became

    1. Sentient Third Eye

      Rick Pitino is a Clintonian liar, defined as one who ACTUALLY BELIEVES what he is saying even when he possesses knowledge contrary to his claims. These kinds of liars can pass any test. I think back in the Nineties someone figured out this was a form of Psychopathy.

    2. RealCatsFan

      Clintonian, Trumpian – they are all liars, aren’t they? Sad thing is that they all seem to get away with it. These people could swim through a river of sh!t and come out smelling like a rose.

  8. sincitycat

    I surprised he hasn’t called all of this “fake news”.

  9. Catlogic15

    Pitino isn’t trying to get his job back. He’s trying to collect the 44 million.

    1. secrick

      No he is trying to get his job back, or at the least trying to get u-6 to ask him to come back.

    2. chimichanga

      I would say he’s angling for his next job, by trying to salvage his toxic reputation.

  10. Loserville Hater

    This illustrates one reason why UL should have stepped completely outside the family to hire its interim coach. This morning we have Padgett, in writing, defending Pitino, against the interests of the ULAA before the ink is even dry on his new contract. The fact that the Board trusted and hired Padgett will just add weight to Pitino’s defense in a court of law. Et tu Padgett?

    1. RealCatsFan

      Maybe not quite as big of an a-hole as Trump, and definitely smarter (although Donald and his “genius” IQ would beg to differ).

    2. RealCatsFan

      Crap, talk about IQ’s, that is supposed to be a reply to Chimichonga’s post below.

  11. chimichanga

    Pitino really is the Trump of the sports world.

    1. Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert


  12. notFromhere

    Wouldn’t that make the report of results from the lie detector a “pathology” report, if he’s a pathological liar?

    Doesn’t there have to be a heart for the test to work?

    I’m going to take a screen shot of a million dollars to the bank and see if they’ll let me deposit it, if pitino’s screen shots somehow prove anything.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Yep, didn’t know a polygraph would work on a vampire. Probably same reason K never gets caught.

    2. Rixter

      RealCatsFan, one of the best posts ever!

  13. wildcatdude

    Did anyone else notice the time stamps on Christian Dawkins texts? They started in Apr 2015. Then jumped to May 2017? Seems kinda strange for 2 years and month to go by between the texts.

    1. Rixter

      I noticed he (Dawkins) lead with “This is Christian Dawkins”, but apparently RP already had him saved as a contact, because it had his name at the top, and not a number…
      I mean, unless this was a fake recreation of a text message

  14. CPACAT

    I am not sure I would hire Carl Christiansen to do work for me. There are some pretty blaring typos in that court document.

  15. Rixter
  16. DelrayCat

    Rick gonna get paid. No way there will be enough evidence to find him guilty of any fraud or payoffs. He’s too slick. UL will have to settle and he sign sign a Non-disclosure agreement to not disparage the university. I bet he makes at least a 10-15 million dollar settlement.

  17. Rixter

    ” (Padgett claims he was not aware of that either)”

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, huh?

  18. BigPerm

    A wise old man once told me, “I’ve never met anyone who paid for their own polygraph test to actually FAIL it.” Makes sense.