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Rick Pitino Replaced With Coach Cal In Remastered 1996 NCAA Game

Editor’s Note: The following was written by Harold Leeder, editor-in-chief of The New Circle Circular, Lexington’s #1 source of fake news you can’t count on.

Announced today, the New Circle Circular Home Video Entertainment Division is proud to release, the “1996 NCAA Championship Game” a 3 hour reimagined television event, bringing you one of the most beloved nights of basketball back to the glory it deserves, now for the first time without Rick Pitino.

What better gift to give the big blue nation then the chance to relive the glory days, without all those cringeworthy moments spotting Rick Pitino yelling from the sidelines. Why not have somone far more beloved, yelling at our group of Untouchables? So who’s a better fit as a replacement for Coach Pitino than the coach of the team that this group beat two nights before the championship game, John Calipari. Yes Coach Cal through the magic of CGI returns to the sidelines as the Head Coach of the 1996 Kentucky Wildcats, in this beautiful video remastering.

“Don’t look for this remastered version on DVD,” said project director Joe B. Hall, “because it’s 2018.” The video will be available for download from Hall’s website, as soon as he remembers his login.

“In this version Mark Pope is seen playing a few possessions on offense with the help of a service animal,” explained Hall as he showed us a segment of a VHS copy of ‘96 game with what we were positive was a spliced in clip from the movie Air Bud. Hall does claim his version is completely digitally remastered and fully restored from the high resolution 35MM original film and digital copies of the game will include bonus features like, Coach’s commentary with Coach Cal, rules to the drinking game ‘spot Cameron Mills’, and a feature commentary of Tony Delk making a whoosh sound every time he scores.

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Article written by Harold Leeder

7 responses to “Rick Pitino Replaced With Coach Cal In Remastered 1996 NCAA Game”

  1. Bull Filmer

    Fix the headline to say 1996 (not 1998).

  2. CB3UK

    Well the headline is wrong, not to mention Cal would be coaching against Cal in the Final 4. Just all around terrible effort here.

  3. ukwildcat2323

    This is so hideous. There isn’t anything entertaining about this post at all. Wish this crap would stop showing up here.

  4. John Henry

    This is so childish. The author has no clue what happened in 1996 or 1998. So we are going to have Coach Cal coach against Coach Cal. Either do better or just forget any attempt at humor. You have failed too many times. KSR needs a few more adults

  5. snoopjdawg

    On a serious note, when does the Pitino banner come down in Rupp?

  6. ScratchtheMascot

    Geez. How bitter are you guys? I bet you’re all tons of fun at a party. You seem like the kind of fans who yell at people standing up in front of you at Rupp. Lighten up and maybe you’ll make it past 70.

  7. loservilletard

    please don’t post this garbage on KSR. If anyone wanted to read this crap they can go to his web site.