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Rex Chapman, Mike Pratt to Expo Center: Ban racist items or remove our plaques


Former Kentucky stars Rex Chapman and Mike Pratt are taking a stand against racism, calling for the Kentucky Expo Center remove their Hall of Fame plaques from Freedom Hall after Nazi and KKK memorabilia were sold there at a gun show this past weekend.

The exhibition commemorated National Gun Day and featured authentic Nazi Christmas ornaments, Ku Klux Klan robes, Gestapo uniforms and swastika shirts, many of which were sold on Saturday, the same day as the anti-Semitic attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue that killed eleven people. Last week, another hate crime hit close to home as a white man killed two African Americans at a Louisville Kroger after first trying to break into a predominantly African-American church.

Yesterday, Chapman issued the ultimatum on Twitter, asking Kentucky Venues, which oversees the center, to guarantee such items will not be on sale again. Pratt backed him up:

Kentucky Venues issued this response:


Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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87 responses to “Rex Chapman, Mike Pratt to Expo Center: Ban racist items or remove our plaques”

  1. davis2319

    Selling items that caused millions of people so much pain and suffering is disgusting. It is really disgusting to see it happening in our state. Inexcusable and there should be consequences.

    1. MegatonRange

      Amazon sells Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book & he killed millions. Do you ever buy anything from Amazon?

    2. southern thunder

      How dare anyone collect historical items that we disagree with!! Reeeeee thank god my part of the state isn’t as ignorant as the urban or liberal areas.

    3. JusSayin

      MegatonRange, before you go down your “double standard” rant you should know Amazon sells Mein Kampf too.

      southern thunder, How dare people demand to have a say in the capacity their likeness is marketed and sold!! After all, I’m sure every conservative would be happy having their likeness items sold next to Kaepernick and Isis flags.

  2. loservilletard

    they can remove mine also….

  3. damage_control

    But if they stop selling that stuff, where’s that guy gonna get his Hitler costumes from for his 5 yr old?!?!

    1. MegatonRange

      Probably down at the store where leftists buy their Che Guevara posters. & t shirts. They also have scads of Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book, but hey, he only killed millions.

    2. damage_control

      The leftist store? Oh yea how could I have forgotten. Jesus Christ

  4. Cousins Fake Tooth

    Oh shut the hell up. People collect old war items etc. Get over yourself.

    1. Bobbum Man

      That’s not what this is…. kkk robes and swastika T-shirt’s are not “old war items” lol

    2. Cmstew502

      Stop trying to speak sense in nonsensical times

    3. BBNDan7

      “Get over yourself” says the guy who has never been the subject of racism.

    4. davis2319

      KKK robes are war items? You get over yourself buddy

    5. cattycat

      ‘Oh shut the hell up. People collect old war items etc. Get over yourself.’
      is what a racist would say. There I fixed it for you. You hit send before you were finished typing.

    6. cattycat

      Actually, I wish it was easy to fix someone like you. Unfortunately, we have learned this week, that you cannot take the racism and hate out of someone so easily. Instead it just gets fed.

    7. Cousins Fake Tooth

      I’m African American/Asian, but nice try.

    8. BBNDan7

      And I’m a rainbow unicorn

    9. John barronIII

      No you are a liar

    10. wyatts1

      Evorybodies a racist when a libtarded gets butt hurt huh Katty cat. From the bs your spewing i bet you call many many people a racist. Sad and truly pathetic but keep drinking that kool aid cause thinking for yourself is just to hard nowadays for simpletons like you.

    11. You Can Call Me Cal

      Looks like spelling “Everybody’s”, “you’re”, and “too” is too hard for a simpleton like you, wyatts1.

  5. binarysolo

    Between that dad from Owensboro who made headlines, and now this, KY has to start doing better.

    1. cattycat

      You forgot the shooter in Kroger last Wednesday. He said “whites don’t shoot whites” right after he shot two innocent black people and tried entering a predominantly black church.

    2. MegatonRange

      Do black people ever kill white people? If so, do they ever get charged with a hate crime? Just curious how the world works nowadays.

  6. Crushgroove

    Ignoring this insignificant act for relic collectors would have provided less awareness to any hate groups who MIGHT be attached. Foolishness. These have-been NPC’s have now drawn attention to themselves using the thing they profess to want to stop as a platform. Bra-vo. Lol

    1. binarysolo

      Hahahahaha. So many words to say so little. Be careful, you’ll be cut from your HS debate team.

    2. John barronIII

      Word salad from the mindless

    3. You Can Call Me Cal

      The term is has-been. Tell me which part of the KKK hoods are relics?

  7. JohnnyCheeseSticks

    Always glad to see Rex at the forefront of moral rectitude…

    1. UK96Champs

      Lol, same thoughts

    2. MegatonRange

      Rex blamed his doctor for his 40 percocets a day habit….No Rex, your doctor didn’t tell you to take 40 a day, you did that all by yourself.

  8. Ben27

    I hate trying to post on this site! It is almost as bad as the stuff sold at Freedom Hall! If we start censoring what is allowed to be sold, who is going to make those decisions? We will be going down a slippery slope that led to the rise of Hitler in Germany and other dictators through out the world. What would come next, do away with free speech or freedom of the press. I know it is very poplar to become politically correct, but at what long term expense. I am not defending these low life people, i am just concerned about freedoms that are guaranteed by the constitution. Free market allows you to not participate if you do not agree. Censorship is a whole different matter. I would not want my plaque hanging in that rat whole of a building anyway. All this stuff is available on the internet, so very little will be accomplished by this action. You have every to have your plaque taken down.

    1. Crushgroove

      Lots of virtue signaling will be accomplished. Look at the replies to this thread, already. These folks can’t wait to give up freedoms in the name of what is PC. Ask them. Gonna be fun to watch.

    2. az1006

      Do you know what censorship is? Do you know what a free market is? Preventing the sale of symbols and products that represent hatred, discrimination, and racism is in violation of neither. Because the entity hosting the sale (Kentucky Venues) is privately-owned and operated and can ban whomever, or whatever, they want. It’s no different than a store-owner being fully within their rights to deny service to anyone they so choose. So, you’re ridiculous argument has zero merit.

    3. Cmstew502

      The business owner made the decision to allow the sale. It wasn’t until they were threatened that they said no. Similar to how a laundry mat says no to paying protection money to a gang until they send guys in with bats

    4. J-Dub421

      Freedom of speech only means the government can’t throw you in jail for saying something. You are not entitled to, nor are you guaranteed a platform from which to spew crap.

    5. dismore

      Some people need to study our constitution and laws before posting. Ignorant emotional people are the most easy to manipulate.

    6. CoachCat


    7. You Can Call Me Cal

      Freedom Hall is owned by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. A State building honoring freedom should not host anyone who is in favor of these anti-Semites and racists. That’s not what I want my tax dollars going towards. They have the freedom to sell those items somewhere, but that doesn’t mean that place is one owned by our Commonwealth.

    8. Matt10

      Well said Ben

  9. DaniTheGirl

    Wonder if Rex is still buying Suboxone from my homie

    1. John barronIII

      Wonder if dani is doing tricks at the trailer pask

    2. You Can Call Me Cal

      The answer is nope. He’s said publicly he’s of it.

  10. DaniTheGirl

    Well, Rex is still on drugs and we all know and love our little mike pratt. he’s so cute

  11. DaniTheGirl

    Yeah yeah …mine too i was NOT buying these items …take mine down right away ..freedom hall will be tore down soon anyway and it wont matter …”Suboxone is a hell of a drug “

    1. John barronIII

      You sound as though you speak from experience, and I would have guessed you to more of a meth fan

  12. RondoTheDonThough

    How ironic that they’re both Democrats and that is memorabilia from their party’s history. Funny, funny.

    1. BBNDan7

      What does that have to do with anything? You don’t have to support everything in history just because some in your “party” did.

    2. MegatonRange

      Obviously BBNDan doesn’t understand the word “ironic”.

    3. Matt10

      It is funny BBNDan because Dems like to act like they’re the tolerant ones when the truth is exactly the opposite. A short and incomplete history lesson:
      Republicans abolished slavery, gave citizenship to freed slaves and gave all the right to vote (13, 14, 16 amendments). Democrats fought against all three.
      If liberal progressive Jimmy Dore can figure it out surely other Dems can. Freedom of speech isn’t to protect ideas you agree with! It’s to protect speech/ideas you hate! Most Dem snowflakes want us all to live in a sterile controlled environment where no one gets offended and some authority decides who can say what and when. 1984 here we come baby!

    4. madarchitect

      Matt10 – you’re either completely ignorant of history or you’re trying to twist the fact that conservatives were known as “Democrats” prior to (approximately)1936. Those with more liberal values were called Republicans.
      So which are you – ignorant or a douche bag?

  13. RondoTheDonThough

    Has Democrat buddy Louis Fara-con apologize for his lifetime of hateful remarks towards Jews?

    1. Jiminy Crickets

      That’s not “racist”. You know that

  14. cattycat

    It is really easy to pick out the racist on here-gurl!

    1. John barronIII

      They always come out on articles like this one.
      BBN should be so proud

  15. Randall lee

    I didn’t know p w cousins fake tooth was tiger woods.

  16. Melvit

    I’m not a fan of someone selling this crap, but Rex Chapman is the last person to listen to on morality. He is just the worst person on twitter.

    1. John barronIII

      I guess you never look at the Mango Mussolini’s rants.

    2. BigBlue4Three

      Guess it wasn’t racist when Rex called Tyler Hero the Great White Hope on the pre-game show last week. Or perhaps he gets a pass because he was high at the time he said it.

    3. 4everUKblue

      You’re probably too young to know that Rex was called the great white hope back then. Grow the [email protected] up.

    4. BigBlue4Three

      Your mastery of the English language is amazing. Guessing you never received a mouthful of soap as a youngster. Obviously a subscriber to the “Yell louder and curse more” theory of how to win an argument without any basis.

  17. wyatts1

    Of course my comment is waiting for moderation ???

  18. CoachCat

    But seriously. I need Rex to hook a brother up with a iPad. It’s almost Christmas

    1. 4everUKblue

      Good to know you’re perfect and never done anything wrong, you judgmental assholes.

    2. MegatonRange

      Get me a iPad, too & also a case of Percocets!

  19. Jiminy Crickets

    Narcotic addict that stole Apple products takes a stance against racism causing liberal man princesses to argue with unemployed, bearded, confederates….Where’s my popcorn?

  20. 4everUKblue

    I’m ashamed to say I live in a place filled with so much ignorance and hatred. I’ve never seen so many judemental posts on this site, gives me hope that all of you are so perfect and have nothing to atone for. Do any of you realize people who make mistakes can change and become responsible, productive members of society? All you ignorant asses take a good long look in the mirror, if you have the capability to be honest with yourselves, you might not like what you see.

    1. MegatonRange

      You could always leave the state, you know. As to my previous order from Rex’s Drugs & Stuff, make that two cases of Percocets & add a iPhone!

  21. CoachCat

    Lol. This guy

  22. Cattington

    Whenever I think mankind is making progress I read this crap and reminded otherwise.

    1. MegatonRange

      Settle down there, Rex! Take a couple of dozen Perocets, then you’ll feel good enough to call AT&T & tell them what a great job they’re doing. After a Oxycontin chaser, you can go knock over a service station & a Apple store!

  23. chardun20

    When a black person says racism, they stop using the race card. But you people see symbols of racism, it’s just war items, see no racism here. It’s sad instead of admitting that there is still racism in this world, state, and this website, people rather just pretend racism doesn’t exist. Then blame the Democrats. Racism has no political affiliation.

  24. bd2153


  25. StuckinLville

    Just stupid. It’s history! How about we just ban everything because someone is always offended.

    1. chardun20

      I don’t recall anyone saying ban anything. Rex and Mike said they don’t want their plaques hanging in the same place as racist items being sold and hung on the walls. You seem to be worked up about it.

    2. chardun20

      I was wrong StuckinLville, they did say ban it.

  26. Cincy Cayt

    If it’s historical, then by all means you should keep it and preserve it. Museums have that stuff and it helps us not forget history. However, some of this other stuff is just sickening and just shows how entitled the Alt-Right is. If they were true patriots, then they wouldn’t take for granted the sacrifices of so many during WW2. I see the “what about” comments regarding Mao and Che…two or three wrongs don’t make a right, guys.

    1. MegatonRange

      So you’re saying killing 6 million Jewish people is worse than Mao killing 45 million Chinese? Interesting logic there, no doubt.

    2. MegatonRange

      But then again, it’s the Alt-Left’s logic.

  27. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Some folks do collect stuff like this because of their interest in history. I know someone who was in Vietnam who snuck a Kalashnikov home. Does that make him a Ho Chi Minh sympathizer?

    1. Levibooty

      Those flags hanging in the picture, which ones were made by the third Reich which would make them a historical artifact?

  28. Cincy Cayt

    And let’s not attack Rex for his personal struggles over the years. We all have our own struggles. When you resort to those types of insults, you’ve just lost whatever point you may have been trying to make.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door


  29. cats646

    Eh, whatever. You’re offended, then I’m offended, then you’re offended at the fact I’m offended, then we both offend someone else for yelling something offensive at each other. We can’t take a step forward till everyone quits worrying about everyone’s feelings.

  30. DaniTheGirl

    Outrage culture at its finest …this is what creates permit patties and bbq bettys ..

  31. DaniTheGirl

    I could inject meth between my toes in camelot west bathroom ..still wouldnt EVER hate on another man or woman for trying to make a dollar..

  32. Levibooty

    A whole generation of Americans sacrificed and 500,000 died fighting the sheer evil that swastika represents. Raising that emblem even under the guise of commerce is far, far more disrespectful of our country and our men in uniform than anything any NFL player has done protesting racism. The swastika is a symbol of evil and the people who try to rationalize it being sold along side normal consumer products, disrespect the men who died giving them the freedom they abuse.

  33. chardun20

    Wow BBN just ?