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Article written by Drew Franklin

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33 responses to “Reports about Jeff Brohm are false, says Jeff Brohm”

  1. TreyTingle

    We see this stuff all the time with active coaches being recruited to other schools. Brohm is just being political right now. He doesn’t want his current team at Purdue to lose focus on their season. I respect Jeff Brohm for this move. I guarantee he waits at least until December to announce.

  2. ChetSteadmansSalisburySteak

    Bold face lie to the media; already has one pre requisite checked off to become a coach at UofL.

  3. Cmart0907

    He is definitely gone to Louisville. Uk worse nightmare. Well coaching wise.

    1. shelby

      Why is this bad for uk? Has nothing to do with us. Brohm is a “decent” coach. We also have a pretty damn good coach and a rising program.

    2. Bobbum Man

      If our worst nightmare is a coach that went 5-5 and just got blown out by Minnesota then I think we have bigger issues

    3. UKPROF

      Cmart0907, you statement is accurate. shelby and Babbum (above) will understand when they grow up, if Brohn does in fact return to Louisville, and I am guessing he will.

    4. Cmart0907

      Brohm was taking recruits from Louisville to Purdue. Imagine what he will do now.

    5. CATandMONKEY

      In-state recruits are hardly our bread and butter. Would love to have more great KY players but that well is not very deep.

      Brohm will have minimal effect on our out of state recruiting- where it matters most.

    6. Booby Petrino

      Our worst nightmare…can always count on the comment section for entertainment. He has some decent wins, but some ugly losses. Not scared at all.

    7. Cmart0907

      Minimal effect? Two bad ass recruits burned UK for Purdue these past two years. Rondale Moore and Milton Wright. Both which UK wanted. He out recruited Stoops and Co to leave Kentucky and head to Purdue. Now he don’t have to convince them as much. Mark Stoops better start winning.

    8. Booby Petrino

      “Brohm will have minimal effect on our out of state recruiting- where it matters most.” Then Cmart questions this statement by listing two in-state players. LOL

    9. Booby Petrino

      Also, “Mark Stoops better start winning”…um we’ve won 7 with a possibility for 9. again, LOL
      SEC > ACC

  4. JASUN74

    Did you mean to write he, Hasn’t denied a future in Louisville?

    1. binarysolo

      Yeah that’s what I think he meant, too. This is some Roush-grade error.

    2. michaelb

      Lol ease up on roush! He does do good on the football podcast. He gets tired of the hecklers like anyone would .

  5. JASUN74

    I am with you Drew!! Anyone but Brown. And to pre answer any questions why, I’ll go with my grade school answer.. hahaha Just because!!

  6. binarysolo

    I mean, what is he supposed to say with games still left to play? I don’t see how UL won’t pull out all the stops, back up the Brinks truck and shower him with overtures of homecoming. No need to worry about Neal Brown taking the job, Brohm will be announced the Cards’ next coach on 11/26.

  7. Irish son

    Guarantee he’s going to Louisville

  8. michaelb

    I wish Neal never left us , they should have matched his pay or done whatever it took in hind sight

    1. Justin

      It wasn’t about the pay.

    2. UKPROF

      Neal Brown….are you kidding!!?? Jeeeeezzz, how soon you forget! He was CRAP at UK, maybe he was CRAP on purpose, so he could get away from UK? Too bad he had to leave before he showed he had any abilities.

    3. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Not to be unkind to anyone, but he was dealing with talent that was, according to Freddie Maggard, lower level Sunbelt talent. Even once recruiting started improving, he was dealing with Jalen Whitlow and an underperforming Towles at QB.

    4. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Lower level Sunbelt talent in the first couple years anyway.

  9. clarks

    neal brown struggled too coaching offense in sec.

  10. zoupman

    Jeff is making a mistake, he is leaving a sweet gig for a dumpster fire.

    1. mashburnfan1

      If he goes there say bye to Wandale Robinson. He will go where he can stay close to home and actually catch passes down the field.

    2. friendsofcoal

      Close to home??

    3. Booby Petrino

      Wandale isn’t leaving us for Louisville. ACC sucks, he wants to play in the SEC. Bet.

  11. friendsofcoal

    What’s up with his face? Looks like he’s been hit with an airbag!

  12. Racerr11

    Really who cares. Louisville fans make it out like he’s the greatest thing since apple pie but I’m pretty sure purdue just got blowed out by Minnesota lol. I’m sure he’s ok but nothing out of the ordinary just like Mack he’s average at best.

  13. Racerr11

    Cmart, Stoops better start winning lmao we have some of the dumbest fans in the sports world. Stoops will have 9 wins for sure maybe 10 depending on the bowl game so what are you talking about. Maybe you should take up another sport like ballet. I’m embarrassed by some of the fans we have.

  14. Racerr11

    Csmart, I should of read all of your comments first before I commented on you and maybe on second thought you should forget about sports all together and get a clown job. Wow you are way out there. Brohm average at best and in all reality your probably a Louisville fan.

  15. Headhurts

    So is UL using Monopoly money to pull this off?$$$$$