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Report: Xavier’s Chris Mack now recruiting for Louisville

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Need further proof that Xavier’s Chris Mack will be the next coach at the University of Louisville?

Here ya go:

Kent Taylor of WAVE-TV fame tweeted that the family of an unnamed recruit says Mack called them to say he is now recruiting for Louisville, not Xavier.

There was already plenty scuttlebutt suggesting Mack is all set to be the Cardinals’ next head coach, and this only adds more evidence to the discussion.

Vince Tyra will be formally named the full-time athletic director at UofL later today. Mack should be introduced as coach not long after that.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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30 responses to “Report: Xavier’s Chris Mack now recruiting for Louisville”

  1. BobKYCats

    This will be a good hire for them. Looks like Tyra’s got his man.

  2. Ukfan1010

    Who would be the front runners for the Xavier job?

    1. sj

      Possibly John Brannen from NKU

  3. DrSayre

    Why is there a picture of Terry Meiners for this post?

  4. Booby Petrino

    I look forward to UK owning you annually, Mr. Mack.

  5. ClutchCargo

    I still don’t get why any decent coach who has better options (such as staying where he is) would dive into that cesspool when the death penalty is likely not off the table in the coming years at U-6.

    1. catsarerunnin


    2. Smyrna_Cat

      And more money. And strippers. And hos.

    3. TB112162

      CKTermy23 are you in the 5th grade Kenny Payne is not gonna be and assistant coach anywhere else wow

  6. Alleykat16

    Well I would assume turning a program that’s at its worse and taking to future final 4’s that will make his coaching stock grow as Pitino did for him when he came to UK.

    1. ClutchCargo

      That makes sense if you say for sure they have hit rock bottom. Not sure that’s the case at this point.

    2. TB112162

      Sean Miller is not going to be Xavier’s coach and Kenny Payne not going to leave Kentucky

  7. Smyrna_Cat

    This could just mean that UL is now paying other schools to recruit for them in an attempt to avoid NCAA violations. Nice try, Cards.

  8. UKantstopus

    I’ll take that as good news with regards to KP…

    1. Jiminy Crickets

      They don’t want himas HC, they want him as lead assistant and lead recruiter

  9. CKTermy23

    Not necessarily KP be could asked to join Jack’s staff and if that happens he may have a hard time turning that down since its his alma mater.

  10. Jiminy Crickets

    Sean miller return to Xavier? I’m hearing is a real possibilities

  11. Jiminy Crickets

    Chris Mack is a decent coach, but his teams have never been really good. Even this year, they were easily the weakest #1 seed we’ve seen in several years ( even tho UVA was upset first) no one actually thought Xavier had a shot at the FF.

    1. dismore

      He’ll get better recruits at UL. With that said the ACC is a grind and if he can’t coach he will be exposed quickly.

    2. Jiminy Crickets

      He has a 68% Xavier career winning percentage, and 58% in NCAA tourney

  12. TB112162

    What recruit

  13. jaws2

    Who really cares. He’s headed to a cesspool at uOFsmell and Possibility City! It’s not like this guy has an awesome tourney record, and has coached in a weaker conference. I’ll say this though, money does talk.

  14. Jiminy Crickets

    Chris macks Wikipedia paged has been changed to Head coach of Louisville Cardinals

    1. Jiminy Crickets
  15. ukkatzfan

    Since it is U6 and he is following c2, he is now c3

  16. KYJelly

    This is a good hire. Mack seems to be a standup coach and after everything Tyra & Co have had to deal with, I don’t think they’d risk anything.

  17. Philthy

    Has to be Romeo Langford.

  18. TB112162

    Yeah it’s Romeo Langford Taylor is best friends with him SMH Mack couldn’t beat Villanova at Xavier so now he has to beat Virginia,North Carolina and Duke good luck with that

  19. TB112162

    It was a 2019 recruit unnamed yeah this could never be made up

  20. anrbob

    If true, could this potentially be a NCAA violation as he is not officially hired by U of L.