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Article written by Nick Roush

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128 responses to “Report: Wandale Robinson may flip to Nebraska”

  1. CatstopWontstop

    This is why I pay as little attention to college football recruiting as possible until National Signing Day. A “verbal” commitment is basically worth nothing, so to get excited about a kid before he signs is setting yourself up for disappointment.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t fault kids for doing what’s best for them, I just don’t care about their “verbal commitments.”

    1. Cole28

      Apparently, one rivals insider said he only committed to Kentucky so that he would sway voters to win Kentucky Mr. Football, and that his plan all along was to attend Nebraska.

      This is difficult to believe. Also, he literally said just an hour ago to the HL that he has been recruiting guys to come with him to Kentucky, and that he’s enrolling in January. If he flips, he was completely lying there – and that’s not the character of player you want with your program.


      Agree with Cole.

    3. a21CATSfan

      Jarren Williams anyone?!

    4. CombatMedic_98

      I heard he was looking into LOUISVILLE too…Right KSR contributors!

    5. CombatMedic_98

      This is the Fake Kentucky News Network folks…they write this crap to get their “subscribers” to comment on their posts and they comment to each other and laugh about all the crap they get every one to argue about…these contributors highjack articles and repost…

    6. bigbluebanana

      I cannot believe I’m going to say this, but in this instance, cm is right.

    7. CombatMedic_98

      Thanks battle

  2. BigBluetotheBone

    Hell no!! Please stay!! BBN!!!

    1. zoupman

      Come on guys. I told you last week, this kid is full of himself and not worth the time our hard working coaches have put in on him.

    2. Miller45


  3. BigBluetotheBone

    No!! Stay home!!

  4. Trueblue44


    1. j

      I’m w you man. I can’t stand this

  5. friendsofcoal

    Nebraska?? Come on….if you’re gonna drop UK then at least go somewhere that’s relevant.

    1. unbridled

      I completely agree. If this kid is so legit….how and why is Nebraska of all places in the lead? Doesn’t add up.

  6. DelrayCat

    Wandale…dude…have you been to Lincoln Nebraska in the winter??? Are you part eskimo?

  7. BluemanGreen

    If he does this to his home state to go to a has-been school in BFE then he is a real P.O.S

    1. ClutchCargo

      Or maybe wait until something actually happens before throwing POS around?

    2. BluemanGreen

      I said “If”…DA

    3. ClutchCargo

      “If” frogs had wings they wouldn’t bump their asses on the ground every time they jump… Nothing has happened, so why freak out? …DA

    4. BluemanGreen

      Dude. Nothing has happened. Why report on it? Why comment on it? Why are you commenting? Piss off

    5. bigbluebanana

      Piss off for calling a kid a POS, whether he flips or not, UK and the young man will both be just fine.

    6. michaelb

      Why tell people what to say ? You’re not anyone’s dad here y’all sound real silly

    7. UK Maine-iac

      So when someone makes a decision that doesn’t align with what you think they should do, they are a POS. Got it.

  8. playmorezeppelin

    Nebraska fans talked to him like absolute dirt on twitter after his announcement. Can’t say I understand that decision.

  9. Gocats30

    Nebraska is garbage no way he flips if they aint payin him big money

  10. CoachCat

    Same kid that said he was 100% committed to Kentucky, unless lol

  11. jakefromstatefarm

    Well **** ?????

  12. Gus Chiggins

    He just said a few days ago that he wasn’t considering Nebraska anymore, and now he’s flipping there?? Dude what a headcase.

    1. ready4nineNOW

      That was when it was possible for bro to go to Louisville. Sounds like he doesn’t want to go here.

  13. jakefromstatefarm

    Guess our coaching staff stopped recruiting him…gotta recruit til the very end guys

    1. KnoxvilleBBN

      Our whole coaching staff just visited him in the last week or two. Not sure what more the kid wants

    2. zoupman

      He is jerk that loves attention. We don’t need him.

  14. Trueblue44

    Absolutely nothing about this makes sense. Ohio State or Bama yes…..Nebraska? For what? Scott Frost was a hero at UCF but then they turned around and did the exact same thing the year after he left. And he did squat with Nebraska. They haven’t been relevant in 20 years

    1. mashburnfan1

      Genius….UCF did the same thing because of what Frost left for them. He did not do squat at Neb they started poorly but did show signs of getting better. Is just like what Stoops had when he got here, it takes time to rebuild. Won’t take him as long as the Big {however many teams they have}, is a weaker Conf and he has more than what Stoops got left with, so they can compete there quicker than you can rebuild in SEC. He will have them good in 3-4 years

    2. Trueblue44

      Quoting you on that one…

    3. unbridled

      UCF is good because they get decent athletes and play literally no one. It’s in central Florida. Recruiting to Lincoln in this day and age is not an easy sell. Plus, they play a big ten scedule. A lot remains to be seen as far as frosts capability.

  15. BigBlueMeade

    Said he wasn’t considering them at all on Hey Kentucky just a few days ago.

  16. BBNDan7

    Just leave already, kid. He’s obviously not 100% committed this is the second school that he said something about flipping to.

    1. runningunnin.454

      I have not read that he’s said he is going to flip to any other school.

    2. mashburnfan1

      Said he may consider U6 if they hired Brohm.

    3. runningunnin.454

      May? Consider? If?

    4. notFromhere

      He never said he was considering flipping. This is a writer trying to get hits. Might as well be In the meantime don’t make an ass of yourself

    5. henderblue

      If this is a writer trying to get hits, well, he did good…

  17. Danny44324

    Well hurry up and figure it out. Allow the program to continue to trend in the right direction while Nebraska continues to live in their past.

  18. maximumscott

    Id like to see what he actuall said that makes reporters believe he will flip. I mean before it was only UL that he would look at with Brohm going there and Nebraska wasnt even a thought. Now they are? Im confused

    1. ClutchCargo

      Exactly. There are no quotes or any other real information provided to support the conclusion..

    2. bigbluebanana

      Nick and/or KSR removing contrarian comments calling out his garbage post!

    3. bigbluebanana

      This is just playing on rumors to the max. He may flip, he may not…I haven’t seen anything at all that makes me think he will flip or that he indicated he wanted to. Saying Nebraska is the only school still recruiting you is a long stretch from actually flipping.

    4. Catlogic15

      In the MJ interview he did mention talking to his “advisors”. Gee, kids nowadays

    5. ClutchCargo

      And what he actually said, for those who even bothered to watch the video instead of taking everyone’s word for it, is that Nebraska is the only OTHER school recruiting him now. As in, other than UK.

  19. nadkin

    Let it play out FAKE NEWS I live in Frankfort, and my Nephew has played with him since peewee league. The only thing I can say is maybe he doesn’t like Stoops recruiting another high ranked recruit that plays his position. If that’s the case, and he is afraid of competition, is he UK material?

    1. BBNDan7

      Oh snap anonymous guy with a nephew who plays with him has the scoop.

  20. az1006

    One recruiting analyst’s opinion doesn’t a fact make. They’ve been known to be wrong, and he’s a Nebraska reporter. And while it may mean little, nothing about Robinson’s Twitter activity would lead me to believe he’s leaning toward flipping, and I can guarantee that since Vince Marrow is in Louisville today (per Twitter) he will be swinging into Frankfort, too, if there’s any truth to it.

    While I don’t think he flips, this is exactly why I don’t get worked up about football recruiting until signing day, and why I think verbal commitments are the dumbest thing.

  21. nadkin

    My point is would you have wanted Damien Harris, or Benny Snell, if we could replay it. I Would say Benny, He has racked up the stats in 3 years, almost as good as Herschel Walker! We got this as long as the fans stand behind our team, and get ignorant during football games! Trust in the process, and hope that in the next years, who ever decides to sign, can keep this MENTALITY! Only if ever position player had Kash’s attitude, and I hope the Juniors, and Seniors can successfully pass that crap down, then all will be great for the future. This team with its ATTITUDE IS HOW YOU WIN IN FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. kellywjohnson

    Why does KSR write reports like this? Slow news day?
    They want this kid to change his mind?
    Couldn’t think of anything else to get clicks today?
    Just shut up once in a while!

    1. WildcatCam

      Tell me about it and

    2. notFromhere


    3. michaelb

      Yea , on top of all the ads . Weed through that just for this click bait . That really makes this site second rate . I use to think ksr was classy. Hell sea of blue is better in my opinion if they’re gonna do shenanigans like this . Smh

    4. Booby Petrino

      hahahaha you thought KSR was classy? You must be new here. What a joke.

  23. az1006

    Not to mention, this article seems to tell a different story:

  24. abmorris27

    I’m a big KSR fan but I tend to agree that it would better to sit tight rather that putting up this headline. There are obviously conflicting reports and KSR is a fan publication and I believe should give some consideration what’s in the best interest of UK. No reason to post this based on reports from other publications that aren’t substantiated. It’s citing other pubs… not any direct reporting by KSR. WTF

    1. WildcatCam

      Click bait!

  25. abmorris27

    Nick opens this by saying “on thin ice”… based on what?

    1. thatCat

      Nick is a garbage reporter, that’s all I see here

    2. bigbluebanana

      Careful, he will remove your comments for hurting his feelings…he does it to me all the time.

  26. Troll Slayer

    KSR trolling us again. I swear, they post articles just to get the comment section to flame on each other, recruits, etc. They know what kind of reactions the “sky is falling” posts get, and they go back to the well on slow days.

  27. davis2319

    If he isn’t 100%, then we don’t need him anyway. No worst feeling than playing with someone not completely bought in. Love his talent, but don’t love the way he talks in the media. Wish him well wherever he chooses.

  28. davis2319

    This is the last time I will comment on any of KSR’s articles. They could be right who knows, but they need to get rid of the comment sections on their stories or get rid of the stories altogether. They always stir up trouble in our fan base and cause people to argue. The reason KSR was created was to provide information. They should’ve stuck to just doing that. Like I said, they could be right about Robinson who knows, but a lot of unnecessary drama comes from this website/app and I’m done with it.

    1. 4everUKblue

      I totally agree with you davis, all KSR is nowadays is a bunch of shit stirrers!

    2. notFromhere

      This place was created to make money, as there were plenty of places to get information before they started posting news other sites worked hard to get.

  29. UKinIN

    You can’t miss what you never had. Harris and Wills made the best choices for themselves and UK is 9-3 without them. As far as UK losing its highest rated recruit, ask Josh Allen or Benny Snell about the star system.

    1. notFromhere

      Well said

  30. Jesus H. Chrysler

    Relax…BBN. Absolutely positively ZERO chances of that happening. It’s all about character, honor, integrity & commitment.

    Sadly, kids nowadays are easily influenced by outsiders & don’t hold themselves accountable. However, Mr Robinson does. ? 100% Committed

  31. jaws2

    I don’t know what you guys expect here. KSR is ALL about ‘clicks’ and making money. At least 40% of the crap on here is clickbait so just recognize it and go to the next article. I checked this out because I knew there’d people pissed about it. Same crap, different day.

  32. Bobbum Man

    Garbage post, ur basing ur whole article here on something a “reporter” seems to have pulled out of thin air with no evidence to back up his claims, choosing to ignore Wandale himself saying he still plans to sign with Kentucky and running with something some reporter said for no apparent reason

    1. Mrs. Tyler Thompson

      Did you miss the second paragraph of the article?

    2. bigbluebanana

      Second paragraph only states some random guy said something. It’s clickbait from Nick and you know it TT. If he had any merit or credibility, you wouldn’t have to be in the comments defending him, nor would y’all be removing some of our comments. Nick knew exactly what he did in writing this article. Kid may flip, but on the strong likelihood he doesn’t, will nick come and post an article apologizing for his article intended just to get a rise out of fans? Doubtful.

    3. Mrs. Tyler Thompson

      No, the second paragraph states Wandale’s comments that Nebraska is still recruiting him but he plans to sign with Kentucky. If you’re going to call people out for not getting facts right, get yours correct as well.

      Secondly, it was me who deleted your comments about Nick because they were way over the top. You seem to have a personal vendetta against him, which is not only unhealthy, it does nothing to add to the conversation about Wandale Robinson. Nick is simply doing his job with this post and has my full support. In fact, we discussed it before it was published. When two reputable recruiting analysts (one being 247 Sports’ National Director of Recruiting) report that Kentucky’s highest ranked commitment is considering flipping, it is news, like it or not.

    4. abmorris27

      Tyler, Love you guys and often defend Nick against some ridiculous haters but is “on thin ice” really the right characterization? On what basis does KSR think this is “thin ice”?

    5. bigbluebanana

      Over the top? Because I call him out for clickbaiting? Give me a break, you also removed the comments of those who agreed with me 100%. I know when a line is crossed, and I didn’t do it with Nick. He’s a garbage writer and none of his posts have any thought put into them. Think I have a vendetta? Check with the tons of other people who use your site please, they all agree nick is terrible. So, who is in the right? Your readers? Or you for censoring us? Even the commenter trolls on here think nick is terrible, his writing is literally the only thing everyone agrees on here.

    6. bigbluebanana

      Plus TT, my facts are straight. Look again at the article and then look at your reason for calling out the above commenter. Your reply to them is what prompted my initial reply. You get your facts straight. Lastly, I love your articles, I love Drew’s articles, and TJ and Maggie and whoever else, I love your site, have been here since literally day one, but if you guys can’t handle the deserved criticism of your weakest length, we’ll that’s just sad. Censor me all you want, won’t change your reader’s view of nick and how terrible he is.

    7. CombatMedic_98

      Well we don’t support you supporting him…stop deleting posts or we’re gonna delete KSR for good…

    8. binarysolo

      LMAO Mrs TT, I doubt Bobbum read past the headline.

    9. Bobbum Man

      I don’t get it, I read the whole thing… all it says is while Wandale was speaking some reporters started saying all this stuff… nowhere does it ever mention he himself saying anything of the sort other than Nebraska was the only school still recruiting him. Just don’t see the point in getting everyone all fired up and hating on the kid for no reason

    10. runningunnin.454

      Everybody calm down; we’re all UK fans…right? I’ve read nothing that HE’S said about decommitting.

    11. mashburnfan1

      Banana if you don’t like the articles anyone writes just don’t click on them, seems like an easy fix to me.

    12. bigbluebanana

      Mashburnfan, I make a point of reading all the articles here, and I love them most. I do not, however, like nick’s articles. They’re terrible. And, when he does little more than try and start a rumor, I speak up. I have for every one of his articles. I’m not alone in my disdain for his writing. I could obviously not click, but someone needs to ensure he gets called out…and judging from these comments, I’m far from the only one. My big issue here is being censored for calling out a writer. Listen man, you and I do not see eye to eye often at all, and I e made a point of either backing you, or staying out of it because you at least use reason and data to back you up. I’m not going to change that here, so your comment is noted, and I agree with what you wrote, but my responses aren’t about just not reading his work, it’s frustration at the overall quality of his work and being censored. So thanks for the input, I do appreciate, but I won’t be adhering to your advice.

    13. CombatMedic_98

      That’s good stuff BBB…

    14. Bigblueswami

      It’s actually pretty much word for word what was printed on in the article in the herald leader. Somebody is ‘borrowing’ somebody’s work. Not sure which one

    15. CATandMONKEY

      Dude – It is a private site. They don’t even have to let you, me or anyone else post – EVER. If they wanted to they could just filter out your comments and literally never post any of them. The preponderance of comments on this thread belong to you. Seriously glad you get your say but you do know that every comment you make eventually leads back to Matt and Co as more $$, right?

      If you truly wish to “un-support” KSR – Best to ignore all completely because even negative comments count as clicks.

      To be fair to Nick – He is not attempting to start a rumor here – He clearly is reporting what was said by a national recruiting “expert.” Don’t shoot the messenger.

    16. CombatMedic_98

      …starting with HYPOCRISY himself…!

    17. 4everUKblue

      Based on the comments by the everyday negative fans, I would be fine with KSR taking away the comment section.

    18. cats646


    19. CombatMedic_98

      And 4neverUKblue

  33. Catlogic15

    Don’t blame KSR. They broke this later than other social media outlets. Rowland tweeted it out an hour or more before KSR.

  34. bigbluebanana

    I love it when y’all remove my comments from a Nick article! I rightfully call the guy out for being trash, people echo my sentiment, then y’all remove it. Happens all the time when I call him out. Nick, instead of censoring like a big baby with a power complex, I’d welcome any sort of conversation where you defend yourself. No? I guess that would be too embarrassing for you, better to just edit your subscribers huh?

    1. CombatMedic_98

      Hit’ girl…

  35. Ranch

    A Nebraska team that was 4-8 in the weaker division of the Big 10 where Northwestern almost won? That Nebraska? Why?

  36. Ranch

    Nebraska that beat a horrible Michigan St. team 9-6…wow, what an exciting offense. That Nebraska?

    1. mashburnfan1

      You think Gran would score 6 vs that physical team. He only got 6 vs Mizzou, 7 vs UT and A&M.

    2. Ranch

      Yes, I think we score more than 6 against Michigan St…quite easily in fact

  37. kjd

    Only 100% committed recruit is the one who signs the paperwork.

  38. justaregulardude

    All of you complaining about Nick’s reporting, what would you prefer? He simply keep silent on what others in the biz are reporting? Then the kid flips and you all scream at Nick for not reporting it?
    And Justin Rowland isn’t just some random dude on the internet. Not to mention, this article was actually late to the game. If KSR is the only place you get your UK recruiting news, that’s on you not Nick. Keep up the good work and reporting, Nick. Most fans aren’t douche bags – just the ones who comment on every post on this site.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Clearly you fall into the douche bag category.

    2. bigbluebanana

      Nice comment account nick

  39. Booby Petrino

    Lord have mercy, these comments. Some of yall need to take a deep breath.

  40. makeitstop

    First, let’s take this talented young man at his word, and not start calling names. He says he’s signing with the Cats. He recruited others to do the same. He’s a real talent. He’s also a kid. As I pointed out when he said he was 100% committed but would consider UL if Brohm went there, that’s not 100%, but right now we have his word, and his action in recruiting others versus anonymous hearsay. In court, you’d never read this. The “report” is not credible enough to consider. So let’s cool the rhetoric and see, is he honest or not. But Mrs T, Nick’s error is not publishing a report – that’s news – but characterizing the commitment as “on thin ice” which on thefaxts before us, is not accurate. It’s in question, it may be wavering, but thin ice is not justified based on this report.

    1. makeitstop

      Btw “is Robinson’s commitment on thin ice?” would be a fair headline and then just give the facts. But he does tend to the hyperbole.

    2. abmorris27


  41. east-ky-boy

    Nick did write this so I take it with a grain of salt. He’s a 16 year old rich wanna be jerk so I don’t believe anything he says

    1. bigbluebanana

      TT remover my post that said the exact same thing, careful man, hate to see you get removed too for calling KSR on this.

  42. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Boy, some people’s Corn Flakes were tee-teed on this morning.


    Love you guys TT and don’t want to argue, but I’m just telling it like it is. This post is clickbait. Nothing in the post told us that Wandale “May” flip to Nebraska, only 2 recruiting analysts who have no evidence he will and just changed their pick bc Wandale said “Nebraska is still recruiting me”. That is not enough to put in the title “May flip to Nebraska” especially when you dealing with UK fans! This is our best recruit in this yr class, and is from Kentucky! You know better you guys. If your not going to take the post down, at least change the title to “Wandale Robinson “still hearing” from Nebraska”

  44. ukkatzfan

    And Nick, you may win a Pulitzer. But I doubt it. More likely to be flipping burgers for mickey d’s.

  45. michaelb

    It’s hilarious that the panel is in here punching down . I still rock with nick roush despite this iffy article uness article.

    1. CombatMedic_98


  46. catsfan9508

    What if posting something like this gets recruits thinking? Is it to much of a stretch to think recruits sometimes hear/see post like this? Then yes the “flipping” seed was already planted but this pushes them in that direction. No I don’t run a successful website but I don’t think this article is the best form. Let it play out instead of we have to hurry and be the first to break a story in case it ends up true. I’ll add yes I don’t like nick either. I used to like him but the fan story is what was the straw that broke the camels back. I listen daily to KRC, I’m subscribed to football podcast but just things he’s done over time have rubbed me the wrong way. But I’m not worried about that. Him writing this article plays no role in those feelings. Do I disagree with this yea sure. But nothing I can do about it because they’re smarter than all of us just ask Matt lol.

    1. justaregulardude

      What if it does? Do you honestly think they’re not already considering all of their options? That a fan site is going to sway their decision? And Nick is only reporting what others are are already reporting. So the stories are out there – by actual recruiting sites. He’s just telling us what those recruiting sites are already saying. Don’t put it on the site and the stories are still out there. Not reporting it here doesn’t make them go away.

  47. murphy60

    The kid is pulling a Damien. Go ahead. I think what needs to be done is once the kid commits, he signs

  48. HackRichards

    Whatever. Football is not a priority, just a recreational past time.

    1. cats646

      You’re very wrong.

  49. secrick

    Those kids don’t read the garbage we talk about.

  50. Alleykat16

    I totally agree with the first post on this page. I feel the same way. And this is not fake news other stop sites are reporting this 247 is saying he is going to flip almost 100%. So it’s a real story.

  51. highway119

    Guess it wasn’t clickbait. A whole lot of you owe Nick an apology.