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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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22 responses to “REPORT: Frederick Douglass star Dekel Crowdus transferring to IMG Academy in Florida”

  1. JASUN74

    The thing is Jack, we’re only a few big time players from being one of those top Five teams and being elite!! We have the Big lines to win ball games and this year, another corner and wide receiver would put us where we should be. The big kid that went to LSU, Gilmores teammate, would’ve probably played this year and especially next year. This kid is Bama, Clemson or Ohio State bound though. We’re soooooo close to being right there. Just need a few more kids to believe in it. Still, Good luck to the kid and I wish him the best.

    1. notFromhere

      Exactly my thoughts. Damn LOD has KSRadio in its grip

  2. notFromhere

    This staff doesnt mind goin the distance for kids that want to be here and can make a difference. They’ve gotten kids here with FSU AND Bama offers before. They can do it again, if they keep up the work and improvement.

    Wish the best for DCrowdus. He’ll likely face tougher competition every day and get more national opportunities.

    Still want him here rather than anywhere else, until he shows me otherwise

    1. MtnCat

      Timing is not good at all, for all involved.
      Best of luck…

    2. JASUN74

      Hopefully he sees that the grass isn’t greener on the other side. God love his heart and I hope he plays great, but I also hope he gets homesick as he can be. Hahaha Maybe this will be a blessing in disguise.

      Hey, you got to always look at the bright side and stay positive. I do anyway. Woooo hoooo. Go Cats. Boys and girls, we’re getting really really close to Kentucky Football. Haha. Best time of the year if you ask me and I’d take an SEC EAST Football CHAMPIONSHIP over a NCAA Basketball Championship any day of the week. Amen!!

    3. Carcrook

      Well, you’re just effing stupid!

  3. dukeisking

    Uk football is not an elite school nor is it only a few players away. You guys will name a street after stoops for a citrus bowl victory. At schools like UGA- BAMA- Clemson it’s CHAMPIONSHIP or Bust.. Win an SEC east division title then you can maybe have a notion of what and elite program is.. you Uk football fans are ? Hilarious..

    1. Han

      Not as ridiculous as dudes with nothing better to do than read and post on blogs for other teams.

    2. ClutchCargo

      What does that make Duke football fans, then?

    3. runningunnin.454

      Why did you only name one ACC team? Oh, maybe since there’s only one decent team in the ACC since FSU tanked. AND,
      I bet Dook leads the nation in most winless seasons by a P5 team. Look that up, and get back to us.

    4. grammarpoliceUK

      Shouldn’t that read dukeisqueen or TV or something?

    5. runningunnin.454

      You’re correct, grammarpolice. Say, did Zion and Dook have to return the trophy ESPN gave them at the start of last season?

    6. JASUN74

      Hey Sir. Thanks for stopping by. All I can say is F— — — K YOU. LMAO. Dude you don’t have a clue what going on in Kentucky right now. We’d beat your Asss by 60 points in football and make you like it. You little Bi tc hs are so worried about KY it’s pitiful. Now get the hell out of here and back to mommas tit. How that for elite? Lol. Come back now, ya hear!!!

    7. JASUN74

      Yeah I know. My S on my phone is acting a fool. Lol

    8. J. Did

      duke’s his boyfriend, whom he refers to as king.

  4. zoupman

    Not sure details, but leaving your teammates right before first game looks bad. Possibly for best if he doesn’t come to UK

  5. A_Blue_Wildcat

    This honestly is probably a bad idea for him. The difference in talent in football between the state of kentucky and florida is huge, which is why generally a three star from florida is usually better than a four star from kentucky. There isn’t aau in football that makes it clear who is top talent and who isn’t, but one thing is for sure that some states produce way more talent than others. He’s already a four star recruit but that’s with him playing against Kentucky public school competition, now he’s going to IMG who regularly plays the top teams in the state of Florida and travels around the country playing other top teams. He’s either going to benefit greatly from the college like facilities and coaching they have, or he’s going to get exposed against better competition and drop in recruiting. My bet is on the latter, but good luck to the kid.

    1. JASUN74

      No. This kid can play my brother. I know what you’re saying about the competition, and yes sometimes it’s true, but not like people for Georgia and Florida try to act like. if you can catch the ball and have the size and speed, it doesn’t matter where you’re at, you’ll succeed. Thanks bud.

    2. A_Blue_Wildcat

      Most times it’s true, not just sometimes, but at the end of the day if he’s truly a top talent it’ll turn out just fine.

  6. shelby3605

    He may end up at bama or OSU, see that he’s not gonna start for 3 yrs and transfer to UK. Never close the door.

  7. bd2153

    Just like to know how these kids families afford these private schools with tuition 40000 a year. Plus housing.

    1. KentuckyTexan

      They don’t… They receive scholarships and foot the bill either to the state (through grants) or make the smart rich kids foot the bill at these boarding schools. Schools like IMG (FL), Exeter Academy (NH), Baylor School (TN), and the Bolles (FL) do this exact thing.