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Read the University of Kentucky’s entire contract with Nike

If you’ve got some time to kill this morning, I recommend browsing through UK’s Nike contract, courtesy of the Portland Business Journal. The PBJ, not to be confused with everyone’s favorite sandwich, filed an open records request for the Nike, Adidas and Under Armour contracts with the country’s top 125 athletic departments and released them this week. A full download of Kentucky’s can be found here.

UK has an equipment and apparel allowance of $1.6 million plus $1.8 million in cash, the most of any Nike school in the database. Michigan hauls in $4.4 million in apparel allowance and $3.8 million in cash from Adidas.

I was hoping to find some bizarre stuff in there, like Mitch Barnhart has to tattoo the Nike swoosh above his belly button, but it’s all pretty normal and straightforward. Still pretty interesting, though.


Article written by Drew Franklin

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18 responses to “Read the University of Kentucky’s entire contract with Nike”

  1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    A lot of Nike shoes are ugly, but those UK shoes are suh-weeeeeeet!


    1. UK

      If you think Nike stuff is ugly you must think Adidas stuff is equivalent to vomit

  2. James K

    This is actually really fascinating to me. I will read it.

  3. Michael F. Jox

    Interesting stuff, but man, you weren’t lying about the slow news earlier

  4. Jason Bellew

    cool article drew. nice find!

  5. John

    This bodes well for Kentucky. I would assume that the next negotiation between UK and NIke will reference the Adidas allowance to Michigan.

  6. Try again

    “…the most of any Nike school in the database.” Did you look very hard at the database? The first school other than UK I pulled up has more. Ohio State has a 3.7 million dollar deal with Nike. Urban Meyer also has his own contract with Nike.

    1. TeamNoSheep

      UK has the highest CASH portion of any Nike school. Looks like Florida State has the largest overall Nike package.

    2. jus Sayin

      It’s per sport. Ohio State has more varsity sports.

  7. TeamNoSheep

    Two takeaways: Adidas is overpaying ($8.2M to Michigan?!), and bravo to Mitch for getting the majority of the deal in cash.

  8. real talk

    its no surprise that adidas ridiculously overpays, they try so hard to 1 up nike. when Kentucky’s contract is up in 2017 expect adidas to offer uk $10m+

  9. bigbluedan

    Wow. Nike gets dibs on 8 tickets PER home game for footbal and M/W Bball. Plus 8 tourney tickets each round and VIP lounge. The tickets must be best available and adjacent to each other.

    Wish I was a Nike exec in the bluegrass!!

  10. BiloxiGuy

    The players dont get a dime. And please dont feed that scholarship trash, It’s the same scholarship that the students who bring nothing to the school gets.

  11. HandsomeJohnnyTubesteaks

    You’d think if Kentucky’s contract were so lucrative for Nike, UK would use a little leverage to get better football uniforms than the horrendous ones with the Tennessee end-zone sleeves we currently wear.

  12. sunnycat

    Nikes are garbage and Adidas isnt worthy of being garbage. I will take Asics any day.

    1. Larry Holmes

      Only Pony hi-tops can guarantee a #1 seed in the UKIT

  13. ghostofgeorge

    Kentucky supporting the slave trade in the 21st Century.

  14. just wondering

    With 1.8 million in uniform allowance, why does the UK band have to pay for their own tee shirts and why does the majorettes have to pay for their warm up jackets and pants?