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Reactions to the Fullwood/Greenwood Committment

Jabari Greenwood (left) and Darius "Dee" Fullwood.

Jabari Greenwood (left) and Darius “Dee” Fullwood.

Just have to say, this Greenwood/Fullwood” think is convenient. And somewhat confusing. And inappropriate…

It was a Double Yahtzee day for Kentucky football and here’s some reactions from my home, the Twitter:

PS: If you didn’t watch the World Cup today then… your loss.













Thank you Kobie!



“Hey I made it, KSR Lonny is the World Greatest.”



The inventor of the phrase.





Best announcement video ever.






Don’t kill my vibe.



And more on that mythical DMV pipeline:







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10 responses to “Reactions to the Fullwood/Greenwood Committment”

  1. Casper

    this is more exciting than signing Wall and Cousins!!!!

  2. Truth

    Wonder how much we paid these guys?

  3. Wildcat44

    World what? We got two recruits for what fb, not Bball. Soccer sucks right with hockey.

  4. Bigredbleedsblue

    Truth, I don’t think your cards paid him any money, or they might have been considered.

  5. Stoops Troops

    I have never seen more excitement about 3-star recruits. Stay cute BBN. By the way, I love that you have a reaction from Tyler listed – a person that knows zero about football.. Classy.

    1. Know What I've Never Seen?

      A troll so concerned about the upward direction of a rival program that he can’t stop himself from commenting about every football post. Seriously dude, if your team is so untouchable and our’s is so pathetic why do you feel the need to chime in? Confidence is silent. Fear is thunderous.

  6. gobgblu37

    ST must not be following Loserville’s recruiting, they praying for 3*s and 2* to boot. Our 3*s will kick your ass all over the commonwealth, count on it.

    1. blue knowledege

      Be careful what you wish for dude, Petrino has always taken 2 and 3 stars and beat 4 and 5 stars. He did it at UL and he did it at Arkansas so dial it back a little my man. GO BIG BLUE! We win hopefully three games this year.

  7. Cawood

    Yahtzee so far = two wins and it’s such a powerful statement for a physical game isn’t it. Give me a break…it will go down as one of the dumbest catch phrases ever. YAHTZEE..Really. Up to this point based on the Yahtzee record we should start using the game name SORRY. At least you would know what it meant. Lets wake up BBN and separate ourselves from the silly childish catch phrases.

    1. Ledford

      If only there were a game called “Pull the Stick Out Your Ass”. Sheesh.