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Prominent horse trainer loses pants during fight with newsletter publisher at Churchill Downs

Dale Romans and Tammy Fox

Dale Romans and Tammy Fox

Yesterday morning, a huge fight went down at Churchill Downs, so bad that somebody even lost their pants. Dale Romans, a prominent horse trainer, and Eddie Musselman, publisher of the controversial racing newsletter “Indian Charlie,” got into a fistfight Thursday in the stables when Romans asked Musselman why he kept writing about him. Musselman threw the first punch, and from there, it was on. From The Courier-Journal:

“He looked at me, and I said, ‘Why do you keep writing about me?’ and he swung without being provoked in any way,” Romans said. “Then the fight broke out, and he got (messed) up, for the record.”

During the fight, Romans’ pants fell down due to his recent weight loss, causing him to trip and fall. Romans’ girlfriend and exercise rider Tammy Fox also got hit during the incident:

“All I was going to do was throw a bucket of water on him,” Fox said. “No words were said. Muggins (Musselman’s nickname) threw the first punch, and it all started. Then he swung at me. I got hit. They’re in a bear-hug on the street and they landed on the ground. Dale’s pants are on the ground, no underwear. Since I got hit, I had to protect myself.”

Eventually the fight broke up and both parties went their separate ways, Romans sporting a bloody nose and scrapes from crashing into a picnic table and Musselman nursing a black eye. Note to self, Dale: wear a belt when you’re going to war.

[Romans, newsletter publisher fight at Churchill]

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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9 responses to “Prominent horse trainer loses pants during fight with newsletter publisher at Churchill Downs”

  1. EaKiNs

    Eakins says…..first rule in fights gotta have draws

  2. damond

    Dude looks like Dan Conner.

  3. West Virginia Wildcat

    Funny story. Thanks for sharing. Just a comment for future writing: It doesn’t really make sense to address a “note to self” to another person. “Note to Dale” seems like a much better choice.

  4. jeff j

    what the hell ? !!! good thing the horses didnt get hurt. that would have been a bummer

  5. dan

    Ok. Ill go ahead and say it and get it out of the way. The last time i was there i lost my shirt. There. Now that’s out of the way.

  6. Luther

    And this has what to do with Ky sports??

  7. BARRY

    I’d say Ms Fox gives the term ” Exercise Rider ” a WHOLE NEW MEANING ………

  8. obesity champ

    he lost weight? how old is this picture?

  9. Aaron

    Pictures please.