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Pitino “shocked” he didn’t get Trey Lyles

In looking ahead to his team’s matchup with Kentucky tomorrow, Rick Pitino discussed recruiting against the Wildcats, specifically recent UK signee Trey Lyles. He admitted he doesn’t like to recruit against UK and Calipari for one-and-done recruits because he knows the odds are against him, but he was all over Lyles and expected the prep star from Indianapolis to pick the Cards in the end.

Pitino said he was “shocked” he didn’t get Lyles.

Yeah, you and no one else, Rick.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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32 responses to “Pitino “shocked” he didn’t get Trey Lyles”

  1. Jughead

    I feel SO sorry for 15-second man.

  2. NorthernKYcatfan

    I’d hate to see what’s going on in the bottom half of that picture.

  3. BBN Dave Grohl

    I bet he was shocked when he didn’t get Teague too

  4. Anthony Davis's Dad

    Tough to compete with the 11th hour phone call from Cal’s bag man, Wes.

    1. Karen Sypher

      Rick is cheap. He paid me off for a while but when my asking price went above what he was willing to shell out, he turned me in.

    2. Yep

      Yeah, I guess that explains why Cal doesn’t get ALL the recruits he is after, like Wiggins, Blackmon, Mudiay, hell, even Harrell and Behanan.

  5. turkeywildturkey

    Anthony Davis’s Dad: You UofL guys just can’t take the fact that most kids, given the choice, would rather play for Cal than Pitino. Cal doesn’t have to pay anyone, kids simply want to play for him.

    Here’s a fact for you: Pitino has 9 NCAA vilolations against him. Calipari has zero. And Cal cheats and Pitino doesn’t?

    1. Fun Fact

      Tark the shark, Eddie Sutton and Hal Mumme also have zero violations on their records. These kids go to uk for the handouts, not having to go to class and the roll it out there style Cal plays.

    2. BAdams

      This year is proof that he doesn’t roll the ball out. They are learning every day. And the team had over a 3.0 GPA this semester, have for years. What’s your team GPA? How many players does Pitino put in the league? And IF he does, how are their careers? That’s what I thought. Go have a seat little brother.

    3. Al/in/Indy

      Really Fun? The UK team averaged over a 3.0, I’m sure uvel would’ve averaged over a 3.0 had the whole team would’ve passed the “Modern uses of Velcro” classes they took.

    4. Eric Bledsoe

      I am proof that UK basketball players are handed grades. I had over a 3.0 and I can’t read The Little Engine That Could book.

    5. mike

      @Fun Fact – Went to UK 2009-2013. Had several classes with UK players over that time. Patterson, Miller, Harrellson, Liggins, Vargas, Jones, Lamb. They never missed class, even when they had games that night. Only ever missed if they had to actually leave the state for the game. You are full of shhh.

    6. Beavis

      Hey Bledsoe, Don’t feel bad, Hell, Kevin Ware can’t even put two words together and say anything coherent. And let us not forget the mental giant ,,Blowhanan.

  6. Russ Smith

    Yeah we don’t get paid at UofL, we just get to use peoples’ cars. Next time I won’t use someone associated with an agent, though, that got a little sticky (like coach’s leg) when I got a speeding ticket. But we all know I’m slower than coach, he crosses the finish line in 15 seconds.

  7. rick

    His parents have morals. Rick doesn’t.

  8. Blue Mist

    Wonder of Lyles realizes how crowded the front court will be next year? He may ride the pine.

  9. Ricky

    did somebody say shocker?

    1. Yep

      Yeah, that “L” hand gesture can easily be modified to be the “shocker”…

  10. Mean Randy

    I wish he would have got him. So over with the One and Done phenoms. Give me somebody that will play hard and quit pouting. No I am not a UL Troll.

    1. seriously?

      you mean like wookosh orbszhut? (i know it’s not spelled right, no one could spell it)? shagari alleyne? brandon stockton? bobby perry? they will play hard and won’t pout…and be here four years. is that what you want?

    2. seriously?

      would you like to have tubby back? or billy clyde?

  11. KevinM

    Rick is slipping…he didn’t hire Lyles’ high school coach……deal breaker.

    Oh that’s right, that didn’t work for Teague either huh?

  12. Brow

    I watched Lyles play on ESPN a few weeks back. He appeared to be lazy and has no motor. Should fit right in with our current team. He is not that athletic either.

  13. lonnieb

    The only funny thing about Pitino’s comment is that in 2012 (the davis team) pitino offered like 10 of the top 50 players(its been a few years so I dont remember exact number)……I looked it up b/c all of the UL fans said they didnt want those type players. They just do not go there b/c pitino does not make them better he just molds them to his system. He is a great college coach but preparation for the next level is terrible….he could not play a more different style of bball than the NBA….thats why none of them wanna play there. Can you see parker, randle, or wiggins running around pressing the whole game….nope

  14. Evan Daniels

    Uofl is better off without Lyles. He is a poor man’s Randolph Morris and plays with less heart. Will be another 5 star stiff on UK’s bench next year.

  15. Louisville1Cal4

    LOL at 15 second Rick & any UofL fan who thought they could compete with UK, let alone beat UK for a recruit.


    Just two words……….MARQUES TEAGUE!! Welcome to the NBA d-league Mr Lyles. ol’ cal will get you to the pros, But he can’t keep you there. 🙂

    1. Louisville1Cal4

      At least with Cal’s players have a chance of making the NBA, how many has Pitino sent while at UofL? 4-5? Haha

    2. WhiteCastle

      A pro contract and d-league are better than working the drive thru at White Castle like UL players end up doing.

    3. Can'touchdis

      Let’s see Red, D-League still earn a paycheck playing basketball. Non-draftees don’t!

  17. I'm Shocked Too

    I’m shocked that Ricky Pee Pee actually thought that he would get Lyles !!!

  18. MC

    Yes, Eric Bledsoe, it happens most places. I taught awhile at one of the state universities in KY (not UK or UL) and the fact I gave a “C” to a judo student who sat in the back of the room and never participated (when she bothered to attend at all) was probably the main reason I wasn’t re-hired the next semester. The only complaining student I ever had.
    These athletes think they’re ‘entitled’.