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Pitino says Louisville is at a disadvantage being an Adidas school

Rick Pitino was brutally honest about Louisville’s affiliation with Adidas this morning during his press conference. “Our pool shrinks,” he said of the recruiting battle he is in with Nike schools.

A man that knows a thing or two about shrinkage, Pitino blames the influence of shoe companies and handlers on a player’s recruitment. He wishes he could go after Nike kids, he says.


And I blame Charlotte McKinney not loving me unconditionally on my non-existent gym membership.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

120 responses to “Pitino says Louisville is at a disadvantage being an Adidas school”

  1. therealbigjon

    Rick can keep crying and we’ll keep winning.

    1. We Hang Banners

      Yeah, but even if Louisville was a Nike school they would still lose out on kids. Rick doesn’t get that it’s him and the program, not three lines or a check. Duh.

    2. Inbred Kentucky Trailer Trash

      They won in 2012

    3. CrackheadVilleFan

      We all know that, troll. That’s the only time they’ve beaten UK in 7 tries. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. Why don’t you remind Rick of your point and maybe he’ll stop crying.

    4. Jordan

      Won what in 2012? I believe the 2012 history books will clearly say Kentucky Wildcats


      Hey Inbred, they won in 2013, good job being a bandwagon cardinal fan.

    6. Jordan

      Oh I forgot, that meaningless regular season game in the bucket with our worst team in the Cal era and they still barely won. That was December 2012

    7. Blackhawk

      Kansas doesn’t seem to have a problem getting players.

    8. What's up knight

      Wow all the Blue heads are freaking out

  2. The Dude

    He’s probably tired of the stupid Zubaz uniforms Adidas keeps making them wear.

    1. St. Paul Raiders

      Blasphemy! Zubaz is the shizzzzz.

  3. It'sBush'sFault

    Keeping with the KSR political themes for the week, it certainly can’t be that Pitino is not a player’s first coach that keeps him from being more successful recruiting, or that his personal life likely plays some role in which kids are willing to play for him, or that Louisville is, well, Louisville, it’s got to be the shoe brand.

    1. beavis


  4. RichieFarmer'sMustache

    Hey Coach,

    Come see me. I’ll tell you how to bend the rules a little to make things happen.

  5. Tom Tom cats fan

    Ooooh. So that’s why Cal is kicking his a*s in recruiting and on the court. Glad he cleared that up.

  6. Stuffed Cat

    Yeah, Adidas & the fact you’re Louisville.

  7. jhnny

    “A man that knows a thing or two about shrinkage” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Didn’t Rick sign the shoe contract? Why is he now complaining about it?

  8. Big Mike In the Wood

    Its a shame these kids will only go to schools that offer the same shoes as the ones they used in high school. Whats that? They do go to other schools?

  9. Robert Smith

    something as influential as this, I’m surprise he and Jurich haven’t stopped it.

  10. Tom Tom cats fan

    Did you also hear him talk about getting rid of UK fans that approach him. He said he learned that over the years that all he has to do is say “Go Cats” and they “leave the table and I can finish dinner”. I bet Karen Sypher, sitting right now in prison, wishes that he used that tactic on her instead of the old way he use to use to get people to “leave his table. Ouch!!!!

    1. TimeISoftheEssence

      He went the quicker route with Karen.

  11. BilLDozer

    The whole school and the fans are at a disadvantage too…..Adidas gear blows. I honestly feel for fans of Adidas schools. Jurich is a smart business man, but definitely a moron for that. Nike rules surpreme and UA is a somewhat distant second.

    As for Rick’s disadvantages, I think he does have a point here. Everyone has their hands in the pot on elite bball kids and the affiliation does matter. I cannot imagine it hurts all the time, but has to for some kids. Make fun of Rick all you want, but there is some truth to what he says there.

    Of course, if they do land an elite kid then we can all immediately claim he cheated as he just said his appareal affiliation hurts his recruiting.

    1. DillDozer

      Yeah Jurich is a total moron, he had $39 million reasons to stay with Adidas…..

  12. MGH

    Because Kansas’ affiliation with Adidas has really been crippling for their recruiting efforts.

    And this coming from the guy who hired Tim Fuller a few years ago.

    Rick is a joke.

    1. EA

      exactly what I was thinking…KU is the second best school behind UK in the last 5 years recruiting wise…Wiggins and Embiid sure did not mind going to an Adidas school…the excuses UL fans and coaches come up with get more ridiculous every day.

  13. Tom Tom cats fan

    The Adidas thing?? Is that the reason, after Blakeney came to his senses and decomitted from UL, Howie Lindsey was referring to that as the ‘Blakeney scandal”???

  14. BilLDozer

    Actually, it would be AWESOME if Cal comes out tomorrow and says he feels his Nike affiliation is an asset in recruiting bc kids love Nike gear. That would really be great!

  15. Catsfan

    It also hurts UL when recruits are asked by Pitino if they have a hot mother.

  16. MBisaKYgirl

    That’s the most laughable, reaching, pathetically sad statement I’ve ever heard him make.

  17. But... but... but...

    Apr 17, 2014 … “We’re excited to continue our relationship with Adidas and appreciate their
    commitment,” said Rick Pitino, UofL men’s basketball coach.

    1. Jordan

      To Louisville’s credit, I believe someone may have hacked the website and wrote that

  18. catfaninohio

    Their affiliation with Adidas is what got them those god-awful orange uniforms a year or two ago. Did it to themselves.

  19. Diehardcatfan

    He forgot to mention hes a dick and a arrogant ass

  20. a little off topic but...

    Coming to Lexington Saturday for the game, and I still need tickets. The band and cheerleaders are opposite of the Kentucky sideline where they run out of the tunnel correct? I would like to find some tickets near there because I think my wife would enjoy that section. Any suggestions would be helpful!

    1. wu slang

      No they’re on the same side.

    2. wu slang

      Nevermind. Yeah they’re opposite the UK sideline.

    3. Catsfan

      I checked and they don’t have tickets in the section you are looking for, which would be 104 or 143. You should be able to buy tickets from people selling them around CW Stadium, but it may not be exactly where you want to be. Good luck. Go and have fun. GO CATS!!!

    4. a little off topic but...

      Thanks for the advice! I saw some tickets for 58.00 in section 141 which is pretty close! I don’t really know how much they will be going for on game day. I would think there will be plenty of tickets with it being an early kickoff in October with a non conference opponent. Who knows though!

    5. Reality

      The weather won’t help either, supposed to rain buckets all weekend.

    6. shorty blue

      I live in Louisville and will sale you my tickets in section 208 row 19 for 15$ each, 30 for two

    7. shorty blue

      Sorry, just sold them

  21. wu slang

    That ridiculous rationalization sucks for UofL, although personally I prefer adidas.

  22. HeSaid What

    Adidas will really be glad to hear this…

    1. wildcats4me2

      Yes, after Adidas hears this “lament” they will probably drop Louisville like a hot potato, and Pitino will be like a free agent, he can go after any kids he wants to.

    2. Reality

      Adidas needs Louisville, it’s one of the few (relatively) high profile schools they have left.

  23. Kansas

    Kansas has Adidas. Kansas is on a totally different planet than UL in basketball. Rick is making a lame excuse because he’s a worthless old man.

    Quit crying you big baby

  24. J-Dub421

    Ha! That’s hilarious! It must be those nasty shoe companies that keep Pitino from landing top recruits and sending them to evil corrupt Kentucky… It couldn’t possibly be Cal’s record of being in the hunt for national championships almost every year, or his record of putting players in the NBA…. Lol.

    1. CatsBalls

      Didn’t realize Robert Morris was on the huntin’ trail also.

    2. J-Dub421

      I said ALMOST every year, you ignorant troll. 1 bad year and 5 good years more than proves my point. In the last 5 years UK went to an Elite 8, Final 4, Won the Title, had an NIT year, then went back to the Title game and were runner up. That means UK has been in the hunt almost every year.

      Kentucky basketball leads U of L in the series 32-15 all time, and in the last 5 years UK leads 6-1 and has eliminated U of L from the post season twice. How does dominance taste?!

    3. :)

      The troll is back, again.

    4. CatsBalls

      Sorry, I’m retarded. Please try to be nicer next time, I can’t help it.

  25. UKgrad'13

    If there is video or audio of this, please post.

  26. David

    Adidas won’t be rewarding Coach Pitino with any kind of Christmas bonus with that rining endorsement.

    Sign with Adidas! And be at a disadvantage in recruiting.

    Not that Andrew Wiggins or KU agrees publicly.

  27. hell cat

    As others have said, I think Slick Rick can expect a call and/or a slap on the wrist from the adidas brass. True or not, I’m sure the company doesn’t want him saying stuff like this.

    1. ukjaybrat

      no kidding. that’s exactly what i thought.

  28. L1C6

    This is glorious. Where ya at, trolls? Too embarrassed to argue this one? Weren’t you just bragging weeks ago about Louisville’s (now former) #1 recruiting class? You lost 1 recruit and now all of the sudden you go silent and Rick blames Adidas for sucking.

    1. Did you listen to the press conference?

      Pitino said that ALL shoe companies need to get out of AAU basketball because it guides kids in one direction or another for school. If those kids don’t go to a school that their AAU team is sponsored by, it has the potential to impact younger kids by (insert shoe company) pulling their funding from that team. It’s a bigger problem than losing one recruit. It’s a systematic failure that needs to be corrected by having some sort of organization (Pitino suggested the NCAA running summer league basketball with all the extra money they make from the tournament) looking out for the well-being of these KIDS instead of looking out for the almighty dollar only.

    2. L1C6

      No, I didn’t listen to the press conference. I would rather listen to a KSR political debate than listen to anything Rick has to say. Please tell me how this systematic failure has affected other schools, like Kansas, for instance. As many have pointed out, they are an Adidas school and are doing just fine in recruiting. Just another excuse Rick has made to make up for the fact that they keep losing to big brother.

    3. J-Dub421

      Without the shoe companies sponsorship there would be no AAU because no one else can afford it. Also, the NCAA can’t even run itself well, how is it going to run a summer league? The NCAA doesn’t give a crap about it’s athletes, that much is obvious. And, let me guess, Pitino would love to coach the summer league to try to sway more recruits to Louisville???

    4. Did you listen to the press conference?

      L1C6 – The systematic failure is not about affecting schools (although it CAN) as much as it is affecting the players choice of what school to go to and the funding for the players on the same AAU teams after the highly sought after recruits go to college. If a player is on an Adidas sponsored AAU team and decides to go to a Nike college, or Under Armour, Converse, whoever, then Adidas can decide to stop funding that AAU team. That means that the “pool shrinks” for schools because it can POTENTIALLY make it harder to have a kid sign with you because of all of the external pressures these KIDS are facing (AAU coaches, other teammates, etc.). They don’t want to let down that coach, teammate, etc. by going to a different sponsored school. This whole process has become all about MONEY, when the best interest of the KID should be the #1 issue.

      JDub – No one else can afford it???? The NCAA makes close to $1 billion in revenue, yes that’s BILLION with a B. 84% of the 912.8 million they made came from the NCAA Tournament alone. You are correct they don’t give a crap about their athletes, but shouldn’t they? Isn’t that what they should be striving for instead of just being greedy savages only worried about the greenbacks?
      I don’t know how they would run it. I didn’t make the suggestion, but I think at this point it should be fair to consider all other avenues of providing summer league basketball for these KIDS instead of attempting to limit their colleges that they can choose from simply because the shoe company gave them some exposure (while the shoe company got back plenty of exposure in return).

    5. J-Dub421

      Did you listen, I agree the NCAA makes tons of money at the expense of its student athletes. I just don’t expect them to suddenly grow a conscience or become less inept. I wasn’t necessarily arguing with you; I was just being snarky about Pitino’s hypocrisy in blaming shoe companies for his poor recruiting.

    6. UKBigDaddy4

      Also, why doesn’t anyone seem to remember a couple of very high profile recruits that were part of an Under Armour affiliated AAU team ‘scorned’ their brand and went to a Nike school anyway?Pretty sure UA still sponsors that particular team. Maybe they chose their school more because of the chance they had to grow as players, contend for National Championiships, and realize their NBA dreams? Not so much because of the swoosh on the uniform. A recruit can feel those ‘ties’ to an AAU team sponsor & maybe even feel some sort of obligation to them, but the evidence(Kansas recruiting, recruits REGULARLY attend schools with differing athletic apparel than their AAU team, etc) says that Pitino is just whining and complaining as usual.

  29. BlueBlood

    I think the Cats should go barefoot against UofSmelL this year. We’d still beat them.

  30. This Guy

    Had to google this Charlotte McKinney having never heard of her. Wow!


    This guy is delusional, fact is that those kids don’t want to play that jungle ball style of play with him. Kansas AINT complaining, UCLA AINT complaining. You can argue Adidas Gauntlet has a better roster than the EYBL this year. Names below are NOT with Nike, * = played with Adidas circuit. Those are just the recruits I can remember, I’m sure there is a lot more.

    Diamond Stone
    Chase Jeter*
    Ray Smith*
    Carlton Bragg*
    Brandon Ingram*
    Justin Simon*
    Thon Maker*
    Josh Jackson
    Dennis Smith*

  32. Samaki Walker's Car

    Perhaps the recruits care more about adultery and abortion than shoes.

  33. Cal's Perfect

    Wonder what company ROBERT MORRIS deals with?

    1. ukjaybrat

      … that joke was old last year. nice try though

    2. CrackheadVilleFan

      it’s sad that that’s all you have in your arsenal. L1C6 biotch!

    3. Tom Tom Cats Fan

      I don’t know but I think Morehead State gets shoes from Walmart.

    4. Cal's Perfect

      You’re right, guys. I got nothin’ but lame old Robert Morris jokes. I suck.

  34. Nick Vaughn

    Doesn’t seem to stop Kansas (an Adidas school) from getting top 3 recruiting classes

  35. matt Jones

    Yes I said root for Kansas because Cal is a cheater in 2009

    1. L1C6

      Trolls have to go years back for material (ie this comment and the Robert Morris comment). It’s sad and hilarious at the same time!

  36. ugh

    As a UL fan (I’m on KSR because the site does an excellent job of covering college basketball in general) this is the kind of stuff that infuriates me about Pitino. Being an Addidas school is not doing UL any favors, but it’s not the major reason UL rarely gets elite recruits.

    1) Terrence Jennings: 4 or 5 stars, now in Europe
    2) Samardo Samuels: 5 stars, out of NBA, undrafted
    3) Chane: 5 stars, undrafted
    4) Blackshear: 5 stars, probably will be undrafted
    5) Earl Clark: 5 stars, lottery pick, fringe NBA player
    6) Siva: 4 stars, NBA D-League

    Pitino’s defense-first system is not conducive to offensive skill development. He did a good job developing fringe talents like Russ Smith, Gorgui Dieng and T-Will (he washed out of the NBA because he was a head-case but he was a major talent by the end of his college career). He does not do well with elite recruits.

    As a UL fan, I don’t mind it, because he wins games with defense. As a human being, I feel bad that these highly ranked kids come to UL and end up not seeing their NBA dreams come to fruition.

    1. BigFoot

      A rational UofL fan??? They do exist???

    2. Big Blue Coming At You

      Pitino is not good at preparing players for the next level. All the talent he had at Kentucky and most were not long term NBA players. He’s very good at taking the average player and making them great in college but when that average player gets to the NBA, they are still very average.

      He is a very defensive minded coach as you know. But that pressing style of defense is very hard on players. He uses it because he can’t get the elite players to create the offense so he takes his mostly average roster and uses the press to create turnovers for offense. Rick doesn’t realize that you don’t have to press in order to have a great defense. Kentucky is one of the leading defenders year in and year out and we hardly ever press. We have such a deep team this year that we may press more than we ever have but we typically don’t press that often. Yet we always have great defensive teams.

      Rick is a bit stuck in the past. He’s changed ever so slowly recently but not much. He’s still trying to copy his Kentucky teams from 20 years ago but the players and the game has changed. He just needs to change with it.

  37. Bulldawg

    Gee, Rick Pitino being unsatisfied, ungreatful, and “UNFAITHFUL” is a real shocker…

    1. FatKidInEaastKy

      LOL – It’s easier to speak your loud mouth to the public before Turtleneck gets to intervene – What is the adage about doing it then worrying abut it later?

      I think Slick Rick pulled one out without Turtleneck knowledge so he can get feelers coming to Uof Smell…..

      Adidas is nearing a U S failure- just lost THE NOTRE DAME to Under Armor…. and UA is stealing more Adidas than Nike schools….


  38. Billy Joe Bob

    He’s not wrong, he’s just an asshole

  39. NOT UL FAN

    What kind of gun did they hold to there head when they were forced to sign and agree to take the money ?

  40. hamburgdon

    So now lets see, it is now Addidas’s fought Rick can’t recruit, he is amazing

    1. BigFoot

      fought? fault. wtf.

    2. I know, right?

      ^ Right wingers for ya……

  41. ukfastkat

    The only, admittedly arcane, reason that 3Stacks could possibly have for this outburst is that he wants to alienate Adidas to the point where they conclude the deal. Rick is losing his mind month by month at this point. HE makes the most $$ from Adidas so he is, once again, shooting his mouth off and shooting himself in the foot simultaneously. Good strategy. In his typically narcissistic view, it’s all about HIM. Forget that his boss forged the shoe deal and that it benefits all the coaches (especially football and WBB) and all the athletes, not just the dozen guys he settled for after the Nike coaches stole all the 5stars. Ha.
    Rick, let’s hear from you again when your players have Nike imprints all over them after the Blue Platoon runs them into the hardwood. We’ll send you some moldy cheese to go with that whine.
    In the meantime, do us all a favor and STFU!

  42. John Ellis

    That 1-6 record against Calipari at UK isn’t the shoes.

    1. Tom Tom Cats Fan

      Kentucky could have played in wooden clogs and would still be 6-1 against UL, Soon to be 7-1 and hopefully we get them in March and it will be 8-1!!

  43. Bigdaddy

    Lol Crack head.. .inbred got you.
    It was 2013.
    Go Cats!

  44. Big Blue Coming At You

    Someone needs to tell Rick that Kansas doesn’t have any problems recruiting elite kids and they’re an Adidas school. I think the problem lies in the mirror Rick and that ghetto school you coach.

  45. Carlos Danger

    It would never work for Pitino… Nike kids don’t want to be held back for 3-4 years.

  46. Reality

    It doesn’t hurt that UL isn’t a below-average school with a campus that felt more like a prison yard last time I saw it.

    That spiffy new arena only goes so far when the other 80% of your time is spent in such a depressing place.

  47. Tom Blevins

    A quote from the past:
    “Excuses are a sign of weakness.” – Rick Pitino

  48. S

    Pitino system the issue. Much like a football system that a qb get, 4000 yards, but most after the catch. Like it or not, he is system coach. Doesn’t get his players prepared for the next level. Like it or I isn’t that what matters? The kids future. His system can win games, but does it help players? Most coaches have figured out have to win on this level and get the players to the next level. What’s Pitino been there 13 years and name me one player that doesn’t have to sell used cars by the time they are 40? That’s what he is trying to sell here, not the disadvantage the school has, but the disadvantage he does to his players. L1C4 is such a lie. It’s all Pitino, let me win, you go sell cars. And he’s a manwhore.

  49. Big Blue Genius

    Anyone know if Big Blue Madness will be on SEC Network? Or streaming online? I live out of state and do not have the “local” channels that show it every year in Ky.

  50. Frew Dranklin

    He wasn’t complaining when they had enough talent to win the national championship. He wasn’t complaining when they had the number one ranked class when Blakeney committed to them….he just now is using it because Blakeney decommitted. Whatever helps Pitino’s case today is what he complains about.

  51. Vanman

    I bet Adidas loves hearing this. Rick just took a dump where he sleeps.

  52. George Costanza

    I know a thing or two about “pools” and “shrinkage”.

  53. UKJeffy

    So that’s the excuse this week. Next week it will be something entirely different. Give it a rest “lil brother” “Mom always love you best”, says little brother. Waaaah!

  54. NoelGallagher

    Adidas Gazelles are the best shoes ever, that is a fact. I think UL actually has advantage over UK and its Nike overpriced, overmarketed, slave labor shoes. He just needs to be better recruiter and make these kids believe that popularity does not = quality.

    1. CatsBalls

      you probably typed that slave labor comment on your slave-labor made iPhone.

    2. Fact

      Someone clearly doesn’t know my definition. That is an opinion, not a fact, moron.

  55. Inigo Montoya

    Louisville trolls and their use of the word FACT: “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    1. NoelGallagher

      how was that a Louisville Troll? I just prefer Adidas over Nike and tried to say Pitino is an idiot for blaming his shoe deal for lack of recruiting. If he is as good as most think he is, he should be able to use the cooler, more hipster Adidas to his advantage with 18 year old h/s players.

  56. Patrick Quinn

    Rick Pitino brought good years and good coaching to U of K…no need to diss him…however we WON the lottery by getting a coach on the level of John Calipari…innovative, always challenging, and a Players First attitude. Players First attitude is what these young athletes are most interested in…individual instruction to bring them to their ultimate athletic performance. They could be playing in Chuck Taylor’s and still bring home a National Championship…..Go Cats !!

  57. Richard

    I think you all missed Rick’s point!!!! I agree that it may sound like he is complaining or dissing Adidas but what he is ACTUALLY saying is that BIG MONEY i.e. Nike, Adidas, Under Armour or whoever.. should not have anything to do with College, High School or any other Amateur sports. Whether it is Cal, Rick, Bill Self, Roy Williams, etc…they should not have to deal with what shoes are on a kids feet and how money that shoe company is paying, will pay them or whatever when it comes to recruiting kids to a school. If Nike wants a kid to wear their shoes and pay them then make an agreement to sign them the minute they go Pro not before they even bounce a ball in College…that is what Rick IS SAYING!!!! Of course, he can not compete with the money that Nike can throw at a kid!!!!!

  58. Jack

    Taking bets on two propositions:
    1/It was Luca Brazzi that held the gun to Tommy Turtleneck’s head when he was forced to sign the contract that has so devastated his Coach’s ability to recruit
    2/The C-J will not cover this story tomorrow with a cartoon of baby Rick, in diapers, crying.

    “They remind me of a whiney little brother.” Eddie Sutton. Who knew the guy was a prophet?

  59. Balls McGee

    I hate Rick, but a lot of what he said today is true.

  60. YellaBastard

    If I were a kid, I’d pick a Nike school over an Adidas, Reebok or Under Armour school. With Nike, you have access to Jordan, Kobe, LeBron, KDs and various other styles of shoes. I don’t agree with Ricky P much but he has a point.

  61. Tom Tom cats fan

    Wonder if that footprint of Cal’s shoe Pitino had tatooed on his a*s has “Nike” or “Adidas ” on the sole?

  62. hal

    hahahahhhahahahaha. its gotta be something/anything other than rick, right? success is a choice, unless you’re wearing the wrong shoes…..

  63. Beverly

    WHAAAAA he has to cry about something since he is a Looserville coach. He needs to get some coaching tips from Cal and maybe he can be half the coach that Cal is. No comparison to the class act that Cal is and no matter what he tries to do he is still a womanizer and looser.

  64. Dan

    Drew Franklin why didn’t you give the whole conversation from Rick? Don’t just report half of what he was saying. It’s is why there is so much bad blood between these two schools. Jokers like u not reporting everything. Smh.

  65. Andrew

    Just more proof that we do indeed live in a Fascist state where everything is decided and controlled by corporations. This is NOT political. Both sides are controlled in this system. What we see is fake and presented as fact, so that we will continue to fight each other and buy their ridiculous lies.

  66. will

    This is not even close to what he said!!! Did you even listen to the interview? I would call this poor coverage of this story….. ask Kentuckys football team about poor coverage, they know a thing or to about that!!!

    1. bigbluetruth

      Typical LOSVILLE GHETTO RAT TROLL will, I guess if silck rick was a NIKE school he’d be able to recruit better, make in game adjustments and he’d have a winning record against Tubby and Cal. I’m also sure if LOSERVILLE was a NIKE school his players would still be allowed to grab, claw and kick their way to a bogus championship. I guess Wichita State is wondering if LOSERVILLE was NIKE would the officials have called more than the 1 foul called against the GHETTO RATS in the last 8:43 of semi final game. SHUT UP SLICK RICK, your getting to the point of being a bigger crybaby than coack krybaby himself.

  67. NoelGallagher

    Just because UK is paid to wear Nike don’t mean I have to spend my money on their product, no matter how big a fan of the team I am. I don’t play basketball so don’t really have use for basketball sneakers anyway. I appreciate Nike sponsoring our team. But haven’t had Nikes in long time. I have purchased, Adidas, New Balance, Ascics, Mavic, Shimano, SIDI, NorthWave athletic shoes.

  68. Cottoneyejoe

    Doesn’t Pitino look like the shrunken head guy in BeetleJuice?

  69. kjl

    UK fans as usual come out as total fksticks. Go ahead and run your mouths with your total lack of intelligence. Your basketball coach only knows one game and that’s get them in for a year and out – mobster s.o.b. that he is – he’s as crooked as granny’s little finger. You were happy when RickyP was your coach and you just badmouth him now. Well – that’s what’s wrong with you blueinbreds. You had a drunk in Gillespie, now you have a gangster/crook in Calipari and just because he hasn’t been caught with his hands in the cookie jar YET – you love him….just wait. It will happen and when it does … you will hate him too.

    1. J-Dub421

      Louisville fans have been calling Coach Cal a cheater for years, yet he’s never been busted for doing anything wrong in over 20 years as a head coach. You keep telling us to wait, why don’t you hold your breath until it happens.

  70. ukalltheway

    In honor of Slick Rick’s whining, hypocritical rant, I just went out and bought my son a pair of Nike’s.