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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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23 responses to “Pilgrim’s Insider Notes: Keion Brooks Jr. sets a decision date”

  1. BlueByYou

    Jack….when is Kahlil Whitney scheduled to officially sign, May? If Brooks chooses Kentucky, do you think that may affect Whitney?

    1. Alex90

      They play different positions. Whitney is an athletic wing and Brooks is an athletic stretch 4

    2. BlueByYou

      Thanks…I just saw where they were both similar height and weight and listed as small forwards on 247Sports and wondered. Appreciate the info.

  2. a21CATSfan

    WHY?! Just, why did you have to bring up TJ Walker? Just to let us know he actually still has a job, or what? He predicts EVERY recruit to come to Kentucky. I assumed that was why he got fired; because he was oh-for. Please delete it and ease my superstitious mind. I thought we had momentum on our side with Brooks (who I believe is the perfect replacement for PJ). CATS


      I think it is funny how Matt played it off like TJ didn’t get fired for being terrible at his job, and said the plan all along was for TJ to only work for a few months before going into real estate. LMFAO

  3. DelrayCat

    With Keion and the rest of the incoming frosh…along with Nick and EJ….the UK squad will have some GREAT hair next year…lol.

    1. markshane

      seems UK has missed a ton of recruits this year and last…….. we are finalists for a top 30 recruit really because we have missed on 4 or 5 this year…… bashing in 3,2,1……….

  4. weneedpitino

    Keion, never heard of her.

  5. weneedpitino

    No bashing when you are in fact correct markshane. Antigua was the recruiter, Cal’s just the name recognition. Go Cats!!

    1. markshane

      totally agree!!!! he is still mashing it but it is noticeably trending downward. years past we would’ve had Allen waiting till last part of april………. ANTIGUA come on down! lol

  6. weneedpitino

    Haha i agree, i would like him to be our next head coach. We can’t lure the top names anymore like we did when he was here.

  7. bigbluebanana

    The idiots in this site are too much. Literally making up accounts just to try and be clever edge lords. If only their dads had pulled out a second earlier the we could’ve all avoided their idiocy. Anyway, I’ve found myself way too invested in talking to these folks, sometimes even allowing myself to get angry over, which is exactly what they want. I’m going to do what I should’ve done months ago, and now out of KSR. Much like our long lost Boobypetrino, arguing with these people isn’t worth my time, and there’s only so much hyperbole I can digest in a day. I let this site make me sad sometimes, angry other times. I just want to go back to enjoying the team and the school most of us here love.

    As a parting shot, please understand Cal will be our coach as long as he so chooses and there’s not anyone better in the game that could replace him. Most of us will always cheer for Big Blue, whether they hang a banner or not. Besides, there are countless folks here that own these trolls all day, every day, my worthless two cents aren’t even needed. So long KSR and the mostly good people in here, maybe I’ll see y’all once we hang number 9. Go Cats!

    1. 4everUKblue

      I agree with you banana, I’ve started slowing down on reading their nonsense and responding, they will eventually get bored if they are ignored. Agree Cal is here until HE decides to leave, there is no other coach I want here at Kentucky, I love my team even when they play really bad and I love my coach. It’s best to just surf the site and not even look at any comments, it’s much more peaceful, and we do that we win.

    2. runningunnin.454

      BBB, Booby Petrino is still here; she changed her user name to StillBP.
      We need you to hang around, and stick with us…can’t have too many good Cat fans.

    3. BlueByYou

      I’m with you guys….this site has become a font of useless information and idiotic conversation. Let the trolls have it….they can fondle each other.

    4. runningunnin.454

      Same advice BlueByYou, stick around…Go Cats!

  8. weneedpitino

    bigbluebanana don’t be a salty shirley. I think Cal’s gone soon and we will get somebody awesome and with a winning record like Orlando Antigua, Leonard Hamilton, or Tom Crean. We gotta hang in there together bigbluebanana, we are all Cat fans through and through and we all bleed blue. Go Cats and bring home #9 within the next 12 years or so.

    1. Skooms

      You’re so full of crap, I can smell it on another website. You tell BBB not to be salty yet you’re OBVIOUSLY NOT a UK fan or you wouldn’t have made that pathetic list of head coaches.

    2. Skooms

      Oh and your Cards are about to get HAMMERED by the NCAA. Have fun with that amd hopefully you guys can win a NC in this century to go with the two from the 1900’s.

  9. weneedpitino

    Skooms you seem like a likeable guy, we see eye to eye on most things.

    1. Skooms


    2. Skooms


  10. Alleykat16

    I agree with big blue. I had a post I was going to let these trolls have it. But instead I’m just giving them this site. There way more fake fans than real ones on here. So it’s time for this Ole Kentucky Boy to let these Loserville fans have it