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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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22 responses to “Pilgrim’s Insider Notes: Anthony Edwards visits, Stewart recruits McDaniels to Washington”

  1. Smyrna_Cat

    Although I find this always interesting, it doesn’t feel like much of anything every changes. We all expected Stewart to go elsewhere, so hopefully we can stop talking about him now.

  2. Catsfan1715

    Highly doubt we get McDaniels with Nick and EJ likely coming back. Would love to get Edwards and Hurt but my guess is we end up with 1 of 2 and a transfer or 2020 reclassify big

    1. BigolBlue

      Help us all. Frontcourt going to be weak next year

    2. bigbluebanana

      Shocker to hear you say that.

    3. Catsfan1715

      I’d take a 3rd year nick or a 2nd year EJ over any big left on the board right now

    4. mashburnfan1

      McDaniels is not a kid that is going to help right away. Did you see his game today? He is values on his potential, his NBA potential. He played a good HS team today and had 6 points, fouled out and was a non factor. Recruiting gurus there even said he is rated on potential and is far from a ready product. Our teams being brand new every year need guys that can lay and help NOW. Is why we are no longer a title contender because Cal no longer gets the 3 or 5 of the most ready guys like he used to.

  3. VirginiaCat

    I didn’t read anything encouraging from a Kentucky point of view. The segment on Brooks was interesting. We thought we were in the hunt as recently as last week, only to learn that Brooks isn’t interested in Kentucky. Stewart going to Washington doesn’t bother me. It sounds like he has a very, very large ego that might be difficult to manage. The news on McDaniels is a bit disheartening. With respect to Hurt, my sense is that we aren’t getting him. I remember when we picked recruits, but no more.

    1. bigbluebanana

      You mean like once Cal got here? The first few years when we “picked” them, we didn’t get everybody. We’ll be perfectly fine and Cal knows what he’s doing, nothing to worry about. We don’t go for the ones that want to be the center of everything scoring 40 a game, ask Oklahoma, UCLA, or Washington how that worked out for them. Even at dook now, there’s a huge growing concern amongst their fans that their three headed monster is bubbling over behind the scenes. Reddish is apparently very unhappy and I’ll bet you anything that’s gonna come back to bite them at some point.

    2. deputy305

      I bet we don’t get anyone, kids nowadays don’t want to hear “it’s damn hard here at UK, and you have to earn it”. Cal’s recruiting pitch isn’t working anymore

    3. bigbluebanana

      Yep, we got no good recruits at all this year or last! Fire Cal now!

    4. KYjellyRoll

      He’s just being up front and honest with them that success is earned and not given. You can’t grow if everything is given. I like cals pitch and I think a lot of kids nowadays need a person like Cal in their life.

    5. Catsfan1715

      Lol just the top 1-2 classes in the country every single year he’s been here. He must be losing his touch lololol I mean is this real life? At least stick to criticizing his coaching or his players first mentality, but recruiting ? Lol

  4. notFromhere

    You want the kids that want to work and not just get handed everything, so Stewart wasn’t going to fit. Question is whether kids that work will get time if they decide to come back or someone higher ranked is signed at their position.

  5. Luether

    Good post, Jack…

  6. VirginiaCat

    Bigbluebanana: You say there is a “huge growing concern” at Duke that things are “bubbling over behind the scenes.” I have heard no credible reports along those lines.

    1. bigbluebanana

      Go to college basketball subreddit, go to the dook b-ball subreddit. Literally sites populated on content from just fans. Also, I didn’t state it’s being reported by espn or anything, I said it’s a growing concern amongst fans, and those two places alone are full of discussions about this exact situation. It gets mentioned far more often today than it did even ten days ago. Take it for what it’s worth though, I have no grasp on the typical dook fan, these people could likely all be dook’s version of bigolblue, or less stupid, but still “Sky is falling” fans around here. Remember, there’s actually some fools here who want Cal fired and think he sucks and can’t get good players anymore.

  7. binarysolo

    “They just tell me if you come it’s not going to be given to you, you just gotta work for everything.” Oh so you’re saying it’s earned, not giv-.

  8. Truth_Hurts

    I really hope we get McDaniels. Guys going to be a star. He should be #1. He doesn’t get the exposure like he should being west coast.

    1. JASUN74

      Man I don’t know what you’re watching, but McDaniels isn’t anywhere near ready to help a college team next year. He could be a great player one day if he works on a lot of stuff but he’s not really ready now. Just like Paul B. Said today. He’ll end up being good one day but his ranking is solely based off protecting what he could become. Now Edwards is the real deal and no question the number one player. If McDaniels were ranked by this years players, he may not be top 25-50!!

  9. Brad

    If we get Anthony Edward’s, hurt, and McDaniels that would be nice after missing on both zion and rj barrett last year then carey and wiseman this year

  10. CahillsCrossingNT

    Ever since Ralph Sampson decided to go to Virginia 40 years ago, I’ve assumed until they say where they’re going or sign a letter of intent that Kentucky won’t get them. I’ve found that to be a more realistic approach.

  11. JASUN74

    After watching the games played today and listening to Paul B. talk about the two, I’m ten to one rather have Brooks than McDaniels. He’s is head and shoulders the better player as of right now and I sure hope we can get him. Brooks really impressed me with how hard he played and how good he was. If he want to have a great NBA career, he need Cal now and get started. Lol. He’s better than I thought he was for sure. McDaniels not so much. A couple years away.