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Pikeville Chinese Restaurants in Epic Fight… Cockroach Sabotage Alleged

If you read one thing today, make it this.

Pikeville’s Peking Buffet and China King Buffet are in the most epic feud imaginable, as China King is claiming Peking has planted cockroaches in their restaurant.

“They put a lot of cockroaches to our back door,” China King said. “We are complained by the customers.”

Take a look at the note on the front door following the sabotage:

“We have to close again because of the Peking restaurant make trouble to us.”

This brings back beautiful memories of the City Wok vs. City Sushi rivalry in South Park. (If you haven’t seen that and don’t mind NSFW language, follow this link. )

I’m definitely #TeamChinaKing in this battle.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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18 responses to “Pikeville Chinese Restaurants in Epic Fight… Cockroach Sabotage Alleged”

  1. heatherb429

    As someone who’s lived in Pikeville my whole life, this story makes me mad! Why write this when you don’t know the whole story, & make Peking look bad?? Here’s the deal…. Peking has been in that location for over 20 YEARS, & it’s a wonderful place!! This “China King” bunch came in like a yr or so ago, & put their restaurant STRAIGHT. ACROSS. FROM. PEKING!! It was dirty! They should’ve found another location!! They’re just trying to steal Peking’s loyal customers of 20+ years!! And this publicity is EXACTLY what they want!!👎🏼 #TeamPeking

    1. east-ky-boy

      Heather is right. I’m from Pikeville as well. Well said

    2. tmurphy

      The Peking is old while the China buffet is new and use to be a shoneys. I don’t live in pikeville but my grandparents live in Sydney which is really close. And I actually ate at Peking. But I will never go there again

    3. jholly

      Well said Heather. I wonder if Jack can show us proof of the SLANDEROUS accusation about the roaches? Is his proof from the rantings of a letter written by a company who is upset about having to shutdown their business. You would think a writer for KSR would be more professional. Very, very sad.

  2. east-ky-boy

    Ironically I ate Peking for lunch today lol

  3. Dy9astyIn2018

    Jack, there’s no proof that Peking actually released cockroaches, it’s just an accusation from the China King. However, my response is just a comment on your response to heather and EKY-boy. Although, I have to admit I find this story a lot funnier than it should be.

  4. JeffInKy

    This is sour grapes by China King. Peking has excellent food, China King sucks. That’s the reason they are closing.

  5. shelby

    This is just the best story ever!

  6. King Kelly Coleman

    #TeamPeKing! Peking has been a successful business in Pikeville for as long as I can remember. The owner’s are good people, serve really good food and I very much doubt the claims from China King. Really wish Jack Pilgrim knew at least a little bit what he was talking about. #FakeNews

  7. jzoneblue

    Southpark sure makes fun of everything and everyone, except for Islam. A lot of good untapped material there.

  8. FreeFowler

    #TeamChinaKing PeKing needs to provide proof they DIDN’T release the cockroaches. Like China King said, PeKing thinks because they have so much cash they can just go and buy cockroaches to sabotage the rival Chinese restaurant?

    1. King Kelly Coleman

      Troll so hard, LOL

    2. cattycat

      You are kidding right? You cannot prove a negative. China King should be sued for slander.

    3. FreeFowler

      @cattycat —-Not kidding. You know what they say…If it walks like a cockroach, and talks like a cockroach, then it probably came from PeKing. Don’t @ me.

  9. TBW3011

    This story is great.

  10. snoopjdawg

    This is fantastic. Our entire office is rolling.

  11. BCO

    Is it racist that I read that letter in my head with a Chinese accent?