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Pigs shut down I-65 in Louisville today

The I-64/I-65 interchange is one of the busiest junctions in Louisville, but this morning, it was shut down because a semi-truck hauling pigs overturned and caught fire:

The Courier-Journal’s Matt Stone was on the scene and captured these pictures of the pigs, which roamed around the interstate until police could figure out what to do:

The pigs were being transported to the Swift plant in Butchertown when the truck tipped over, spilling the animals onto the instate. Sadly, some were killed and those that were injured will be put down. The rest will continue on to the Swift plant.

I realize the pigs were headed to the slaughterhouse anyways, but can’t we give the crash survivors a break and set them free in a field or a big mud puddle? No? I guess Americans love bacon too much, myself included.


Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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10 responses to “Pigs shut down I-65 in Louisville today”

  1. Mathlete

    That wreck really saved the pigs’ bacon.

    I’ll see myself out.

  2. macattack

    Loud crash, their world spinning around, fire…I bet the pigs thought it was the aporkalypse

  3. InigoMontoya


  4. VinDatuk

    Trying to find their way back to Minardi Hall…

    1. runningunnin.454


  5. runningunnin.454

    I remember posters during the hippie days, “Makin Bacon”.
    The picture will not be included here, ha ha

    1. RealCatsFan

      Yeah, buddy of mine had a t-shirt with that on it. 🙂

  6. RealCatsFan

    Same story posted on WDRB’s site, and the comments section is interesting. A few people making similar jokes to what we see above about pig roasts, etc., only to be attacked by someone who is apparently an animal rights activist. I’m an old softie myself and hate to see any living thing suffer, and yes, I enjoy me some ribs or pulled pork on occasion, but c’mon people, lighten up!

    And yes, I do respect the viewpoint of vegans and vegetarians. Honestly, it would probably be good for the planet if we were all vegetarians, and yes, we would all probably be healthier, but mmmmm, BACON!! Meat Candy! 🙂


    Pork…the other white meat…I guess Andre McGee is getting his wish…

    1. runningunnin.454