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People are saying good things about Dorian Baker…


With the news earlier this afternoon that 3-star wide receiver Dorian Baker committed to Kentucky, the excitement and positive comments about the commitment have started to roll in…



Article written by Ally Tucker

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13 responses to “People are saying good things about Dorian Baker…”

  1. Real Bill Da'Ville

    Big Blue Madness did happen, i didn’t dream it right? Where are you basketball recruiting news???

  2. schwing

    i like how we’re using a high school senior’s statement as some kind of expert recruiting analysis.

  3. NL

    SEC size and speed. Nothing not to like. My question is do we have scholarships for all these kids. We don’t seem to have that many seniors

  4. I Sayyyyy

    Ally If you did make up recruiting news it would too long, drawn out, and wordy.

  5. jpg

    1, This is not just a basketball site. If there is nothing new to report, then live with it.

    2, Barker is a very high profile recruit that knows this class inside and out. If Barker makes a statement like that, I will put more stock in it over some recruiting analyst.

    Great pickup, Cats! This kid has very good size, and will just make our receiving corps even deeper with all of the talent UK has coming in at the position.

  6. You're a loser

    2. I like how you’ve spent all of your Sunday on ksr trollin’. Maybe if you get a chance I’m sure your mom would appreciate you cleaning up the basement. After that maybe you could check out

  7. TheDecker

    I’ve seen this kid in person and was very impressed. One of the best high school receivers I’ve seen. Good to have him in blue

  8. You're a loser* that is. Here’s to hoping you really check it out.

  9. hooters

    ms. Mary & Larry r very Happy

  10. East Kentucky Infidel

    Big Talent at a skilled position. Help is on the way.

  11. CMWill

    @ 2. I like how you refer to him as just a “high school senior”, as if he were just any 18 yr old kid. He is a 4 star QB who has participated in many all star camps and competitions and has probably seen him play in person. I would say a QB probably has the best perspective to evaluate a WR. He has also shown through comments and posts, here on this site, that he pays close attention to this recruiting class. This will probably end up being a top 10 to 15 class, so any negative comments about it are either trolling or stupid.

  12. jch

    #4 – Silly, silly man… there’s ALWAYS a scholarship available for a talented kid..