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Owner names rare twin colts after the Harrison Twins

Photo @whas11rachel

Photo @whas11rachel

We’ve often joked about UK fans naming their twins after the Harrison Twins, but what about horses? According to WHAS11, a mare in Elizabethtown gave birth to two very rare twin colts on Thursday, and the owner has named then Aaron and Andrew after the Harrison twins. The mare is named Blue, and the owner also has horses named Coach Cal and Coach Rupp.

How rare are twin colts? The odds of a horse giving birth to twins are 1 in 10,000. Watch the story below:

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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13 responses to “Owner names rare twin colts after the Harrison Twins”

  1. jeff j

    how sweet is that . eat your heart out mr cal chrome OWNER ……….. Go Secretariat……….. GO CATS !!!

  2. Lexington 3

    The reason twins are rare is because most people have a vet pinch one off at around 3 weeks. Horses are ill-designed to carry twins.

    1. Tiffany

      #1 Most horse owners do not do ultrasounds therefore have no idea whether the mare is having twins
      #2 Why do you think vets pinch one baby off? Because it’s so hard/dangerous for a mare to have multiples!!!
      #3 You need to get a clue!

    2. Nope

      You need to get a clue Tiffany. in ky where the predominate breed is thoroughbred, it is standard procedure for a mare to get multiple ultrasounds, leading up to being bred, and multiple times after to periodically check if the pregnancy is progressing. Hill billy whatever walking horse may not do that and get treated more like cattle, but with thoroughbred stallion fees of up to a quarter million, that mare gets checked. And yes, any twinning will result in the smaller getting pimched. If a high priced broodmare foaled out a pair of twins, you better believe people are getting fired. Twins are always much smaller, and not viable as sales stock or racing prospects.

    3. Nope

      The other thing regarding twins in thoroughbreds… Both the mare and stallion are often on a fertility drug, so the odds of twins go up much more than in the wild.


    Amazing how two people have the same point in such a different manner.

  4. Hey Ohh

    He also has an ass named Pitino.

    1. Richard Sulzer

      Fantastic, wish I would have come up with that one!!!!!

    2. rahrah

      Haha, Hey Ohh for the WIN!

  5. Tiffany

    Thanks Dr. Doolittle. I didn’t realize thoroughbreds were the only important horses bred in Kentucky. You’ve enlightened us all so much!

  6. T Regan

    This must be a GOOD OMEN for UK’s 2015 season. Go Aaron & Andrew!!! GO CATS!!!!

  7. Bonnie

    The most amazing thing about these foals, is the opposite color pattern, one is white with brown spots, the other is brown with white spots.

    I hope they stay together!


  8. czewdards

    interesting; the livestock get better health care than people in KY