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Article written by TJ Walker

13 responses to “Details on Oscar Tshiebwe’s WVU visit and announcement date”

  1. UKantstopus

    Wish his host parents were not pushing WVU so hard as it kind of seems they do not have his best interest in mind… not sure I see a scenario where we get Oscar, Stewart, Wiseman and Carey… But if we did, goodness gracious!!

    1. Alex90

      Not sure how it’s not suspicious that the host family housed WVU’s big now and are pushing Oscar there.

    2. JASUN74

      I’m sure they have his best interests in their mind. Just because we love the University Of Kentucky, doesn’t mean the whole country does. Bob Huggins is really good coach and I’m sure he would have a great time at West Virginia. Having said that, Kentucky is definitely a step above almost any other school in the country and if his aspirations are to go to the NBA, it makes the most sense to go to UK, but If he’s looking for a four year school to play basketball, he could do a lot worse than WVU. Just my opinion. I sure hope we get him through cause that guy is a beast and I would love to see what cal and Kenny Payne could do with him. Go cats!

  2. SuperTroy18

    Sounds like he is a Mountaineer. That’s a Shame.

    1. bhb71

      Where are you getting that? If there isn’t a clear leader, that tells me that WVU didn’t seal the deal like they needed to on his visit. If he sits down and thinks about this, I think we have a really good shot at getting him.

    2. SuperTroy18

      I hope we do get him. It just seems like in past recruitments, (especially with “host” families pushing the kid in one direction,) that it’s easier to read the tea leaves with guys that have been tending one way or another. Not basing my guess on anything other than what little I’ve read about this recruitment. That being said, I hope I’m wrong and we see him in blue and white. I basically want Cal to get every single recruit he wants. We will see soon.

  3. jimmer

    These host parents also hosted a previous WVU player. Sounds like they’re hoping for a few handouts when one of their players makes it big time. Probably already getting handouts from someone. 🙂 Such is life in today’s NCAA.

    1. Catlogic15

      I have to agree with this.

  4. Aar

    Could be as simple as WVU being an easy drive for them. Not saying that’s all it is but it could be.

  5. Just saying

    Ok so the Crystal Ball picks have WVa at 90% but KY is right there with them. This smells more like a space filler post.


    Big O listed UK in his “Final 5” without a scholarship offer… The kid WANTS to be here regardless of what his host parents are pushing. We have no reason to worry.

  7. Urincatland

    I’d love to see this kid in a KENTUCKY uniform!


    For the sake of Cal and Hugs’ friendship, I hope the kid pick WVU. >_<