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Ole Miss reveals new mascot, Tony the Landshark


Meet Tony the Landshark, Ole Miss new mascot.

Tony was revealed on Saturday at Ole Miss’ fan day, Meet the Rebels. Tony replaces controversial mascot Colonel Reb and also Black Bear.

Tony was inspired by Ole Miss’ Tony Fein who is credited with creating the “Fins Up” celebration.

His favorite movie is Jaws. His favorite song is “Fins” by Jimmy Buffet. His favorite food is anything below him on the food chain.

Kentucky Football will not have to face Tony the Landshark this season, but Kentucky Basketball probably will.

What are your thoughts on Tony?


Article written by Kindsey Bernhard

Lover of dogs, sports and beer. @kindseybernhard

28 responses to “Ole Miss reveals new mascot, Tony the Landshark”

  1. Cousins Fake Tooth

    So stupid. PC gone ignorant.

    1. dismore


    2. CatManDo

      Guarantee EKU will have to drop the Colonel mascot,if not change the name entirely soon.

    3. BBNDan7

      They are keeping the name “rebels” tho aren’t they?

  2. terwilliger


    “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.”

  3. Matty Arbuckle

    I don’t get it. So is it the Ole Miss Landsharks? Or is it just a mascot that has nothing to do with the team name (like that elephant for Alabama)?

  4. Alex90

    So are they still the Rebels but have a seed hark as a mascot?

  5. jimmer

    I’ll provide a different take from above. Unique.

  6. Bobbum Man


  7. Bluebloodtoo

    All it madness me think about is SNL skits. Generation gap.

  8. lribookend


  9. xx1ukfan

    Liberals gone nuts

  10. Han

    Eh, I’m fine with it. Never has made sense to me how many Southern good ole boys are obsessed with the fact that their great great great grandpappies fought for their states to be able to keep slavery.

    1. dismore

      I see you’re an open minded great person. Thanks for stereotyping by calling southern people “good ole boys”. I think your assessment of “good ole boys” being “obsessed” with this is way off base.

    2. Luether

      Must be a Democ Rat…

    3. Wade

      Dude is that all you fn say on here. You’re beating a dead horse. Southern folks where slaves to the land and it was hard no food ,can’t live, we didn’t have Walmart and slaves at that time sucks I’m not condoning it don’t know if options were better but we didn’t start the slave trade but women have had worse. go do something for all of them democrat or not. Now days y kids don’t even do the pledge all you other people complain and segregate and teach our kids off the bat to have no trust and see the bad in people. People now days are soft and suck. My grandpa had 5 kids 10 years apart ran pay lakes and a farm in Kentucky and died there working hard everyday and I’m proud of him . He never owned a slave or did his dad. They where slaves to the American way.

    4. John barronIII

      Democ rat?
      Oh what a wit you are. Probably the smartest person in the room, if it’s a family reunion.
      You must be a cuckservative

  11. Aristocat

    They literally could’ve picked anything for a mascot…and THAT is what they came up with? Dumb.


    They are Rebels not sharks! They let a bunch if political correctness liberals push them around!! So the going to change their names to the Ok Miss Sharks?

    1. BBNDan7

      Political correctness and images that represent the oppression of a group of people aren’t the same thing

    2. John barronIII

      Save your breath
      That is a concept far above their understanding.

  13. jpgfile

    Is this some sort of spoof? I kept looking for Fake Jerry Tipton as the author.

  14. katmandue2you

    I’m a boomer. My generation saw racism saw discrimination recognized it for the ugly horrendous thing that it is and we are the ones that put the wheels in motion to change it. Socially legally and otherwise. We are older and we have wisdom beyond what most young liberal progressives would ever want to begin to acknowledge. So someone explain to me how running from historical and cultural references to the past and replacing them with the hippocracy of our current social structure is healthy? Here’s a question. Is it hypocritical that the same U of L football players that got the name of Papa Johns stadium changed because of a racial slur used by the CEO (regardless of context) listen to music lyrics continually laced with that same word as a primary form of entertainment? WORD!!!

  15. katmandue2you

    I think this is PC run amuck. That’s fine. Just explain a few things. What’s the relevance of the land shark and is this the best they could come up with???

    1. BBNDan7

      Some guy started that “fins up” thing they do on their helmets to celebrate and it somehow got to this point of a rebel shark. Lol if they are changing it I don’t understand why they don’t change the whole thing, being the rebels but using a shark mascot is just dumb

  16. CombatMedic_98

    That’s called liberal socialite CORRECT…and someone is drinking a martini in a martini bar bragging they got the mascot changed…cause it was “OFFENSIVE”! I am sick and tired of this crap…soon we’ll have to change our mascot cause it offended some PETA lovin, tree huggin, weirdo that has no life whatsoever or in touch with one ounce of reality. Obama ran on Change…and change we got…HE and Bill Clinton screwed this country and thank God Trump Admin is righting the ship slowly but surely

    1. Cryingtheblues

      Agree 100%!!

    2. katfan33

      This is hilarious!!! Hahaha!!!