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Ohio State filing trademark for ‘the’ is so Ohio State

Today in eye rolls: Ohio State University has filed a trademark for the word ‘the.’ You know, because its players, coaches, and fans insist on saying ‘THE Ohio State University’ like a bunch of pompous morons.

As trademark lawyer Josh Gerben reports, THE filing was made so THE Buckeyes can sell a new line of merchandise with THE word ‘THE’ on it:

Everyone’s got an annoying Ohio State friend. I hope you remind him or her how dumb this is.

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34 responses to “Ohio State filing trademark for ‘the’ is so Ohio State”

  1. ClutchCargo

    I don’t have any Ohio State friends. I’m more selective than that about who I associate with. lol

  2. ukjaybrat

    this is moronic/ i hope they don’t allow them to trademark the word “the” that could be a bad precedent to set giving out generic words that have nothing specifically to do with the branding of your university (and not another).

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Yeah, the guy seemed to be saying, but didn’t get totally specific, that the word would have to be paired with the university name or logo for it to be approved.

  3. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Why not just go for broke and throw in “a & and”? How stupid.

  4. ClutchCargo

    It seems to be more along the lines of trademarking the design of the “THE.” I guess that’s understandable if you don’t want everybody in Ohio with a account selling knockoff versions of it on t-shirts.

    1. RackEmWillie

      That is what I’m assuming their case will be. But, that’s still such a completely stupid thing to try and do.

      I’d love to see Miami fight it with “The U” stuff. And other random schools start trying to patent protect absurd stuff. Texas A&M could try to do the word “and” or just the &.

      Ohio State is so completely full of themselves, top to bottom.

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Those are pretty basic block letters CC, but I suppose if Nike and UK can trademark the design of the broken UK…

    3. ClutchCargo

      Yeah, but the color and the presence of the buckeyes makes it clearly a THE Ohio State University logo. While typing that, my eyes rolled so hard I saw my brain.

  5. Wade

    They can have thee I thought that’s how they refer to it as . all the people who used to talk like that aren’t around any longer to care

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Except for those who still prefer the King James Version.

  6. bigblue98

    Met quite a few of their fans down in New Orleans in 2012 – without a doubt they are a bunch of morons. They have an overinflated view of themselves, how good they are in football and basketball.

  7. 4everUKblue

    Maybe they should also tradmark “Train wreck”.

    1. RealCatsFan


    2. 4everUKblue

      Also “Liar” as in Uban Liar.

  8. RealCatsFan

    Tyler, you missed a great opportunity to post up the GIF of Josh Harrelson blasting that ball into the chest of Jared Sullinger!

    1. CatfaninCinci

      Yes. She did

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      I think it was closer to his noggin, but you’re right. That would have been great.

  9. 4everUKblue

    Not as much fun hating on them now that Uban Liar is no longer the coach. I guess he’s still pulling the strings from his office though so…hate meter still pegged.

    1. runningunnin.454

      I thought he was teaching “Character and Leadership” at THE POS OSU.

  10. notFromhere

    They need a new attorney.

  11. Headhurts

    Ohio st is full of chit, get over yourself

  12. CatfaninCinci

    Living up here, and going to Grad school in Cincinnati, it was the one thing UC fans and I could universally agree on. We didn’t quite know what made OSU so disdainful, we just understood they were…

    This is a perfect example of why.

  13. macattack

    This has to be “THE” dumbest trademark application ever.

  14. Twick39

    Osu football fans are the same as UK basketball fans. I don’t like it either, but it’s the truth.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Not even close Twit , I mean Twick. When is the last time we trademarked a word of a phrase or anything? When is the last time we hired anyone like Urban Liar?

    2. Twick39

      Twit, good one. Go Cats

    3. 4everUKblue

      Ha ha, you’re a good sport Twick.

  15. runningunnin.454

    Hope Michigan beats THE crap out of ’em.

    1. 4everUKblue

      I’m with you THEre RG.

  16. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    OSU will be trademarking THE University of Jacka$$es next.

  17. bbn606

    Geez, can’t Canada just go ahead and annex them. On the other hand I think Tennessee needs to trademark ifs, ands and buts.

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Tennessee needs to trademark uppity meth heads.

  18. catfan838

    Perhaps they should file for the word dot also since they dot the stupid I as well.

  19. satcheluk

    This was probably as a result of an apparel company who file a trademark for “The” this summer. I remember reading about it, but can’t remember the name. They may have filed just to prevent the first one from going through.