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Not Jerry Tipton’s Friday Basketball Notebook


The 2013-14 season is here, and Kentucky will spend the entirety of it trying to atone for the disaster was the 2012-13 season. John Calipari’s team is trying to do something that no team in the history of college basketball has ever done: Win a national championship relying primarily on 6 freshmen who were McDonald’s All Americans. With disappointing losses to a whole bunch of teams, the team will fail to reach its ultimate goal of perfect season, and will instead try to console itself with a national title. To stay apprised and educated, follow me on Twitter @NotJerryTipton. Here’s the weekly notebook:

*No Questions Asked: When UK played at LSU Tuesday, only about 6,000 fans showed up. This isn’t the first time this year that the Cats have been greeted by a less than full house on the road. When they played in Dallas in December, only a fraction of Cowboys Stadium was filled. What gives? Are opposing fans less than impressed by this latest group of Kiddie Cats? It sure seems that way. Some Big Blue Defenders would argue that winter storms had an impact on the small crowds referenced above, but that excuse simply doesn’t pan out. For one thing, basketball has always been played in the winter, and winter has always had snow storms. So why is this just now becoming a factor? For another thing, look at the 2008 SEC Tournament. Hardly any people showed up to watch Kentucky play Georgia in the quarterfinals in Atlanta that year, and there wasn’t a snow storm in sight. In fact, it was relatively warm outside. So say what you will, but the fact of the matter is that while teams like Duke and UNC are attracting over 30,000 fans for road games at Syracuse and Syracuse, respectively, Kentucky’s crowds are getting smaller. Sign of the times, I guess.

*Go Your Own Way: On Tuesday, Kentucky lost to LSU. Two days later, reports surfaced that the Harrison twins would not be entering the NBA Draft. Presumably, this means they are transferring. Though this hasn’t been confirmed by the Harrisons themselves, they would not make this announcement until after the season ends. Whenever they do make it official, however, one must question the prudence of this decision, as one would not think the twins would want to sit out a year. In other words, this means they are apparently transferring to an NAIA school, which really makes no sense at all. But then again, I’m not the one who broke the news. Could this be why 5 star point guard Emmanuel Mudiay spurned Kentucky for SMU? Yes it could.

*Say You Love Me: Yesterday, 5 star defensive tackle Matt Elam picked UK over Alabama. This was on the heels of the big announcement that UK is spending $45 million to build a new football training center and practice fields. This does not bode well for Kentucky. Clearly it shows that the school is emphasizing football at the expense of basketball. Could this be why the basketball Cats have underachieved this year, and have already racked up 5 more losses than Calipari guaranteed they would? Recent history suggests that if UK has any hopes of winning a national title in hoops, the football program must be abysmal. In 2012, the basketball Cats won a national title, which followed by an embarrassingly bad 2-10 record in football. There are many other examples of this phenomenon, but there’s no use in belaboring the point. The bottom line is that while UK football coaches were saying “Yahtzee!” UK basketball coaches were saying “Sorry!”

* On this date: On this date in 2014, Northwestern has never been to the NCAA Tournament, yet is undefeated against Indiana this year.

Article written by Not Jerry Tipton

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  1. Cousin Eddie

    Been listening to Fleetwood Mac, Not Jerry ?

  2. CopenhagenCat

    I don’t see the Harrison twins transferring. No matter what reports say.

  3. CopenhagenCat

    Anyone know how to change your pic ID on the side?

    1. Nerd

      Hold the Alt key and hit F4.

  4. Rei

    Posting this crap at 3am is appropriate.

  5. arlo

    what did the tards and loosiers do last night. had to work late. drive thru was busy

  6. GW

    Why would the twins decision to not enter the draft mean they are transferring? How do you come up with that? I believe that would imply they are returning to UK

  7. rod lebster

    because it doesn’t bode well for them not to

  8. joe

    Does Jerry ever know what he’s talking about
    ? What a ridiculous statement football and basketball can’t exist together. And the basketball woes are based on the football recruiting. Get real.

    1. wow

      its a joke dude, this article is supposed to be funny

  9. cris

    “So say what you will, but the fact of the matter is that while teams like Duke and UNC are attracting over 30,000 fans for road games at Syracuse and Syracuse, respectively, Kentucky’s crowds are getting smaller. Sign of the times, I guess.”

    Direct result of the coal industry getting whacked….it was a huge part of KY’s economy….Thanks Hussein

    1. catfan

      how many teams play on a neutral site like the cats did 3 different times in there first 5 games.also people couldn’t get to daLLas due to ice storm just like in lsu its not that they don’t attract crowds sometimes its weather permitting.cuz I know we fill every seat of all home games

  10. rod lebster

    attendance will improve when the hemp industry makes its comeback. it will bode well

  11. Bryan in Oregon

    Someone needs to do a little act checking. There was no one at the 2008 SEC Tournament game against Georgia because the game got moved to GaTech due to a tornado at the Dome and they decided not to sell ticktets to the game.

    1. the_ghost_of_ronnie_lyons

      I’m glad you caught that too….. It’s pretty hilarious that people post this crap and don’t even bother to make sure they are right. While it’s true that the game in DALLAS wasn’t near capacity, it certainly would have if it had been in Waco. This stuff is stupid, and trolling at it’s best. Check out the road attendance for any SEC game that UK has been involved in, does your opinion carry water then? I think not…… pathetic fool!

    2. DH

      You guys aren’t serious, are you? Just making sure

  12. arlo

    maybe basketball can’t coexist with our dynastic cheerleading squad

  13. Gary

    The low attendance games you mentioned WERE because of WINTER STORMS hitting the areas. People down south dont know how to drive on snow and ice so they stayed away. Know what you’re talking about before you do these posts…..geeeez.

  14. Behind Enemy Lines

    Another 3 AM instead of 3 PM post. Just like the last time, this one will disappear then reappear this afternoon.

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    Idiots are out early this morning!!!

  16. Lol

    Best njt comments ever. I guess if you accidentally post at a different time than usual, you get new people seeing this? Good grief ppl, welcome to NOT Jerry Tipton.

  17. gary

    sure hope jerry comes up with some more great quotes. seems to me jerry is surely a cat fan.

  18. tooshort

    KSR commenters. Some of the Dumbest. People. Ever. Please don’t breed.

  19. Steve

    This post does not bode well for for the future of KSR. If this is the kind of invalid dribble KSR is going to post then I am not going to visit the site anymore.

    1. Rockfield, KY


  20. Swamp Jankins

    The comments from the people that take Not Jerry (one of my favorite weekly posts) seriously are almost better than the post itself. Almost.

    1. CPACAT

      Agreed, I skim the post, but read all the comments:))

  21. A

    Thanks, Steve. In the time that you would otherwise use to view this site, could you drive to the hospital and get the stick taken out of your ass?

    1. Steve


      This idiot is spreading rumors that the Harrison twins are going to transfer. That is just to true. Plus the winter storm was a major factor in the crowd the other night. In 2008, SEC tourney was moved because a tornado and regular fans were not allowed to go. Jerry needs to do some fact checking and present the whole story.

      It does not bode well for you if I go to the hospital and remove the stick from my arse!

    2. DH

      How crazy do you have to make a NOT Jerry Tipton post before people realize it’s sarcasm. I agree with some posters that the comment section is almost as funny as the article, itself. Good stuff

    3. Rockfield, KY

      It is my guess that Steve is just trolling commenters and that he is aware this is a satirical post.

  22. Bode Man

    Always love the classic —– this does not bode well for KY —

  23. Cherry Dakari

    It looks like the 3 am crowd is not familiar with Mr. Not Jerry Tipton. Good stuff here guys but dont over think it you might hurt yourself.

  24. Al/in/Indy

    Other than UK, my favorite two teams of last night won (this will change on a day to day basis). And Elam signing is the icing on the cake…..Even with a cloudy sky, today just couldn’t get any brighter!

  25. UKCrewser

    NJT, I love the early morning post. You get to ruin all the haters Whole Day that way. Tell them to stick a Tusk where the sun don’t shine…

  26. Just the Facts M'am

    Fans were not allowed in the Georgia Tech arena when UK played Georgia in 2008 SEC Tourney… a tornado had hit the Georgia Dome the night before and the tourney had to be moved…

  27. Idiots

    Quit pointing out that people are dumb for thinking this is real. Good for you, you know it is satire. More comments will come in if you would shut the fu@k up.

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    Lots of commentors got hooked today.

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    Sorry, Mr NJT, your catch today is WAY OVER THE LIMIT!
    Please throw them all back in, and try later today, when the more savvy troll avoiders are on duty.

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    I can’t believe after all these years this NJT shtick still gets some people’s drawers in a wad.

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    27 – I agree. Why ruin it before it’s over? They are so proud of themselves for getting the joke they have to announce it right away.

  32. Phillip J Fry

    Not sure if people are stupid or just trolling…

    1. Big Blue B-Rad

      I’m really afraid of that answer lol

  33. b-9 bomber

    another #1 class another nit, cal crumbles under fan expectations and does billy clyde to the nba, rupp expansion cancelled used to make billy d the highest paid coach in any sport ever! this does not bode well for uk!

  34. KG

    This guy is an idiot…Is this a joke?

  35. Michael Kern Johnson

    Just read this “dribble” for the first time. I Feel betrayed by KSR. Some of Matt’s Show is basically downright Silly. IMHO this stuff is ridicules.So Matt could say, Just don’t read it, and I will respond, I won’t, and I hope others will agree. This satire hurts Kentucky Men’s Basketball, and the Big Blue Nation, Michael Kern Johnson.