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Nick Saban Visiting Matt Elam

While it was earlier reported that Matt Elam would most likely not be taking his official visit to Alabama later this month, Nick Saban is on the prowl as he is going to visit Elam for an in home visit tomorrow. The recruiting battle continues to heat up between the Cats and the Tide as both teams desperately want the gargantuan defensive lineman.

Elam loves to be mysterious though and tweeted this shortly after announcing Saban’s visit…


Article written by Wilder Treadway

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37 responses to “Nick Saban Visiting Matt Elam”

  1. Brandon Poynter

    It means Bama all the way…. why the hell would you come to a shit hole like UK when you could go to bama and win titles

    1. Elwood Blues

      a) to come be a hero
      b) to play immediately
      c) to stick out
      d) to be closer to home and go to the school you grew up a fan of

    2. Difference

      Elwood, there is a huge difference from being the Champ to being the Champ’s sparring partner. Bama is the Champ, UK is the sparring partner. Which would you rather be if given the choice?

    3. Buck Up

      Why do you say bama is the champ? Another school in Alabama has that title now. And why would you bash your school? You pussies have no fight

    4. Difference

      Who is the current National Champion? Regardless of the next Champion, or the Champion after that, it doesn’t matter. Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Texas A&M, Missouri, Florida, or another, UK is nothing more than a Sparring Partner, or maybe a training horse, whose job is to lose to the thoroughbred.

    5. ridiculous

      sparring partner?!!!! more like PUNCHING BAG!!! sparring partner would require us to punch back

    6. Wildcat Bob

      Like the title Bammer is going to win this season? LOL losers… #wardameagle!

  2. Duhbro

    I agree, sounds like the beginning of a let down period. At least he cares enough to make respectful comments before he chooses Bama.

  3. For Real

    Bama bound for sure.

  4. Terry Blue

    He has had on the agenda for this week visits from Bama, ND, and UK with Stoops coming in on Thur before he visits UK this weekend. He’s visiting Lexington and not Tuscalosa. Those close to the UK program will be very disapointed and shocked if Elam goes anywhere but UK including Drew Barker but guess stranger things have happened

  5. snarkster

    For the first time in his recruitment I’m feeling like Bama has the upperhand. Sounded to me like he’s wishing the best to UK recruits he’s grown close to, but he’s heading to Tuscaloosa. Hope Drew can do his Voodoo next weekend.

  6. timefor9

    This is him saying “thanks for the love, but I’m going to Bama.” And let’s face it, it’s just best for him. In basketball, we take all the guys from other states that could go play for their state school because they wanna compete for a title and get better and try to go pro. It’s no different here. I would do the same thing if I was him. We just aren’t good right now and Bama is gonna make him a better player than we are and that’s just how it is.

  7. Moonshine Nate

    Losing one recruit doesn’t hurt a football team that has a top ranked class!!!!
    That being said we would like to have him.
    Kentucky fans do not know football recruiting!

  8. Reality

    It means he believes the UK hype, but he isn’t willing to lose on a regular basis and drop a whole lot of NFL draft spots to play at UK.

  9. Sounds like Brandon Poynter is holding Sabin's money till the visit.

    The only people that call UK a hole are people who think if you aren’t cheating you’re not trying. Perfect example Little Louise fans think that and their school and the people associated with it have cheated the state, on their spouse, and schools not willing to use prostitutes, money, and drugs to get players(unless you get extremely technical about Hurtt’s association at this point then you have to include that one).

  10. Sounds like Brandon Poynter is holding Sabin's money till the visit.

    Oh I forgot the law.

  11. jake

    not looking good for the cats

  12. Moonshine Nate

    I’m pulling a Gundy,These players are kidddddsssss!
    I’m a grown MAN!

  13. Moonshine Nater

    I’m pulling a Gundy,These players are kidddddsssss!
    I’m a grown MAN!

  14. Stoops Poops

    Depends on what Elam wants. Does he want to play for a winner and one of the best coaches ever? Or does he want to play for a fat a@s that looks like Porky Pig? looks like FSU flushed this ties and is going to the title game.

    1. u mad?

      You sound upset. Wanna talk about it?

  15. MattE

    If means – hey UK will someday be okay, even without me – but I’m not an idiot, when Bama comes calling you don’t say no.

  16. WestKYFan

    When Nick Saban knocks on your door, you answer the door and “Yes Sir, Where do I sign”?

    Those knocks don’t come around often

  17. Ky Sports Fan

    As mysterious as he has been, do you think he would tweet anything that had a clue on where he was going or a tweet with such clues WHAT it meant before Jan 4?..What if Saban goes to Texas? As stated last night on TV..Saban didn’t do anything to kill the rumor. Don’t think that will happen, but stranger things have happened this year…My guess Elam likes messing with everyone just so things like this happens.

  18. Al Jolson
  19. ridiculous

    um…folks, bama is BIGTIME football. He will be taken care of very well there.

    1. Jt

      Do you say that when uk gets a big time basketball recruit?

  20. Blue To The Bone..

    Matt Elam will be a CAT…PERIOD…ALL you haters and l1c4 (LIARSFIRSTCHEATERS4EVER) can kiss some BIG BLUE ASS!!!

    1. Tacosauce

      What does this have to do with UofL? Stop making us UK fans looks like idiots

  21. Believe In Blue

    I hope he plays for Kentucky….Only way we get better is with guys like him…If he’s as good as advertised, (and im sure he is), he will be in the NFL whether he wears Alabama or Kentucky across his chest. Cobb, Tamme, Woodyard and Trevathan are there now, and guess what..they played at Kentucky….

  22. Katdaddy

    Didn’t even know he was in the game against Bowling green. He had no impact on the game at all. And of course BG Purples are the 5A state champs for the 3rd yr in a row. So maybe Stoops need to be looking in on some of those players.

  23. Dubcat

    I smell a bunch of Bragging Alabama MoronS.

  24. UKfan

    Why is it so many UK fans are quick to throw the towel in on the football team? It’s pathetic and something I would expect from lil brother, not the BBN.

  25. Lewi B

    If Elam goes to UK, he will be taken care of for the rest of his life whether he makes it into the NFL or not, sort of an insurance policy. Kentucky business people have been notorious for taking care of UK athletes after they graduate. If he flames out at Alabama, he will neither be taken care of by Alabama folks or Kentucky folks. He does have the chance to be more of a hero at UK than he does at Alabama. At Alabama, he will blend into the many talented players. Whether he goes to UK or Alabama, I think he is going to have to shift gears quickly from “Attention Getter” to getting down to serious work. I don’t think he will be playing anywhere next year. He needs next year to lose some weight and get physically conditioned in order to reach the potential everyone has built him up to be, especially playing in the SEC. There is no one that wants to see him succeed more at UK than me, but I hope his work ethic matches the pre-college selection circus. It is a tough decision. Good Luck young man! Go BBN!

  26. Taken Care of

    Tell me what football player that came from outside of Lexington was “taken care” of because he played football for UK? Was Joker Phillips taken care of? Tim Coach was a #1 NFL draft pick and was going to be a success after college regardless of where he played college. Mister Cobble is not going to get some management level job because he played football at UK.

  27. Matt elam

    I didnt play bowling green @ 22 and if i did we would be 5a state champs and i love uk and dont lose hope uk fans

  28. Lewi B

    Well, yeah! Joker Phillips was well taken care of. He has already made more money than you and I put together will make for the rest of our lives.